Shakeel Siddiqui Wife Photos, Family, Brother, Comedy Circus, Death RumorsShakeel Siddiqui is a stand-up comedian from Pakistan who established a great image in public with his performances on stage and television. He has become renowned with his immense focus on humorous illustration of characters in his shows. Biography of comedian Shakeel Siddiqui must be recognized for perceptive knowledge on him and about a natural artiste. He is popular with his nickname Teeli in Pakistan as a well-known actor. He became familiar with Indian spectators with his participation in the television show Comedy Circus. Comedian Shakeel Siddiqui wiki is recognized by everyone and admired. Shakeel Siddiqui TV shows are becoming very popular those are followed by his fans both in India and Pakistan nations. Shakeel Siddiqui best comedy performances are honored by people.

Shakeel Siddiqui Age, Nationality, Family

According to Shakeel Siddiqui personal details, his origin is from Pakistan and Shakeel Siddiqui nationality is Pakistani. Shakeel Siddiqui date of birth is in the year 1964 and his birthplace is Karachi in Pakistan. Comedian Shakeel Siddiqui age is 50.

Comedian Shakeel Siddiqui bio data is notable for his performance in off color humor, satire and insult comedy genres. Shakeel Siddiqui height is 5 feet and he looks good with average height and fun giving nature. Shakeel Siddiqui family background is ingrained in Pakistan and Shakeel Siddiqui education is also completed there.

Shakeel Siddiqui is the King of Comedy

Shakeel Siddiqui comedy shows are available on internet sites which his fans like to see frequently. Shakeel Siddiqui standup comedian wiki and wall papers had been put with his biography details. Shakeel Siddiqui comedy videos and best shows are aired on television channels repeatedly as they gained more and more popularity.

Pakistani stand-up comedian Shakeel Siddiqui biography is elevated with his best performances that have great impact in his life. He has his Facebook profile that is updated with his latest information and photos. He has been critically acclaimed as a king of comedy shows.

Shakeel Siddiqui Career, Stage Shows

Shakeel Siddiqui started his career as an actor in Pakistan by giving performances on television and stage shows. He has acted in the shows Bakra Qistoon Pay (Goat on Installments), Nayee Ammi Purana Abba (New mother and Old Father), Yeh to Housefull Hogaya (Full House), Bakra Quistoon Pay (Goat on Installments), Beauty Parlour, Budha Ghar Pay hai, Chand Baraye Farokht, and a lot. He accompanied to famous Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif and Johny Lever on stage performances and films.

Shakeel Siddiqui in Comedy Circus

He presented himself in India by participating in a television show which was Shakeel Siddiqui first comedy show in this nation. Massive follow up came for Shakeel Siddiqui first performance in India. He has gained very much popularity and became a celebrity with this show. Shakeel Siddiqui comedy circus first season was a big hit and watched by millions of people. He is pronounced as the king of stage comedy thereafter Shakeel Siddiqui comedy circus best performance in the show.

Shakeel Siddiqui as a Co-Host

After getting acclaimed by his good performance in Comedy Circus season one, he did not continue as a contestant later. Rather than, he participated as a co-host alongside Urvashi Dholakia in Season-2 of Comedy Circus. Shakeel Siddiqui and Urvashi Dholakia had achieved good applaud from the viewers for the whole show. Shakeel Siddiqui and Shruti Seth was the next anchors for Comedy Circus Season-3.

Shakeel Siddiqui Mona Singh presentation in Final Season of Comedy Circus was also successful on small screen. Shakeel Siddiqui Shruti Seth jokes and videos became very famous and viewed by millions of people on YouTube. He is treated as a role model for other participants as a best standup on comedy shows. The judges Satish Shah and Archana Puran Singh admired him for his most excellent performance.

Shakeel Siddiqui Popular Comedy Shows

Shakeel Siddiqui has also been participated in the reality show Ustadoon Ka Ustaad along with Urvashi Dholakia in 2008. Next performance of Shakeel Siddiqui in Dus ka Dum was in a game show telecasted Sony Television was also received positive response. The show was presented with the celebrity guest Salman Khan. Shakeel Siddiqui and Rakhi Sawant shows were enjoyed by viewers.

He has been participated in “Boogie Woogie Dance Competition” show as a guest judge. He has been participated in third season of Comedy Circus which was dubbed as “Kaante Ki Takkar”. Shakeel Siddiqui and Kapil Sharma, both comedians became very legendary and popular after their performances in Comedy Circus. Shakeel Siddiqui in Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali show explores his talent and worthy exposition as a comedian.

Comedian Shakeel Siddiqui Latest News

Now he appears on all major channels of Pakistan as a comedian and offers his best performances. Shakeel Siddiqui new comedy show Hazraaat is currently being telecast on the news channel Abb Takk in which he has been working as a Co-host alongside Kashif Khan. Shakeel Siddiqui comedy classes is his new show that has been started on 7th October 2014 on LifeOK television channel.

He is teamed up with co-stars Krushna Abhishek, Sudesh Lehri, and Bharti Singh for this show. In this show, he is shown as an Urdu teacher in Ache Din Institute, who can speak only seven sentences in Urdu language. This is observed as Shakeel Siddiqui latest news because he is back to India after returning for Pakistan for some time. This is expected that cine industry will entertain a comedy film with Shakeel Siddiqui new movie. It is sure that Shakeel Siddiqui movies will be successful as he is a talented actor and wins the hearts of public.

Comedian Shakeel Siddiqui Personal Life

According to Shakeel Siddiqui personal life, he loves singing but he became a stage actor with the help of a cousin. Shakeel Siddiqui hails from a good family of Pakistan and his brother is also a fun loving guy. Comedian Shakeel Siddiqui salary started from a small amount on stage shows, but he reached in a good position as he deserves it. It is known that comedian Shakeel Siddiqui married and lives in Pakistan along with the family. There are no rumors about Shakeel Siddiqui love affairs or comedian Shakeel Siddiqui love life.

Shakeel Siddiqui Marriage, Children

Shakeel Siddiqui wife name Sayama and they have children. Shakeel Siddiqui wedding date is in the year 1992. Shakeel Siddiqui children also feel proud of their father, as the King of Comedy. Wife of comedian Shakeel Siddiqui supports him in his action and his presence in Indian shows.

Standup comedian Shakeel Siddiqui wife appeared along with him in an interview of Pakistani television show Good Morning Pakistan. Knowing Shakeel Siddiqui contact details in India is difficult as he travels to Pakistan very frequently as it is his mother nation. Certainly Shakeel Siddiqui net worth will move up as he is working out very responsibly in his career.

Shakeel Siddiqui in News

Shakeel Siddiqui controversy came into view on all news channels in 2008, about the news that he was beaten by Hindu religious extremists. The incident took over after the 2008 Mumbai attacks of bomb blasts. He had a protected departure from India with the safety precautions taken by the producers of his shows. Thus he had a break in Indian television screen. He took some time to return back to India until his entry taken place in the show Comedy Classes in October 2014.