Mukti Mohan Husband Pics, Sisters, Hot Images, Wedding, Boyfriend, FamilyMany siblings have set foot on the world of entertainment after their brother or sister paved the road for them. Popular examples would be Parineeti Chopra cousin of the very famous Priyanka Chopra of Quantico fame, following in the elder sister’s footsteps. We will be looking at one such sibling today. The dancer Mukti Mohan biography is the topic of discussion today. Mukti Mohan movies, though not many is still quite powerful. She has starred in one documentary so far. Mukti Mohan songs list must be full of dance numbers we are sure because she is a great dance bug. Mukti Mohan dancer profile is full of prestigious accolades and it is quite expected when you have such sisters that have accomplished so much in a very short while. Mukti Mohan hot pics show a lot of resemblance to her elder sister, Shakti Mohan. Mukti Mohan dance performances were very mesmerizing but she had to do a lot of hard work to perfect her onstage presence and that left no time for Mukti Mohan to concentrate on her personal life.

Dancer Mukti Mohan Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of film star Mukti Mohan is very interesting. Mukti Mohan family background is quite humble. They are a close knit family of 4 sisters and parents, Brij Mohan and Kusum Mohan. Mukti Mohan parents are very lucky to have 4 talented daughters. Mukti Mohan age is 28 and Mukti Mohan height 5 feet 7 inches. Mukti Mohan date of birth is 21 June, 1987. Mukti Mohan weight is 55 as mentioned by Mukti Mohan wiki.

Mukti Mohan education happened in St. Xavier’s College and has graduated in Philosophy. Mukti Mohan sisters are a very talented lot. Mukti Mohan and Neeti Mohan share a great bond. Mukti Mohan and Shakti Mohan dance number is truly amazing. Both of them are very talented dancers. Mukti Mohan and Kriti Mohan are the younger sisters in the sibling lot. Mukti Mohan is often seen with her sisters and they have shot many videos together.

Dancer Mukti Mohan Career, Movies, TV Shows

Mukti Mohan first movie is “Blood Brothers” which is a drama film released in 2007. After that she did a mainstream movie called “Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster” in 2011. There are many Mukti Mohan TV shows where she has been either seen as a participant or an actor. Mukti Mohan has also been seen in a cameo role in “Hate Story 3” apart from that Mukti Mohan has played an important part in the 2011 film, “Muran”.

The actress Mukti Mohan has done 3 Bollywood films so far. Mukti Mohan love life will be discussed in the upcoming section. Mukti Mohan has very often been seen in TV serials as well like in “Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo” with Kapil Sharma and “Nach Baliye Season 7” where she danced with Sana and Saeed. Mukti Mohan was also a part of “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” as the professional dancer partner of RJ Mantra.

Mukti Mohan is often seen in bikini when she travels abroad for live performance and then happens to go around sightseeing in the beaches. The hot Mukti Mohan images do flatter her mellifluous looks and Mukti Mohan spicy photo shoot video shows her posing in different moods. Mukti Mohan latest photo shoot happened before she went to try out for “Hate Story 3” movie. This article is about Mukti Mohan trained dancer bio data which mentions that the girl is very talented. Mukti Mohan has been a part of comedy shows and dance competitions.

Mukti Mohan as Comedian, Live Shows

Mukti Mohan was seen in “Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo” which had the audience in splits with a dose of Kapil Sharma and Mukti Mohan comedy. Mukti Mohan Shiva dance was a very sensual number. Mukti Mohan has been seen in one TV commercial as of yet. Mukti Mohan has been in the “Tic Tac” advertisement. Mukti Mohan controversy was when Mukti Mohan was a choreographer in “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” and RJ Mantra went on record saying he was no happy with her work. However Mukti Mohan is quite successful and does a lot of live concerts these days.

Mukti Mohan and Altaf dance was a contemporary piece to the song “Khuda Jane”. Mukti Mohan live shows are sell-outs which just say how popular she is. Mukti Mohan has travelled a lot over the world for live performances. The duo Mukti Mohan and Kritika Kamra has recently helped sort out and design the interiors of Karan Kundra.

Dancer Mukti Mohan Love Affairs, Relationships

Mukti Mohan boyfriend name is quite public knowledge now! It has been told that Mukti Mohan is dating Ankur. Mukti Mohan and Ankur relationship is going good currently but who knows what the future holds for them. Mukti Mohan and Sushant Singh Rajput are simply dance partners and they performed in the episode 20 of “Zara Nachke Dikha”. The rumors of Mukti Mohan romance with Nishant Bhatt have died down now.

Nishant Bhatt and Mukti Mohan relationship was news of the past and since then a lot of exciting things have happened. Mukti Mohan breakup with Nishant Bhatt was very subtle and low key hence it abetted soon enough. The husband of Mukti Mohan is yet to be decided but nonetheless he would be a lucky man. It will be very surprising if Mukti Mohan got married so soon. Her carrier is just starting to fly. Mukti Mohan wedding date has not been decided yet neither has Mukti Mohan husband name. This was all the details about Mukti Mohan love affairs.

Dance Mukti Mohan Latest Buzz

We have already discussed all Mukti Mohan personal details in the above sections. Mukti Mohan’s beauty secrets must be her dance because that accounts for a lot exercise and that itself drives out the body’s toxins. Mukti Mohan insists that if you dance then there is no need for a diet plan. Mukti Mohan workout is her dance routines which makes her body very flexible. Mukti Mohan has been on latest news for having been selected in “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and is in Buenos Aires shooting for it.

Mukti Mohan hairstyle is quite glamorous in the “Hate Story 3” movie in which she made a special appearance in “Raat” song. Mukti Mohan new dance performances are posted in her YouTube channel regularly. Mukti Mohan upcoming movie will be released soon where she will surely shines with her acting and dancing talents. Mukti Mohan has received many international awards for winning dance competitions.