Arjun Tendulkar Photos, Cricket Career, Bowling Speed, Son of Sachin TendulkarArjun Tendulkar is making history by following his father’s path as young rising cricketer under eighteen in India. He is the son of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is set to make name as the Tendulkar Junior in the sports history of India. This is what many Indians and his father’s fans wish for him to become a world-renowned cricketer in future. He was in the recent news by making his career debut by hitting century under 14, when he was just 12-year-old school student. He is a left hand bats man and an all rounder too. You are going through the biography of Arjun Tendulkar, who is the young rising cricket star. In the coming paragraph, you are going to read about Arjun Tendulkar personal details.

Arjun Tendulkar Age, Family and Education

The Indian legendry cricketer Sachin Tendulkar son name is Arjun Tendulkar. Arjun Tendulkar mother name is Anjali Tendulkar, who is a pediatrician by profession. Arjun Tendulkar sister name is Sara Tendulkar, who is two years elder than him and is the only sibling with him. Arjun Tendulkar age is 16 as on the year 2015. Either, Arjun Tendulkar date of birth is 24-09-1999 born in Mumbai, India. Arjun Tendulkar height as on the year 2014 is 5.2 meters.

Arjun Tendulkar education is from the renowned Dhirubhai Ambani International School, which is in nations finance capital Mumbai. He is born in to a blessed family, where his father is an eminent sports personality and his mother is a renowned child doctor. His father gave him a free hand to choose his career, of course he never wish his son to become a cricketer as like him. However, the present interest of his son seems to become a top player in the Indian team. His entire family is supportive and encourages him to become a best sportsman soon.

Arjun Tendulkar Personal Life

He is a young school student as of now. He was growing up by watching his father-playing cricket for India. He saw his father’s achievement at a young age to become the world’s top rated batsman. The Arjun Tendulkar cricket coaching started, since he was child. He does practice as his father does. The rising junior cricketer Arjun Tendulkar bio data is most await to know more about him in the web search.

However, he is a good student and a good son of his parents. He does love her sister and are seem in good harmony. His parents do encourage him in sports. He started to practice playing cricket from the age of eight. His father does have a cricket practice ground in his sons name and he does go along with his father to get cricket practice in Mumbai. He is the luckiest person to get in touch with top players of India and did coaching with them.

He also went abroad with his father and was able to see the international cricket and the other nation cricket players. Arjun Tendulkar and Wasim Akram was in the news in 13 May 2015, when he shared few bowling tips with the young cricketer.

Arjun Tendulkar Cricket Career, Records

Soon after Arjun Tendulkar century, the media, reporters writers, biographer are showing knee interest on Arjun Tendulkar cricketer profile, Arjun Tendulkar cricket records and Arjun Tendulkar cricket academy to add up more and more details of Sachin Tendulkar son name in the upcoming sports history offline and online. Already Arjun Tendulkar wiki has more updates as per his activities in cricketing.

The initial pages are having lot of contents about Arjun Tendulkar cricket debut. The media is also following his personal life. There are many writers and biographer showing more interest on Arjun Tendulkar with his sister and Arjun Tendulkar love life. Presently he is a school student and many are showing interest about Arjun Tendulkar girlfriend.

The Sachin Tendulkar son wiki is also waiting for girlfriend of Arjun Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar cricket career and Arjun Tendulkar Ranji trophy. They do update online about Arjun Tendulkar net worth as son of a cricket legend. There is more update on Arjun Tendulkar weight, height and about his health and fitness program as upcoming Indian cricket star.

Under – 16 Cricket Career of Arjun Tendulkar

Arjun Tendulkar first match was play with Cadet Trophy, when he was under-13 age group in Pune, MH. With this, he was able to get select for under-14 by MCA, where he hit is debut century in Gurgoan for BCCI tournament in the year 2012. Since, than his popularity as young cricketer boom up in news media’s and online. Soon, Arjun Tendulkar photos and videos plunge in the web. The next few years he will play under 18 to gear up his professional career in the Indian cricket field.

All hopes are there to be the junior Tendulkar to break his own father’s record soon. He seems to be a left hand bats man and left hand blower. His overall performance under 16 made him an all rounder. His bowling is also good, when compared to his age. He is also good in fielding. Presently he is in top order of school cricket team. He is also a member of various cricket club associations in India.

Tough Coaching for under – 18 cricket Career of Arjun Tendulkar

Presently he never misses an opportunity to play locally with various clubs and tournaments in school level and with other cricket clubs in India. His father does coach him in his free time. He does arrange one of the best coaches to get well train in cricketing to become an all rounder. He is also performing his best to get select under-18 team in top order of the young Indian cricket team. All his efforts are for achieving this to make him through to get in to the India cricket team soon.

Inspiration from his Father, Sachin Tendulkar

He is one of the blessed sons of an Indian cricketer to witness his father’s achievement from his child hood. Arjun Tendulkar father Sachin Tendulkar is retired when he was young. He witnessed the last day send of that world gave him with tears and pride. Cricket is in his blood and he is going to prove it by becoming a professional sportsman in the coming future. His parents do encourage him and goes to see various tournaments held with in India. The same passion for cricket is a fire with him, soon he is going to get back making history how his father did for the past four decades in India.