Atif Aslam Songs, Images, Son Name, Sister WeddingIt is an occasional that one comes along with ample personality, supreme talent, the trend, the power especially the passion to shine at any field. When all such high talents come together, it engendered a great personality like Atif Aslam. Singer Atif Aslam biography contrived every one admire his personality. Atif Aslam is legendary for his singing and acting who created golden mark in Bollywood films. His initiation as an actor was in the year 2011 in Pakistani movie directed by Shoman. His tremendous capability in vocal made much eager to know about Atif Aslam biography and Atif Aslam singer profile. Top 10 songs of Atif Aslam and Atif Aslam pop songs list illustrate his talents in the music field. Atif conquered this Himalaya place by his hard work, dedication and capability with tremendous faith.

Singer Atif Aslam Age, Family, Wiki

Atif Aslam was born in Wazirabad, Pakistan. Atif Aslam personal details depicts that he is a man of simplicity. Currently, Atif Aslam age is 33 years as his date of birth is 12 March 1983. In the course of his school and college life, he was devoted to cricket and Atif Aslam wiki tells that he desired to be a cricketer and music was almost certainly the final thing in his mind. Pop singer Atif Aslam bio-data depicts his ultimate dynamism.

Atif Aslam height is in close proximity 5 feet and 7 inches. Atif has 3 brothers and one sister. Atif Aslam sister name is Romana and they were very much warm hearted. Atif Aslam sister pictures exhibits how much kind they both had been and Atif Aslam sister wedding was going on in grand manner due to the popularity of his lovable brother Atif Aslam. Shabaz, Shazad and Sheraz are Atif Aslam brother name. Muhammad Aslam and Rehana Shaheen are Atif Aslam parents.

Singer Atif Aslam Education

Atif Aslam education was initiated in a Model town Lahore at Kimberley Hall School. Atif Aslam first performance commenced in his 1st grade as Imran Khan in a trinket competition. In his 9th era, the family relocated to Rawalpindi where he studied at Saint Paul’s Cambridge School and then moved back to Lahore where he continued his education in Divisional Public School, Lahore. He did his F.Sc. at PAF College, Lahore.

Singer Atif Aslam Music Career

With his friend’s encouragement, he started his first song in public during his college days and recorded solo singing “Aadat” with his pin money. Actually, Atif Aslam family background was planted from music industries. Atif Aslam first album “Jalpari” songs was released on July 17th 2004. His manifold albums such as “Bhegi”,”Ehsaas”, “Mahi ”, “Ankhon Sey” along within the track “Jalpari” established his own path in music and unique vocal dynamism. Atif Aslam first album songs list had become the Pakistan Youth Anthem.

Atif Aslam Super-hit Songs

Atif Aslam super-hit songs from the album and Atif Aslam pop songs list were extra ordinary with his voice. Song “Wo Lamhey” from “Zeher” movie, “Tere Bin” song, Piya O Re Piya and Tu Muhabbat Hai songs from “Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya” movie are some of Atif Aslam songs list. Since then his fans and well-wishers started to refer his Biography of Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam through online and many Atif Aslam new songs and Atif Aslam upcoming songs too are being digitised by show goers. Atif Aslam first audition was in a public Television show.

Atif Aslam first video song had cheered him up so much to take part in various programs. Outstandingly, One of Atif Aslam top 10 songs is Atif Aslam Abida Parveen “Tere Ishq Nachaya” mp3 song. DJ-Chetas, one of the musical ventures is Atif Aslam mash-up songs. Atif had showed his talents through various albums released by him. A rock star and a fabulous rapper combined together to show fantastic performance. Those are Atif Aslam and Bohemia.

Atif Aslam Girlfriend Gossips

Atif Aslam became so much popular that people started making gossips about his girlfriend. Although Atif Aslam girlfriend Anum always seen together with him but he always remain quite and ignore all these gossips. Maybe both are very good friends. But the media wants only gossips and hot topics. One can also see Atif Aslam girfriend Anum pics on various sites on the internet.

Atif Aslam Album Songs

Atif Aslam new album “Shabnam” songs are splendid hits. Atif Aslam upcoming Album will be released in the month of Feb to March. He evoked to establish him as a playback singer in Bollywood. From that day onwards, Atif Aslam Bollywood songs became very popular in global level. “Wo Lamhey” from “Zeher” movie is Atif Aslam first song in Bollywood.

A part of tremendous International project is Atif Aslam movies “Man Push Cart” which made him bag 8 international awards in Hollywood. His youthful and humble personality will definitely bring a great place for Atif Aslam upcoming movies too. Every fortnight, Atif Aslam first video songs are tuned by music lovers because of his courageous performance.

Atif Aslam Marriage, Wife, Son

Atif Aslam Wife Pics, Name, Age, Sara Bharwana BabyAtif Aslam love affairs were talked by many people. People used to browse Atif Aslam wife name and pictures of Atif Aslam with his wife. To keep full stop for this news, Atif Aslam love life was revealed by him. Is Atif Aslam married? The answer is yes.

He is married to a gorgeous girl. Sara Bharwana is wife of Atif Aslam. Atif Aslam wife is his classmate. Twitter was a floated with heartbreak tweets about Atif Aslam Sara Bharwana Love story. 27th April 2013 is Atif Aslam Wedding date. Social network sites made Atif Aslam singer personal details public.

Atif Aslam Sara Bharwana age difference is just 1 year since she is born on 7 July 1984. Atif Aslam Sara Bharwana divorce rumor was very sensational news that made him stunned. As a result of Atif Aslam controversy, Sara Bharwana pregnant news made gossip a false one. Atif Aslam baby name is Ahad Atif who will be a doubtless future vocalist and fans are very curious to download Atif Aslam son picture and Atif Aslam wedding images.

Atif Aslam Live Concerts

Following his triumphs, Atif wanted to show case his talents across the world. Atif Aslam live concerts exhibited his talents in the prestigious “Royal Albert Hall” in United Kingdom. Through his towering performance, hearts of millions are made to wait eagerly for Atif Aslam upcoming concerts. In 2012, he had three concerts at the World Trade Centre in Dubai. For this incredible feat, Atif Aslam was honoured with the award “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz” from the Government in 2008.

Beyond all the spotlights of solo, Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam live concert London was a massive performance. Atif’s project “Guns N Roses meant to create a diverse culture of two countries and raised fund for different causes. Atif Aslam and Honey Singh new songs are famous for this. As historical events, Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh concert had been performed on the same stage for live concert, that’s too in New Delhi. Singer Atif is a versatile vocalist who has presented his melody, duet, romantic and even sad songs. “Jannat 3” which was released on 2014 is Atif Aslam new sad song.

Atif Aslam and Reshma relation was best known by the audience through the song “Lumbi Judaai” that was sung by him during his award function. Atif Aslam concert dates are being viewed internationally and Atif Aslam best songs are also being booked by so many people around the world. His growing popularity has made Music lovers to surf Atif Aslam tour dates. Besides, Atif Aslam net worth has accompanied around $25 million approximately by the end of first week.