Neha Saxena Images, Wiki, Husband, AgeNeha Saxena is an Indian television actress and was also the face of Balaji Telefilms in the year 2009-10. She is the wife of television actor Shakti Arora and his biography will focus on several aspects of her career and her family background as well. While Shakti is a more famous actor and is currently active on the TV, his wife wiki can make list of her television shows as well. In this biography of TV actress Neha Saxena, apart from having a segment on Neha Saxena personal life, we’ll also discuss about his upcoming TV shows and more. We would also like to mention that Neha Saxena in Saree looks really stunning and she is often noted for this on several events.

Neha Saxena Age, Wiki, Family

Born and brought up in Agra, Neha Saxena wiki will confirm that his date of birth is April 24th, 1991 and that makes actress Neha Saxena age to be 25 years. While Neha Saxena parents belonged to an ordinary family, she chose her lifestyle to be otherwise. Neha Saxena height is 5 feet and 4 inches (1.65m). She is very naughty and bubbly kind of girl.

Actress Neha Saxena TV shows, Career

The list of Neha Saxena TV shows is limited but she has had a pretty decent career in the industry. It was in the year 2009 that Neha Saxena first TV show was released and the “Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai” actress drew a great deal of attention. Also, she was so loved that people were looking out for “Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai” actress Dhaani real name and the actress Neha Saxena bio-data was starting to fill up now. While Neha Saxena actress profile has many shows in it, but the genre of Neha Saxena TV serials has been similar mostly, more or less.

She was then seen as Neha Saxena in “Tere Liye” serial where she was the main lead, again. She then made a comeback with the show “Amita Ka Amit” and the latest; she was seen as Neha Saxena fear files where she appeared with her old co-star, Rajat Tokas. She was once linked up with Neha Saxena and Rajat Tokas but that smoke didn’t have a fire.

Actress Neha Saxena Linkups, Movies

On another occasion, the gossip about Neha Saxena and Kunal Bhatia was also on the headlines. But yet again, this Neha Saxena controversy was media hype. The “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” actor Ranveer real wife is not that famous a personality in the industry but Neha Saxena husband name is quite well known. Since Neha Saxena husband profession is the same as hers, read out more about him. In the current lot, Simran Judge and Sriti Jha have been compared with Neha Saxena.

As of now, there is no update on Neha Saxena next TV serial and the hopes of Neha Saxena Bollywood debut film are gradually drowning. But she has made appearances in advertisements and it is likely that Neha Saxena movies will happen sometime in the future. However, Neha Saxena first film would be looked forward on. Till then, stay posted on Neha Saxena latest news and also stays in touch with Neha Saxena blog.

Neha Saxena Love Life, Marriage

Neha Saxena Shakti Arora Dating, Wedding Pics, Relationship, KidsAs far as actress Neha Saxena personal details are concerned, we do not have that much information but Neha Saxena love affairs have always been heard of ever since she came in the industry. However, Neha Saxena love life settled for good with Shakti Arora being Neha Saxena boyfriend and the couple got married.

The talks of Shakti Arora being the boyfriend of Neha Saxena got so popular that the news of Neha Saxena married to Shakti Arora was quite a big deal on the TV industry. Also, they share a good understanding as Neha Saxena Shakti Arora age difference is only of a few months. Once the official announcement of Shakti Arora being the husband of Neha Saxena were revealed, there was a real buzz about Neha Saxena Shakti Arora wedding photos and their fans wanted to see Neha Saxena with her husband. However, being the wife of Shakti Arora also gave Neha a lot of attention.

While Neha Saxena husband Shakti Arora is a superb and celebrated actor, Shakti Arora with his wife is often spotted on awards functions. As of now, Neha Saxena Shakti Arora relationship has been all love and kisses, but Neha Saxena Shakti Arora love story began way before when they co-starred in a TV show.

The news of Neha Saxena dating Shakti Arora resulted in their marriage and Neha Saxena marriage was a happy event for the couple and their families. As of now, there has been no Neha Saxena pregnant news and when Neha Saxena children arrive, the media will have yet another reason to celebrate their marriage.