Candice Pinto Husband Pics, Bikini Photo-shoots, Wedding, Asif Azim Images, KidsCandice Pinto is an Indian supermodel and has been the winner of pageant Miss Tourism International in the year 2002. She has been a top notch model in the field and has achieved various titles and awards to her name with her desirable figure and hot looks. Candice Pinto is often seen in various fashion weeks across India and the world. Candice Pinto hot pics have been the cover photo for various fashion magazines of our country. Indian supermodel Candice Pinto biography has in depth information about all Candice Pinto photo-shoots that she has been a part of, Candice Pinto fashion weeks that she has attended and increased the stakes of the event, Model Candice Pinto love life which is largely talked about in the media and a horde of her personal details that you would love to know. So why wait, go ahead and read with excitement the biography of model Candice Pinto.

Candice Pinto Age, Education, Family, Personal Details

Candice Pinto date of birth is unknown but she was born in the year 1981 in a Catholic family in Mumbai, India. Candice Pinto parents belong from Goa and Mangalore, so she is half Goan and half Manglorean. Model Candice Pinto age was mere 19 when she won her first beauty pageant at the seventh GladRags Mega model contest in the month of March in the year 2000. Candice Pinto family background has been highly influential in all that she is, because they have always had a supporting hand in her life.

Candice Pinto education was done in Mumbai where she was born, she went to Holy cross high school in the Kurla area of Mumbai and for her graduation she attended South Indian Education Society (SIES) which is in Mumbai itself where she studied economics and was awarded a Master’s degree in it. As per model Candice Pinto bio data, Candice Pinto height is around 5 feet 10 inches and she is well height-ed for a model’s personality. She started modeling right from when she was in her college and pursued her passion from the start.

Owing to the famous personality she has, Candice Pinto Twitter account is always buzzing with her current doings and messages to fans, which is very nice of her as a celebrity. Also, Candice Pinto Instagram photos are hot enough to make her fans go crazy. Candice Pinto house is in Mumbai and she believes in living in the same city where she was born.

Candice Pinto Wiki, Early Career

Model Candice Pinto wiki is a testimony of her success as being a model and making a huge name in the field is something not many can achieve in life. Candice Pinto nationality is Indian and she proudly belongs to India while making the country proud in the world stage. One surprising fact about her is that Candice Pinto parents didn’t wanted her to become a model initially but they supported her in entering the GladRags contest which she eventually won. Another such hot Indian supermodel is Sara Gurpal who has also been as successful as Candice Pinto in modeling and her biography is exciting to read as well.

As a model, Candice Pinto net worth would be quite high owing to her brilliant career in modeling and also Candice Pinto modeling contracts. She has been the face of India in many beauty pageants contest and also won numerous of them. Candice Pinto Bollywood debut film never came out and so we didn’t get to see any Candice Pinto movies.

Candice Pinto first modeling contract probably was signed when she was around the age of 22 and it’s a great feat by such a young model to clinch a contract. Candice Pinto awards and recognitions have made her the celebrity she is. Candice Pinto and Frieda Pinto relation is not those of siblings as many may think because of their similar surnames, they don’t share any family relation whatsoever.

Candice Pinto Modeling Career

According to Candice Pinto latest news, she has been into many fashion weeks such as Lakme Fashion Week and India Fashion Week. Must say, she has garnered herself a huge reputation as a model and Candice Pinto beauty pageant titles are way too higher than her contemporaries. Hot Candice Pinto images keep surfacing the internet every now and then, for a model it is a common thing to happen and Candice Pinto new look just complement it good enough.

Candice Pinto new photo-shoots which came out with Candice Pinto bikini photo-shoots are extremely exotic and some really unseen pictures of her make way into that photo-shoots. Just like her western photo-shoots, Candice Pinto in Saree looks just as gorgeous and beautiful. She has always looked gracious in all her photos and Candice Pinto model profile is filled with such hot photo-shoots.

Candice Pinto Beauty Tips

Candice Pinto beauty secrets lie in keeping things simple and as she said in an interview that she doesn’t follow any fashion trends and goes with what she likes. Candice Pinto hairstyle was recently much praised by fashion critics and she keeps it changing. Candice Pinto gym training is rigorous and includes heavy workouts many days a week. Candice Pinto diet plan is also strict since she is in the business of fashion and can’t lose herself to normal food.

Candice Pinto Asif Azim Love Story

Candice Pinto love affairs have always kept the media abuzz with latest stories and happenings; let’s see how Candice Pinto dating Asif Azim was the talk of the town. Also, how the rumours surrounding Candice Pinto children were all stated to be false. Read on to know more about her personal life. Candice Pinto personal life is not under any wraps any more and is all out in the media for everyone to think upon.

Model Candice Pinto boyfriend was Asif Azim for a long time but Asif Azim Candice Pinto relationship didn’t last for too long and they soon broke up. Candice Pinto Asif Azim’s love story started in the reality show “Bigg Boss” and lasted for a better part of the show and after it too, they were in a healthy relationship before breaking up with each other. Many have previously criticized Candice Pinto Asif Azim’s age difference for their break up but the reasons may be starkly different from what we’ve been hearing.

Candice Pinto Marriage, Husband, Latest Buzz

According to the media, model Candice Pinto married another foreign model but we cannot ourselves confirm the news and eagerly waiting to know Candice Pinto husband name. At Leena mogre’s book launch some years back it was Candice Pinto with her husband many suspected the same and there were also rumours that it wasn’t her husband but she was there with a male model.

Candice Pinto pregnant was just a hoax doing the rounds and even if you see Candice Pinto husband profile, no such things have been confirmed. Still, some people were predicting Candice Pinto wedding date and also even if she’s legally married because everyone is waiting to know who is the husband of model Candice Pinto.

Model Candice Pinto controversy is quite famous among everyone when Candice Pinto and Gauhar Khan were into a spat in a reality show. Regardless of everything, Candice Pinto has achieved success in all walks of her life including modeling and we wish she will hopefully continue to do so.