Keith Sequeira Wife Photos, Family, Wedding, Girlfriend PicsRochelle Rao is a prominent Indian model and anchor who was also anointed with the prestigious Femina Miss India International in the year 2012. She has bagged several modelling awards and beauty pageants and has also emerged as a popular anchor. Rochelle Rao boyfriend name is Keith Sequeira who is also a famous Indian actor featuring in prominent television shows. Currently, Keith Sequeira profession is acting although he has ventured in the field of modelling and also worked as a VJ. Keith Sequeira actor profile is adorned with a couple of popular TV shows and music albums. Keith Sequeira latest news is all about Keith Sequeira in Bigg Boss 9 with his gorgeous girlfriend Rochelle Rao and the much sizzling and controversial Mandana Karimi. The love triangle cooking between the stars has churned the gossip mills mining spicy rumours and sensuous talks about the trio. Rochelle Rao boyfriend Keith Sequeira biography is an insight on actor Keith Sequeira wiki, Keith Sequeira movies and Keith Sequeira personal life. The actor will also be featured in the upcoming Indian flick “Calendar girls”.

Keith Sequeira Family, Age and Personal Details

The hot and hunky actor Keith Sequeira hails from the capital city of India, Delhi. The roots of Keith Sequeira family background is from Aldona, a small village in Goa and actor Keith Sequeira date of birth is April 30th in the year 1987. Keith Sequeira’s family was settled in Goa and later Keith Sequeira parents moved to Delhi where they gave birth to little Keith and then shifted to Mumbai.

Owing to the change of places Keith is not very fluent in his mother tongue Konkani. Keith Sequeira nationality is Indian and Keith Sequeira education has been accomplished from St. Columbus in Delhi. He has also garnered a bachelor’s degree in the field of Economics. Keith Sequeira aspired to become a wildlife photographer but his destiny had carved some different roads for him. Keith Sequeira height is around 5 feet and 8 inches approximately and Bigg Boss 9 contestant Keith Sequeira age is 28 years as of now.

The actor looks a lot younger than his age and his hunky physique is an absolute turn on in the show. Keith Sequeira shirtless photos and Keith Sequeira images are posted on several websites that has already witnessed overwhelming visits from his fans. Moreover the juicy gossips churning about Keith Sequeira controversy in the Bigg Boss show is a lot more intriguing. The actor is sure to invite some good for the show.

Actor Keith Sequeira Wiki

The handsome and smashing actor and VJ Keith Sequeira began his career in the industry as a model and later rose to prominence as a successful VJ and TV actor. Bigg Boss 9 contestant Keith Sequeira biography is graced with his popular TV shows and music albums. He commenced in the field as a model and was signed for the Raymond campaign.

His attractive personality and rugged countenance amalgamated with the excellence in communication and fluency made him a popular VJ in B4U. Keith Sequeira net worth is pretty high and he is also one of the most demanded VJ and TV actor. Bigg Boss 9 contestant Keith Sequeira bio data is well-adorned with shows like “Men 2.0”, “VH1’s club class” and many more. He has also played cameo in a couple of TV shows.

VJ and TV Actor Keith Sequeira Career

Keith Sequeira began his career as a model and turned into a popular actor over the years. He has anchored in many popular TV shows mentioned earlier. Keith Sequeira hairstyle and physique is so captivating that he emerged as a popular charmer in Indian television. Keith Sequeira TV shows include “Dekho magar pyar se”, “Doli Armaano Ki”, “Bigg Boss 9” and some more. Keith Sequeira new TV show is all about Bigg Boss 9 gossips owing to the chemistry cooking up between Keith and his girlfriend and Mandana Karimi.

Keith Sequeira has played a cameo in “Teri Meri Love Stories” a collection of short love-stories in Bollywood. He was last featured in “Diya Aur Bati Hum” as Officer Roy. He was also seen in a Bollywood movie. Keith Sequeira first movie was Sixteen focussing on the life of a couple of teenagers. Keith Sequeira in sixteen plays the role of a matured grown-up. The movie was quite buzzed up in Bollywood with its story unfolding the truth about the life of today’s teenagers.

Keith Sequeira next film is Calendar Girls which is slated to release this year. Keith Sequeira new movie Calendar Girls is being directed by Madhur Bhandarkar and it shall mark the debut of 5 new actresses in B-town. Keith Sequeira Bollywood films has not featured him as the lead protagonist yet but with his flaring up popularity from gossips of Bigg Boss 9 and Keith Sequeira scandals which will earn more of Keith Sequeira upcoming movies and TV shows. Apart from movies and TV shows Rochelle Rao boyfriend wiki is invigorated with a music album “Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi” opposite Ayesha Takia released in the year 2011. It is a remix from Shake it Daddy.

Keith Sequeira Rochelle Rao Love Story

Keith Sequeira is a popular head turner in the tinsel town with his fabulous looks and killer attitude. It is absolutely no surprise to learn about Keith Sequeira love affairs and actor Keith Sequeira love life. Keith is boyfriend of model Rochelle Rao and the couple have been dating for quite some time now. The biography of actor Keith Sequeira has shared all the significant facts about Keith Sequeira, Bigg Boss contestants profile, Keith Sequeira lifestyle and Keith Sequeira personal details but now it shall reveal some hot fascinating talks about girlfriend of actor Keith Sequeira, Rochelle Rao Keith Sequeira relationship and the chemistry cooking up between the Keith and Mandana.

Keith and Rochelle have been open about their relationship and the love-birds appear to be all entwined in love in the show. Keith Sequeira dating Rochelle Rao has been in news for quite some time now and Rochelle Rao Keith Sequeira love story is pretty much fascinating and adorable. Rochelle Rao Keith Sequeira age difference is not much and people often mistake her for wife of Bigg Boss 9 contestant Keith Sequeira.

Keith Sequeira Marriage, Wife

However, Rochelle is not actor Keith Sequeira wife and neither Keith Sequeira wedding date is decided yet. Rochelle Rao Keith Sequeira married is only a rumour and Rochelle Rao Keith Sequeira wedding photos is only anticipation. The show Bigg Boss 9 has also kept in store some unpredictable surprises and shocks for the couple. Keith Sequeira girlfriend name or rather Keith Sequeira wife name can soon turn into a mystery with the other contestant Mandana Karimi trying to impress the handsome VJ on the show.

Keith and Mandana have been paired up as partners in the show and Mandana is bestowing abundance of affection on Keith which has created tiffs between the existing couple. Rochelle Rao Keith Sequeira Bigg Boss 9 scenes and their arguments is already spelling the appalling news of Keith Sequeira breakup with Rochelle Rao. The two gorgeous ladies are trying their level best to vie for the dude’s attentions.

The house of Bigg Boss 9 is indeed throwing troubles for the inmates where Roopal Tyagi and others too are equally striving for their sustainability. At the same time, inspite of all he confusion Keith and Rochelle did sneak out to seek for some cosy romantic time. The show is a complete surprise now and the growing intimacy between the inmates has become the highest talking point of this controversial show.