Vidyut Jamwal Body, Workout, Abs, Shirtless Pics, Wedding, Family, Wife Images, HD WallpapersBollywood has millions of people making a living under its umbrella. Each year more than 800 films are made and that number in itself should be enough to give one an idea as to how many people are contributing to the growth of the economy by helping in this industry. There are actors big and small, singers, directors, editors, photographers, filmographers, producers and many people who do cameo roles of varying lengths. The gamut of entities that make up the 2 hour entertainment reel are really worth their salt. Most of them do not get recognized but the Indian film actor Vidyut Jamwal biography is a discussion about that. His life history will resonate with thousands other of his stature. The actor profile will be revealed in order to help aspiring actors and fans can also follow him on his official Twitter handle. Often it is said that to become an actor, he/she must have multiple talents and so it is. The man is a martial artist who also acts in movies.

Vidyut Jamwal Age, Family, Wiki

The actor’s Personal life is very interesting especially when he has a army family background. He and his parents along with his 2 siblings have lived in various parts of the country. His father is an army officer and his mother runs a martial arts ashram. His mother name is Vimla Jamwal. The age of Vidyut Jamwal is 35 though he looks quite younger than that. The actor’s height is 1.8 meter. His date of birth is 10th December, 1980.

Vidyut Jamwal wiki also mentions that he originally hails from Jammu. Since the age of three Vidyut Jamwal has been training in the martial arts in a ashram in Kerala and that has rendered his body to be fit and strong. His education happened as normally as any child’s but his main learning was not in college but in mastering the Kalaripayattu. He has travelled 25 countries in pursuit of his passion of martial arts and has done live action shows which are a very rare occurrence anywhere.

Vidyut Jamwal Bollywood Debut

In 2008 he moved to Mumbai to pursue career in films. He did a brief stint in modeling before auditioning for the role of Vishnu in ‘Force’ film. That was his first movie. After that he did 3 more Bollywood films. He has committed himself to action training in Bollywood and he has been duly noticed for his talents. He is also seen in the songs in ‘Commando’ movie which released in 2013.

Vidyut Jamwal Super-hit Movies

He has done South movies triple times more than Bollywood movies. Many critics have lauded the work of the actor in ‘Commando’ and have said that the movie clearly belongs to him. Among other he has delivered super-hit movies like ‘Bullet Raja’, ‘Anjaan’ and ‘Thuppakki’. He is a director’s actor because he does real action without the need of a body double or safety cables. He has featured in several hit songs and due to his multi lingual abilities he has also starred in some Tamil movies.

Vidyut Jamwal Awards, Nominations

In 2012 he received the award for the ‘Best Debut’ for his role in ‘Force’. He also became the best villain after he won the nomination for ‘Best Actor in a Negative Role’. Vidyut Jamwal and Vijay created a storm with the latter’s film ‘Thuppakki’. If that was not all Vidyut Jamwal was also seen in the sets of CID to promote one of his films. It is also said that the two Khiladis Vidyut Jamwal and Akshay Kumar have teamed up for Ahmed Khan’s next film. It’s surely going to be an action packed film.

Vidyut Jamwal Gossips, Controversy

The controversy regarding the actor was centered on a leaked video of his girlfriend Mona Singh and it was made to look as if it was done deliberately by the actor to gather publicity for his film’s release in March 2013. With his fighting scenes being talked about a lot, don’t think that his kissing scenes with hot actress Pooja Chopra missed the spotlight. The actress although has admitted that she has inhibitions about intimate scenes she has also said that Vidyut Jamwal is a very comfortable actor.

Vidyut Jamwal Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

There have been many love affairs for the man. He started dating the lovable TV actress Mona Singh a long time before 2012 and has known her even before he entered Bollywood. His relationship with Mona Singh has been like an on again off again kind of thing. She has been the girlfriend of Vidyut Jamwal for two long years now. But their love life hit rock bottom in 2013 when the MMS was leaked.

Vidyut Jamwal and Mona Singh love story took a sharp turn post the leak and the two decided to breakup in 2014. It is said that Mona wanted to get married and was obviously expecting her boyfriend to propose her to become the wife of Vidyut Jamwal but the actor said that the marriage was not on the cards as he is still new to the industry and wants to focus on his work. Hence they split and the relationship of Vidyut Jamwal and Mona Singh never reached the wedding stage. However there were some marriage talks among some of the industry’s gossip mongers that Vidyut Jamwal was ready to take a wife, but all those were not true.

Vidyut Jamwal Diet Plan, Workout Routine

The actor I often called to various fitness conferences and conclaves to share his diet plan and workout routine. His hairstyle keeps changing depending upon the role he plays. An interesting fact about him is that he was advised against doing negative roles in his debut project but he did anyway and was noticed for it. His abs and training in karate make him a good choice for action laden roles.

Vidyut Jamwal Upcoming Movies

The latest news on him is that there are 3 new movie of him to be released in 2017. Vidyut Jamwal will be seen with Pooja Chopra in upcoming movie ‘Commando 2’ which is slated to be released in 2017. The new generation action star Vidyut Jamwal will also be seen in ‘Force 2’ although the dates have not been released yet. Vidyut Jamwal next Bollywood film is titled ‘Yaara’ with Irrfan Khan and Shruti Haasan which will be released in 2016.