Nia Sanchez Miss Universe Bikini Pics, Parents, Engaged, BoyfriendNia Sanchez is the prominent American model and glorious winner of the elite crown of Miss USA 2014. She is an epitome of ravishing beauty amalgamated with an august and serene personality and gorgeous countenance. Most of the beauty pageant winners have a charm that works miracles but Nia Sanchez Miss USA 2014 stands out among all with her impeccable charm and enticing persona. Nia Sanchez model profile is now the growing interest of all the growing population who have been spellbound by her beauty and persona in the platform of Miss Universe 2014. Miss USA 2014 winner name Nia Sanchez is a popular icon in the scintillating modelling world and now it has gone widespread with the victory of the venerated crown. Nia Sanchez is an American model and actress and also a taekwondo coach who has been anointed with the Miss Universe 2014 title. Miss USA 2014 winner Nia Sanchez biography is complete detailed information about Nia Sanchez personal life and her career zeniths and nadirs. She is an inspiration for all the upcoming models and beauty pageant contestants and also the new face of entertainment and beauty platforms.

Model Nia Sanchez Age, Family Details

Miss Universe 2015, Miss Nia Sanchez is a full time model and has been relishing her victorious reign in the beauty pageant platforms for quite some time. Nia Sanchez date of birth is 15th February in the year 1990 and hence model Nia Sanchez age is nearly 25 years. She was born in the beautiful city of Sacramento in California in a military veteran family. Nia Sanchez parents, David Sanchez and Nicole Stanford hailed from a military base in Germany and Iran respectively. It is pretty fascinating to note that her paternal grandmother was German while her grandmother was Mexican and her mother was a Spanish with other European traits.

Nia Sanchez family background reflects to harbour the roots of a global family practicing beliefs and traditions of different places of the globe. Nia Sanchez nationality is American and she was raised in Sacramento until she was 7 years old. Unfortunately her parents got divorced when she was only 6 and hence later she moved to California with her father.

Miss USA 2014 Winner, Model Nia Sanchez Wiki

Nia Sanchez had a penchant for travelling and her passion got shape when she moved after the parents’ divorce. Nia Sanchez wiki is simple and encouraging that has witnessed a bundle of struggles to shape Nia Sanchez miss USA career and also the current Miss USA 2014 winner wiki. Nia completed her high school education from Paloma high school and went on to become a nanny. Her love for traversing across the globe grew stronger and soon she explored the land of Middle East, Switzerland and Austria. Many famous American female models have accidentally bumped into the pageantry and so did Miss Nia when she saw one of her friend getting enrolled for Miss USA.

Nia Sanchez height is around 5 Feet and 8 inches and Nia Sanchez weight is nearly 52 Kgs. Her naive brown shade of hair and eye color conglomerated with an impeccably irresistible and enchanting personality has helped her garner success in both international and domestic pageantry. Nia Sanchez photo shoots and Nia Sanchez bikini wallpapers are equally hypnotizing like the sombre and elegant Miss USA 2014 winner pics on the night of her victory. Nia Sanchez is a full time model and a growing American actress who has dilated her portfolio beyond the pageantry and is relishing her reign in it.

Model Nia Sanchez Career, TV Commercials

Nis Sanchez is a beauty queen and is the 1st contestant from the city of Nevada who has been crowned with the much celebrated and elite title Miss Universe 2014. Nia Sanchez miss universe USA had been chosen among a huge chunk of contestants and applicants to be the face of Hong Kong Disney. She had also represented USA in the beauty pageantry stage of Miss Universe 2014 and was declared as the 1st runner up on 25th January in the year 2014. Nia Sanchez ads and Nia Sanchez hot pics have flooded her career with colossal media buzz and tweets. The details about the inception of winner of Miss USA 2014 career has been briefed below.

Nia Sanchez won her first beauty pageant when she was only 13 and was announced as Miss San Jacinto valley. Miss USA 2014 beauty pageant winner profile is graced by her further achievements when she won the prestigious title of Miss Citrus valley USA that helped her qualify for Miss America Latina.

Nia emerged victorious at the Miss riverside county USA in the year 2011 and also became Miss Hollywood USA the following year. She competed with many other American female models and had always been chosen over and above a chunk of hundreds and thousands of gorgeous and talented trending American female models and new Australian female models. She was also crowned Miss Nevada January 12th of 2014 by Chelsea Caswell. She was the 1st contestant from Nevada to be laurelled as Miss USA. Her responses and witty answers combined with gorgeous persona helped her bag the prestigious crown in one shot.

Model Nia Sanchez Movies

Nia Sanchez is a beauty queen and stupendously popular model who has also tried her luck in movies and flicks. Nia Sanchez movies have mostly been the Disney Movies as she was chosen as the face of Hong Kong Disney. Nia Sanchez Hollywood debut and Nia Sanchez first film was with Disney movies and she later portrayed a couple of roles for princess characters. Nia Sanchez TV commercials are yet to get into limelight and so shall Nia Sanchez awards be anticipated in future. Most of the young American female models try their luck in movies and TV commercials and switch their line of interest and hence Nia is also trying to explore this aura of versatility in her glamorous ambience. She is also a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Model Nia Sanchez Net Worth, Controversy

Nia Sanchez is a successful model and an upcoming American actress with multiple talents. This biography of model Nia Sanchez has already talked about the Nia Sanchez modelling and Miss USA 2014 beauty pageant winner career details. Apart from being a successful modelling icon Nia is also a brilliant jazz and ballet dancer which she has learnt for 5 years and gained expertise and grace. Nia Sanchez bikini photo shoot and Nia Sanchez magazines are the major talked about attractions about winner of American beauty pageant contest 2014 that have helped to build Nia Sanchez net worth and fame. However a little of controversy has also added some news to her profile lately.

Miss Nia Sanchez had engulfed herself in a controversy after she lost at Miss California USA is the year 2011 and two years consecutively after that. Nia Sanchez controversy came up when she filed a paper to establish that she was eligible for Miss Nevada USA but the competition rules contradicted her say as she did not have a 6 months residency in the Nevada state as mentioned by few of her legal documents. There have been certain mills rolling news controversies about Nia Sanchez and Nick Jonas and Nia Sanchez and Paulina Vega. There have been talks about Nia Sanchez and Ariana Grande about their dubious friendship. However Nia Sanchez is much talked about her success and beauty than the unnecessary nuisance created by rumour mills.

Miss USA 2014 Winner Nia Sanchez Personal Life

Miss Nia Sanchez is currently in her mid-twenties and is one of the most celebrated and sizzling American models. Miss USA 2014 winner Nia Sanchez biography has so far talked about Miss Universe USA 2014 runner up career and model Nia Sanchez personal details but now it shall share some information about Nia Sanchez love affairs and Nia Sanchez love life and husband of model Nia Sanchez. She is a gorgeous and successful modelling icon and hence is also the head turned in the glamorous modelling and film world.

Her fans have been inquisitive about Nia Sanchez blog and Nia Sanchez Miss Universe evening gown so far but recently news and gossips about boyfriend of Nia Sanchez and Nia Sanchez Daniel Booko relationship have added to the seasonal gossips flavours. It has been heard that Miss Nia had set her heart on actor Daniel Booko and Nia Sanchez Daniel Booko love story had taken shape much before she had been crowned as Miss Nevada USA.

Model Nia Sanchez Relationships, Marriage

Miss Nia Sanchez fans were not very aware of Nia Sanchez relationships and Nia Sanchez dating Daniel Booko but the recent announcement of Nia Sanchez engaged did awe most of them. Nia Sanchez biography has the genuine details about American model Nia Sanchez bio-data and her relationship. The couple has been seeing each other for over a year and more and the two have even got engaged recently.

Nia Sanchez boyfriend Daniel Booko has been heard to have proposed the gorgeous model in New York city on a private terrace. Nia Sanchez dating Daniel Booko has certainly colored her life with bright shades of candy love and we hope that no news of Nia Sanchez breakups flares up. Fans have always been eaves-drooping about Nia Sanchez next beauty contest and Nia Sanchez bikini photos but now the growing curiosity is towards Nia Sanchez marriage and Nia Sanchez wedding date.

Nia Sanchez boyfriend Daniel Booko has gone completely head over heels for his lady love and hence fans can be rest assured that Nia Sanchez Daniel Booko breakup won’t surface mostly. Hence it shall be aired soon that Nia Sanchez husband name is none but Daniel Booko. The couple makes a gorgeous pair and we hope their wedding date falls in place shortly.