Aastha Gill Hot Photos, HD Wallpapers, DJ Wale Babu Singer Images, HusbandMusic and art have different forms of expression and captivate the soul in a unique way. Modern generation is witnessing a new form of music with a blend of fast pace rhythms and melody amalgamated with lyrics that feet involuntarily tap to. Aastha Gill new songs differ from the traditional melody and has its own lyrical magic and tunes that gets people on floor. Aastha Gill rose to fame after her recent track “DJ Wale Babu” and her video has received overwhelming views. “DJ Wale Babu” singer Aastha Gill biography is an insight on Aastha Gill singer profile, her career and Aastha Gill personal life. Apart from music Aastha Gill has a stupendous attractive personality that has already made her a popular head-turner among all teens. Aastha Gill singer wallpapers and Aastha Gill hot photos are epitome of her gorgeous beauty and stunning countenance. She creates a combustible ambience with her voice and persona.

Singer Aastha Gill Age, Family, Personal Details

Aastha Gill is a gorgeous juvenile singer from Delhi who has quite recently shot to prominence with her vocal hits. Aastha Gill parents have been known to hail from Delhi and Aastha Gill family background is conservative that hindered her quick growth and prominence. Aastha Gill date of birth is 25th April, 1986. Singer Aastha Gill age is 29 years currently.

Aastha Gill education has been acquired from India though not much is known about singer Aastha Gill bio data. Aastha Gill height is 5 feet and 1 inch. Aastha Gill body measurements are 34-28-34. Aastha Gill carries a magnetic smile and extremely attractive eyes. Her song “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai” has garnered her colossal likes and tweets in social sharing spaces. She has emerged as the nation’s heartthrob with her musical hit.

DJ Wale Babu Singer Aastha Gill Wiki, First Song

Aastha Gill hails from a conservative Punjabi family and hence her initial approach to Bollywood songs and music was not much encouraged. However, Aastha Gill had a staunch passion for music and her determination helped her materialize her dreams. The biography of playback singer Aastha Gill is majorly adorned with her songs and live shows.

Aastha Gill first song was “Dhup Chik” from the movie “Fugly” that marked the inception of Aastha Gill singer wiki. Badshah, Raftaar and Aastha Gill sang the song “Dhup Chik” from Fugly that became the start of Aastha Gill Bollywood songs and musical career. She had an inclination for hip hops and her career choice has garnered her prodigious success with her latest track.

Singer Aastha Gill Bollywood Songs, Live Shows

Aastha Gill is new in Bollywood music and she has sung just a countable figure. “DJ Wale Babu” singer name Aastha Gill was not much heard of but singer Aastha Gill latest songs have bagged her humongous success and fame. Her song “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai” from the movie “Khoobsurat” got her immense fame and Aastha Gill Facebook page witnessed overwhelming response.

Aastha Gill Instagram profile and other social sharing spaces are loaded with tweets and visit from her numerous fans. Aastha Gill has performed in a couple of shows and her love for hip hops eventually got her into limelight with the trendy music and rhythms. Aastha Gill live performances and singer Aastha Gill live shows are truly amazing and engaging.

Singer Aastha Gill Hit Songs, Fame, New Album

Aastha Gill made a record with her latest single track “DJ Wale Babu”. “DJ Wale Babu” song by Aastha Gill went prodigiously viral in internet and it became as one of singer Aastha Gill best songs. Aastha Gill and Badshah together made a record with this new song and it received 7 million views in its first month of release. The song is one of the most played musical in recent times that has invigorated Aastha Gill musical career.

Aastha Gill, female singer of “DJ Wale Babu” song has been offered with many other musicals and her fans curiously looking forward to more of Aastha Gill next album song, Aastha Gill new album and Aastha Gill upcoming live concerts. “DJ Wale Babu” song has become the party anthem of this year and which has become much more popular than “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui” song by Aastha Gill. The stunning singer is yet to unravel more of her hip-hop songs and feet tapping music.

Singer Aastha Gill Popularity, Latest Buzz

Aastha Gill is a new Punjabi musical personality in Bollywood who has shot to colossal fame with just 3 songs. “DJ Wale Babu” female singer biography is graced with her musical blockbuster “DJ Wale Babu” that has added to Aastha Gill net worth. Apart from her golden voice and magnetic voice Aastha Gill carries a marvelously attractive personality and mesmerizing looks.

Singer Aastha Gill new look is jaw-dropping and hot Aastha Gill images are posted on several sites. The biography has shared briefly about Aastha Gill personal details and Aastha Gill upcoming songs but nothing has been known about Aastha Gill love affairs and singer Aastha Gill love life.

Singer Aastha Gill Marriage Gossips

Aastha Gill is one of the hottest and trendy singers in Bollywood today. “DJ Wale Babu” female singer images are hugely captivating walking parallel with her songs and music. Aastha Gill latest news is all about her success with “DJ Wale Babu” and but her fans are more eager to know about singer Aastha Gill dating affairs, singer Aastha Gill marriage and Aastha Gill wedding date.

The much talented and beautiful singer is all occupied with her songs and musical profile and hence there is no space to gossip about Aastha Gill husband name and singer Aastha Gill boyfriend and neither there is a room for Aastha Gill controversy. Hence currently we too are focused on her upcoming musical shows and albums and any news about “DJ Wale Babu” singer husband and husband of singer Aastha Gill is likely to be kept awaited. The stunning singer is likely to rock the nation with more of her amazing music very soon!