Seema Sachdev Khan Wiki, Photos, Movies, Husband NameSeema Sachdev Khan is a popular fashion designer in the Television as well as Bollywood industry. She is married to actor-cum-producer Sohail Khan and Sohail Khan wife Seema Sachdev Khan biography will also throw some light on their marriage. Being the wife of Sohail Khan, Seema received much attention in the Bollywood but she has built up her own career that is good enough to identify her as an individual. This is why her name has been added on the list of female fashion designers across India. Although Sohail Khan wife wiki does not really exists as of now, but much has been written about Seema. This biography of Seema Sachdev Khan will talk about her personal details, her career and her marriage with Sohail Khan.

Seema Sachdev Khan Age, Family Details

Seema Sachdev belongs to a Hindu-Punjabi family and has always kept a low profile as far as Seema Sachdev Khan personal life is concerned. Born and brought up in Delhi, Seema Sachdev Khan family background is like any ordinary girl of Delhi as Seema Sachdev Khan birthplace is the national capital. However, due to the lack of Seema Sachdev Khan wiki, there is no source to track down Seema Sachdev Khan date of birth. But Sohail Khan wife age is expected to be around 40 years.

Since she was born in a Punjabi family, Seema Sachdev Khan religion is Punjabi but now as she is married in the Khan clan, she is partially Muslim too. As regards her family, Seema Sachdev Khan parents are settled in Delhi and they raised her the right way as Seema Sachdev Khan education and her morals have landed her in a good place.

To speak of her personal details, Seema Sachdev Khan height is 5’4” and she has managed to include her name amongst the best Indian female fashion designers of all times. To have a look at this gorgeous woman, look out for Sohail Khan wife photos on the web and also stay in touch with Seema Sachdev Khan latest news to keep posted about the latest happenings in her life and career.

Sohail Khan Wife Wiki, Career

While Seema Sachdev Khan profile is basically less talked about due to Seema Sachdev Khan marriage with one of Bollywood’s most famous celebrities, Sohail Khan wife profession has a lot to speak about her as well. This is why Salman Khan sister in law Seema Sachdev Khan bio-data has distinct and diverse accomplishments, including the establishment of Seema Sachdev Khan fashion studio in co-partnership with Susane Roshan and Maheep Kapoor. Although Sohail Khan wife Seema khan is not a Bollywood person, she is widely known across the industry because of her amazing designer skills.

Seema Sachdev Khan Television Start-up

Before she was known for Seema Sachdev Khan bridal designs, her career started off with designing the character of “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi” where she designed the costumes and look for Mona Singh, the lead actress in the show. It was then that Seema Sachdev Khan movies with her styles and costumes were presented and the work of Seema Sachdev Khan Bollywood movies was deeply appreciated.

However, it would be right to say that fashion designer Seema Sachdev Khan biography would have been incomplete without mentioning her work in the television. Even though she is always looked out for her designs in Seema Sachdev Khan next movie, there is no denying to the fact that her work on TV drew her initial fame and pride. As of now, there is no source to confirm what Seema Sachdev Khan upcoming movies would be like and how she will be designing her new characters.

Seema Sachdev Khan as a Designer

Considering the fact that Sohail Khan wife Seema personal details are well-known, we’ll take the liberty to assume that every Seema Sachdev Khan new movie is a representation of her own. Currently she is known for Seema Sachdev Khan designer suits and of course, Seema Sachdev Khan new collections are most wanted by all the elite class across the country.

With her hard work and skills, she is named amongst the topmost famous female fashion designers in India just like Ritu Kumar and Dabboo Ratnani in their respective fields. All of this, when combined, makes Seema Sachdev Khan net worth to be quite an impressive number.

Seema Sachdev Khan Sohail Khan Love Story

Sohail Khan Wife Pics, Wife Name, Seema Khan ChildrenEver since the son of the royal Khan family eloped with a girl to marry her, people have been wondering about Sohail Khan wife name to find out who’s the lucky one. However, Sohail Khan wife pics did not reveal on the internet until their official marriage.

Although the amazingly beautiful Sohail Khan Seema Sachdev Khan love story is quite a famous one, there have been several instances where the media was talking about Seema Sachdev Khan love affairs and it was then that Seema Sachdev Khan love life was set out straight. As the husband of Seema Sachdev Khan, Sohail always protected her against all odds and this is why he has come a long a way from being Seema Sachdev Khan boyfriend to her husband. Their marriage is still going strong.

Back in the year 1998, Seema Sachdev Khan controversy took place when the couple eloped on the same day when the film “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya” was released, and so Seema Sachdev Khan wedding date clashes with the release date of the film. However, Sohail Khan Seema Sachdev Khan wedding photos weren’t revealed out until they officially married in the presence of their families.

When Sohail Khan married Seema Sachdev Khan, the two were young and high spirited, but their young love has given wonderful colors of life to their children and families. However, there were some turbulence in the marriage a few years later and there were gossips about Sohail Khan Seema Sachdev Khan divorce but these were unreliable and unconfirmed, and obviously false.

Seema Sachdev Khan Children

Initially, they were talked about because of Sohail Khan Seema Sachdev Khan age difference as the man is 4 years older to her. During the same time, there were also rumours about Sohail Khan wife pregnant which were later confirmed and then, the news about Seema Sachdev Khan pregnant again broke out a few years later.

Today, Seema Sachdev Khan children are two handsome boys and Seema Sachdev Khan son names are Nirvaan Khan and Yohan Khan (also known as Aslam Khan). It was when the talks about Seema Sachdev Khan second baby boy were confirmed that the whole industry congratulated them and Seema Sachdev Khan husband Sohail Khan got even more fame and pride.