Murali Vijay Beard Pics, Hairstyle, Family, Sister, Tattoos, HD Wallpapers, Fastest CenturiesThe cricketing fraternity is a very close knit group, one may say. With the players being stars themselves, their wives and girlfriends are also dragged into the lime light, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Today we are going to take a peek into the Indian cricketer Murali Vijay biography. the star player Murali Vijay has made many records and Murali Vijay centuries are good topics of discussion among many cricket lovers. Hence it is worthwhile to know about Murali Vijay cricketer profile. He has also been in the media headlines for going through one of the most controversial marriages in Indian cricket. Needless to say this gorgeous cricketer Murali Vijay has had a very controversial love life. Murali Vijay wallpapers became famous the moment he entered the IPL team. But the most notable detail about him is Murali Vijay and Nikita Vanjara relationship, which is the topic of a lot of gossipmongers.

Cricketer Murali Vijay Age, Family, Personal Details

The biography of batsman Murali Vijay starts with the details of Murali Vijay family background, he comes from modest beginnings in Tamil Nadu. Murali Vijay’s parents had put him through cricket training at an early age. The cricketer Murali Vijay age is 31 and Murali Vijay height is i.85 meter. The batsman Murali Vijay date of birth is April 1, 1984.

Murali Vijay education happened in Tamil Nadu itself. The cricketer Murali Vijay bio data mentions that he was not a very exceptional player, despite that he got a chance to play the Ranji Trophy representing Tamil Nadu and that changed Murali Vijay’s life history. Murali Vijay personal life, is what will be discussed toddy in the below sections. If you look at Murali Vijay HD images you will see a handsome man with a grunge hairstyle.

Cricketer Murali Vijay Debut, IPL Records

Murali Vijay test match debut happened in 2008, it was the last test match against Australia. It was the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Murali Vijay batting style is right handed. Murali Vijay ODI centuries are nil as f yet. But he is quite famous among the Indian cricketers who married divorced women league. The number of Murali Vijay test match centuries is just six. Murali Vijay IPL stats look impressive though it has declined a little over the years.

Murali Vijay IPL records are that he is the only Indian batsman to have score 2 centuries in the history of DLF IPL. Murali Vijay used to play for his home team Chennai Super Kings till the sixth edition of IPL but after that he plays for the Delhi Daredevils team. Murali Vijay IPL auction price was not much as he was out of form and hence being sold off. He was sent off for Rs. 5 Crores.

Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan have been the opening batsmen. Murali Vijay fastest century in IPL is 113 runs off 59 balls. Murali Vijay personal details have already been discussed in the above sections. Murali Vijay net worth has increased steadily over time after his stellar performances in the IPL matches. Murali Vijay has an ancestral house in Chennai where he visits whenever he takes a break. Murali Vijay new hairstyle is very normal and nothing very stylish like Virat Kohli.

Murali Vijay Love Life, Marriage, Wife, Son

Murali Vijay Wife Images, Hot Nikita Vijay Photos, Wedding, Son Name, DivorceWell it is not quite clear if Murali Vijay had any love affairs before meeting Dinesh’s wife but the fight between Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik surely makes for a very interesting story. There were rumors about Murali Vijay and Anushka Sharma before she met Virat and went along with him. The cricketer Murali Vijay is married and Murali Vijay wedding date was quite a controversial and auspicious day for him. Murali Vijay wife name is Nikita Vanjara.

Murali Vijay is rarely seen at matches with his wife following the awkward situation with Dinesh. Murali Vijay made lot of headlines with the latest news when it came to be known that he was about to marry Nikita. Murali Vijay Nikita Vijay love story was a matter of infidelity and had played out by the media in salacious detail. The wife of cricketer Murali Vijay did not comment on it.

Murali Vijay’s wife became pregnant soon after marriage and Murali Vijay son name is Naveen. Murali Vijay has one kid and he is boy and that’s all about his children. It is said that Murali Vijay had started dating Nikita Vijay even while she was married to Dinesh Kartik making it an extra-marital affair. The batsman Murali Vijay’s girlfriend eventually divorced her then husband Dinesh Karthik and married Murali.

Nikita Vijay Dinesh Karthik Story

Murali Vijay Dinesh Karthik story did turn sour in the media but both have refrained to comment on the issue and have said that the three of them have handled it well. The hot Nikita Vijay photos show her with her husband. Murali Vijay Nikita Vijay age difference is of few years and in this case she is the older one. Nikita Vijay romance with Dinesh Karthik turned sour soon after their wedding and Nikita Vijay first marriage ended in divorce.

Nikita Vijay divorce reason was partly because she was in love with Murali Vijay. Nikita Vijay first husband is also part of the Indian cricket team. Soon after Nikita Vijay split with Dinesh Karthik, she got married to her lover Murali Kartik.

Cricketer Murali Vijay Latest Buzz

Nikita Vijay is a very private person since the ordeal and her beauty secrets will remain so. However she has earned a place in the list of girlfriends of Indian cricketers who have been controversial. The Indian batsman Murali Vijay wife has had two marriages and one son out of all this.

The Indian cricketer’s marriages have always been a topic of public discussion but this one garnered a lot of negative comments. The cricketer Murali Vijay wiki suggests that all of that have been put behind now and Murali Vijay birthday celebration are done with equal vigor. Murali Vijay new look suggests that he is out of his low phase and about to do great things.