Anirban Lahiri Wife Photos, Ipsa Jamwal Pics, Marriage, Golf SwingAnirban Lahiri is an Indian golf player and as per Anirban Lahiri current ranking, he is ranked amongst the top golfers in the world. However, this Indian golf player Anirban Lahiri biography will focus on all the various aspects of his life including Anirban Lahiri golfer profile as well as we will try to peep into Anirban Lahiri personal life a little. Ever since Anirban Lahiri PGA tour for the first time in the year 2012, he has been recognised as one of the finest golf players. This biography of golf player Anirban Lahiri commemorates his excellent work in the field and also remembers the days of Anirban Lahiri championship when he took the world by storm. As golfer Anirban Lahiri wiki would confirm, he has been on that tour consistently after 2012 and his performance has always been better than the previous time.

Golfer Anirban Lahiri Age, Family, Wiki

Despite the fact that Anirban Lahiri world record holder, it might amaze his fans that Anirban Lahiri family background is as ordinary as any Indian’s. Born in the Asansol city of West Bengal, Anirban Lahiri nationality is Indian and Anirban Lahiri date of birth is 29th June, 1987 which means that golfer Anirban Lahiri age is 28 years old as of now.

Speaking of Anirban Lahiri parents, his dad was also a professional golfer and that is how he developed a little interest in the game as a young boy. Being a sportsperson, Anirban Lahiri height is one of his many assets. About Anirban Lahiri education, he completed his graduation from West Bengal only. He is quite a dude looks wise and the same can be seen in Anirban Lahiri photos available on the web.

Professional Career of Anirban Lahiri

Ever since Anirban Lahiri debut match, he has been winning over his fans hearts. Even at a young age, golf player Anirban Lahiri bio-data is pretty impressive with amazing performances at events like The Open Championship and the PGA championship. Since the beginning of his career in the year 2007, Anirban Lahiri professional golf tours have caught a lot of attention from the media and as expected, Anirban Lahiri next golf championship is also going to be well caught on camera.

Until the next championship is done with, it would be hard to give a number to Anirban Lahiri official world golf ranking but it is expected that after Anirban Lahiri upcoming golf tournaments, he will climb up a few spots.
As per Anirban Lahiri latest news, he is currently on the PGA European tour and it is expected that Anirban Lahiri prize money will be won at this event.

He has also been famous for Anirban Lahiri hole in one video and other incidence. Also, the list of Anirban Lahiri awards is quite a long one but the most influential ones include Anirban Lahiri hole in one British open and in PGTI. As of today, Anirban Lahiri net worth is not calculated in number but the huge fan following that he has. He himself is a fan of Magnus Carlson as a sportsperson.

Personal Life of Anirban Lahiri

There have been several rumours about Anirban Lahiri love affairs, but after years of such gossips, golfer Anirban Lahiri love life turned into his marital life when golfer Anirban Lahiri married Ipsa Jamwal. Before she became his wife, she was pretty famous as golfer Anirban Lahiri girlfriend and now, Anirban Lahiri wife name is quite a well-known name in the media. But just like Anirban Lahiri dating details, we never got to hear about Anirban Lahiri wedding date. It looks like that Anirban Lahiri relationships are very personal to him and he does not want to share much about them.