Rolene Strauss Miss World Photos, Age, Dress, BoyfriendRolene Strauss was crowned the Miss World 2014 beauty pageant in December 2014. She is a South African beauty who represented her country at the famous beauty pageant. The moment when Miss World 2014 winner name announced stunned the people around the world. She was awarded with the glittering crown. A lot more is explained in Miss World 2014 winner Rolene Strauss biography, her journey towards the pageant. She kept her eyes on the title and won it. Rolene Strauss life laid stress on the saying as follows-“if your dreams don’t scare you then your dreams are not big enough”. After winning the prestigious title, Rolene Strauss model profile shoots up and got a hold in the world of entertainment and films. One can hunt for Miss 2014 winner photos on the internet and watch her winning smile.

Rolene Strauss Age, Body Measurements

Every successful person has got immense support from family. Rolene Strauss was born to the parents whose background related to the medical field. She was the first test tube baby of Bloemfontein. Rolene Strauss father is a doctor and mother is nurse. This reveals the story of Rolene Strauss personal life and how much she is inspired by her family. Rolene Strauss date of birth is April 22, 1992. This reveals Rolene Strauss age is 22 years.

The height beautifies her look, Rolene Strauss height is 5 foot and 9.5 inches long. The media criticised Rolene Strauss weight when she won Miss South Africa 2014 title in august. She is a medical student in her 4th year but decided to halt her studies in order to fulfil her dream. This explores Rolene Strauss family background was very supportive and encouraging.

Rolene Strauss always wanted to raise her voice for the health of women. She decided to become a health activist, marked by Miss World 2014 winner wiki stating that besides studying medical, her childhood dream was to win the title for her country. To know more about Rolene Strauss profile goes ahead with the following paragraphs.

Miss World 2014 Winner Wiki

Rolene Strauss became the second women of Miss World 2014 winner country, named South Africa. The night before the declaration of Miss World 2014 results, the Facebook and twitter profiles of Rolene Strauss occupied by millions of viewers crossing the hands in curiosity of whose going to win the title. The picture of Rolene Strauss parents with the crowned lady are posted on Twitter.

One can look for Rolene Strauss hot images in different costumes designed by renowned designers. The truth behind choosing medical as a subject is explored in Rolene Strauss wiki. The biography of Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss urges one to dream big and do not rest until it is being achieved. The millions of people liked Rolene Strauss Facebook page, congratulating her for winning the title.

While competing for the world’s largest pageant, she won Miss World title, Rolene Strauss Miss Universe title wining chances came to an end as she could not compete for it. Every model’s photo shoot is done right from the beginning for their modelling career, Rolene Strauss photo shoots flung the magazines and entertainment websites. She is at the initial stage of her modelling career; it is hard to say about Rolene Strauss net worth, which sure to reach the sky in the coming years.

Model Rolene Strauss Love Life

There are many well-wishers of Rolene Strauss, but the one who is close to heart is yet to be met, Rolene Strauss love life will be blessed by a relationship. Rolene Strauss love affairs are not shared by her. The news of Rolene Strauss dating has never flung in media. Rolene Strauss is very passionate girl who believes in turning dreams into reality. She tribute a vote of thanks to her parents which can be seen on Rolene Strauss twitter profile with lots of tweets from friends and relatives. It is confirmed that Rolene Strauss nationality is South African rather than American.

After Rolene Strauss birth, her family moved to Volksrut, Mpumalanga. This is Rolene Strauss birthplace where she grown up. The official confession about Rolene Strauss boyfriend name or boyfriend of Rolene Strauss is not made by her. There is hardly any Rolene Strauss controversy surrounding the eyes of media. Every prominent personality is talked about and people get to know more about Rolene Strauss blog that describes her biography and journey of life.

Rolene Strauss wedding date is going to be the next latest talks in the media. Various magazines and people spread these kinds of rumors to gain attention. Also, Rolene Strauss married news and gossips captured the eyes of people which seemed to be untrue. The news of Rolene Strauss marriage has not received yet. When asked about Rolene Strauss husband would be expectations she replied that he should love and handsome looking.

Rolene Strauss Modeling Career

Miss World 2014 Winner Name, Photos, Country, WikiAfter winning the reigning title, the curiosity of Rolene Strauss next contracts has created the excitement among the youth. Rolene Strauss Miss World personal details included her graduation course from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, which she is currently pursuing. Though winning the Miss World pageant led towards Rolene Strauss first photo shoot which was successful.

All the girls look for a Fashionista as their diva Rolene Strauss dress created the rage among girls and creates the world of fantasies. The smartphones are following the trend of HD images, Rolene Strauss HD wallpapers turned out to be very popular among the youth. Though there is no such relation between Rolene Strauss and Jo-Ann Strauss. Rolene Strauss was inspired by SA 2000 winner Jo-Ann Strauss. That’s the way; winner of Miss World 2014 was born.

The entry of Rolene Strauss films into Bollywood and Hollywood is sure to be made after a small time period. Rolene Strauss Hollywood debut is most awaited. Her pretty blue-green eyes and long looking personality would surely confirm Rolene Strauss movies platform. Thought the Radio shows and TV shows remains updated towards Rolene Strauss next photo shoots in the city.

After winning the title the publication of Rolene Strauss magazines ruled the world. One can look for more information on Rolene Strauss website. he model Rolene Strauss Instagram profile is loaded with lots of pictures of her photo shoots. One can look for Rolene Strauss latest news on various social networking sites.

Rolene Strauss Model Profile

The person who loves nature and is in search of peace can get lot of inspiration from Rolene Strauss model biodata. Rolene says women are embodiment of love, sympathy and peace. The creative directors like Faisal Saif have thought of signing Rolene Strauss Bollywood debut movie which is not officially confirmed. Some days before the Miss World 2014 pageant winner declaration, Asha Bhat became the first Indian to receive Miss Supranational title in December 2014 and brought laurels to India. The model Rolene Strauss biography has set example for a girl who lives to cherish her dreams and knows how to turn it into reality. The South African beauty pageant 2014 title holder Rolene Strauss wiki explores that she was amongst top 15 models in Elite Model Look International 2007.

Rolene Strauss Beauty Secrets

Rolene Strauss beauty secrets are much similar to beauty secrets of any other model such as Robyn Lawley, who advices every women to stay natural. The exercises are as important as any other work, Rolene Strauss exercise is not only for weight loss but can be done daily to stay fit. For every model diet is very important, Rolene Strauss diet helps to stop craving for food and find proper balanced diet charts. It has been published in Times magazine about Rolene Strauss workout routine and daily habits that keep her healthy. Miss South Africa 2014 Rolene Strauss biography reveals she became third women to win the title.

Rolene Strauss Debut in Movies

Rolene Strauss siblings include one brother. Rolene Strauss education has helped her to take action towards women health she is an activist. After winning the title Rolene Strauss modelling career boosted with lots of contracts. Rolene Strauss upcoming modelling photo shoots have already created buzz in the media. The modelling world enhances the beauty of women and gives them right path to showcase their talent. Rolene Strauss films are most awaited just to see her first look as an actor. One can learn modelling in Rolene Strauss modelling agency in order to start their career in modelling. The winner of miss world 2014 Rolene Strauss profile has marked her popularity in the whole world.