Sona Mohapatra Singer Wallpapers, Husband Photos, Hot PicsSona Mohapatra is an Indian singer, lyricist, music composer and a stage performer. Right from Sona Mohapatra coke studio season 4 songs, she grabbed a whole lot of attention and in this biography of singer Sona Mohapatra we will try to highlight the mainstream career success in the field of music. However, several attempts have been made to write about singer Sona Mohapatra biography but very little is known about Sona Mohapatra personal life. Even though Sona Mohapatra songs list is loved by all her fans, this list of Sona Mohapatra hit songs keeps on extending every time and this is why Sona Mohapatra album songs get downloaded in millions soon after they are launched. In this biography of Sona Mohapatra, Youth Developers will throw some light on Sona Mohapatra family background as well as her professional & personal life.

Sona Mohapatra Age, Family, Personal Details

Born in Cuttack, Odisha, Sona Mohapatra date of birth is 17th June, 1976 and so, singer Sona Mohapatra age is 39 years as of now. As singer Sona Mohapatra wiki would confirm, Sona Mohapatra height is 1.73 meters which is quite decent when compared to an average Indian woman. To speak about Sona Mohapatra parents, they belong to a simple middle class family and so, Sona Mohapatra education was also conducted in that particular fashion.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Business Administration. However, she always had her interest in music and this is why Sona Mohapatra first song was officially launched at a very young age.

Singer Sona Mohapatra Career, Best Songs

Having Master’s Degree in Business Administrations, Sona worked as a brand manager in several companies before she started her singing career. However, she first sang in the year 2006 for a Bollywood film called Family. After that, there was no looking back and Sona Mohapatra new songs launched one after the other.

She is also prominently known for working with Amir Khan for “Satyamev Jayate” and, Sona Mohapatra in “Aamir Khan show” songs were considered some of Sona Mohapatra best songs. It was then that she was offered Sona Mohapatra “Coke Studio” songs and some of the best songs of her career are Sona Mohapatra “MTV Unplugged” songs. As per Sona Mohapatra latest songs, she is a household name now and everybody loves her art.

Singer Sona Mohapatra Movie Songs, Live Concerts

Apart from Sona Mohapatra movie songs, her various albums have been launched and Sona Mohapatra first album was called “Sona” which won over millions of hearts. She is also well known for Sona Mohapatra live concerts as she is a stunning performer. Her fans wait in lines for several hours just to watch Sona Mohapatra live performances on stage. This is why her fans are always eager for Sona Mohapatra new album as she arranges a tour after every launch. It would be right to say that Sona Mohapatra live shows are something that one must experience.

Some of her best works include Sona Mohapatra “Jiya Lage Na song” which was a major blockbuster hit and Sona Mohapatra “Aaja Ve song” also remained on the charts for several weeks. Success was redefined with Sona Mohapatra “Ambarsariya song” which had a record number of downloads. Her genre of singing is very similar to Sunidhi Chauhan and both these ladies are excellent singers. Also, she is a stunningly beautiful woman and to watch hot Sona Mohapatra photos you can easily download them from the web. You might also love Sona Mohapatra in Saree and other ethnic wear.

Singer Sona Mohapatra Marriage, Husband

Even though she has been a part of the industry for so long, Sona Mohapatra love affairs have hardly ever been in the news. However, Sona Mohapatra love life was very open right from the start when she told about Sona Mohapatra boyfriend Ram Sampath whom she married in 2005. While singer Sona Mohapatra dating Ram Sampath, she also switched her career to singing permanently and in Sona Mohapatra Ram Sampath love story, music has an important role to play.

Although Sona Mohapatra wedding date is not exactly known, but the couple tied the knot in the year 2005 and since then, Sona Mohapatra husband name has grown in the industry. Just like her, Sona Mohapatra husband Ram Sampath is also a talented artist and one can easily find Sona Mohapatra with her husband in various events.

Although singer Sona Mohapatra husband is a well-known personality himself, but the couple got all the more famous due to their works as a team. Also, some people believe that the husband of singer Sona Mohapatra is lucky for her career because when singer Sona Mohapatra married Ram Sampath, he was already an established artist and she had just started her singing career.

A few years after their marriage, there were some rumours about Sona Mohapatra pregnant but nothing was ever confirmed about her pregnancy or Sona Mohapatra children. As per Sona Mohapatra latest news, it is believed that the couple might have to face legal consequences for the recent song they composed. Well, it may be just another Sona Mohapatra controversy as it happens with all celebrities, but let’s see what happens.