Kyra Dutt Hot Photos, Parents, Boyfriend, Wedding, HeightKyra Dutt is an Indian model and actress. She is all set to be seen as Kyra Dutt in “Calendar Girl” movie which is directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. Since the beginning of her career, Kyra Dutt hot photo shoots have been a concern of controversy with her but Kyra Dutt actress profile will now be formed with her films in 2015. In this model Kyra Dutt biography, we will try to cover various aspects of her life and will also throw some light on Kyra Dutt modelling career. However, “Calendar Girl” movie actress Kyra Dutt biography is short in context as there is not much published about her but in this biography of actress Kyra Dutt by Youth Developers, lots of unknown facts about her will be revealed.

Kyra Dutt Age, Family, Wiki

Even though “Calendar Girl” movie actress name is pretty famous amongst her fans, she is yet to embark on the journey of her filmy career. But a little something is known about Kyra Dutt family background. Originally from Calcutta, Kyra Dutt parents belonged to the family of the Bengalis and hot Kyra Dutt photos clearly show off her Bengali Beauty attributes. Many people believe that Kyra Dutt real name is something else and that Kyra is just her stage name. Well, there are no confirmations on the same from the model turned actress.

To speak about Kyra Dutt date of birth, she was born on 12th March, 1991, which means that actress Kyra Dutt age is 24 years as of now. As actress Kyra Dutt wiki would confirm, Kyra Dutt education was completed from a high school in Calcutta. Being a model, Kyra Dutt height has always been one of her best assets and this is why Kyra Dutt weight is also to be maintained well.

Kyra Dutt Modelling, Acting Career

Kyra Dutt modelling contracts have always come easily at her way given that she is so talented at what she does. But this might surprise some that “***” movie actress Kyra Dutt bio data began when she was only 15 years of age. Since then, she has been a wonderful model and is associated with big names in the industry.

Even though Kyra Dutt movies list is not very long, she has made a few appearances in previous years on the silver screen. One was when her fans saw Kyra Dutt in “Rocket Singh” in a small but effective role. This can be technically called as Kyra Dutt first movie as before that, she had only done dance numbers.

In the year 2015, two films starring her will be released and Kyra Dutt in “***” movie has also agreed upon some n*de scenes. Turns out actress Kyra Dutt n*de scenes are essential for the story-line of the film and Kyra Dutt next films are expected to do good at the Box Office. This is also because the partnership of Kyra Dutt and Ekta Kapoor will be seen in “***” as the latter is the producer of the film.

Model Kyra Dutt in News

This is also the first time that Kyra Dutt signs nudity clause and also the first time for Ekta Kapoor to have included such a clause in her contract. This led to Kyra Dutt controversy, but then again, any publicity is good publicity for some people. In any case, Kyra Dutt in Ken Ghosh movie “***” of which he is the director will be soon launched. We are hoping that all these efforts come with a few Kyra Dutt awards her way.

Currently, Kyra Dutt upcoming movies include “Calendar Girls”. Madhur being the director of the film, paparazzi associated Kyra Dutt and Madhur Bhandarkar to be romantically involved but it can be just a publicity stunt. The popularity of the actress of “Calendar Girl” movie can be estimated from the followers of Kyra Dutt Twitter profile.

This began soon after watching the item song of Kyra Dutt in “Race Gurram” movie in the year 2014. You can download Kyra Dutt bikini wallpapers from the web very easily. Some of her photos make her look like Tara Alisha, the model that is recently featured in the film “The Perfect Girl”.

Actress Kyra Dutt Affairs, Marriage

The news about Kyra Dutt love affairs is very common as she is popular in the industry but there is nothing published about model Kyra Dutt love life which can be deemed as a reliable source. All the gossips about actress Kyra Dutt relationships are believed to be untrue. The plot thickens because the model refuses to talk about the facts of model Kyra Dutt dating life and whether or not there is actress Kyra Dutt marriage on her mind. As a result, we have no confirmation on who actress Kyra Dutt boyfriend is.

As far as Kyra Dutt wedding date is concerned, she is probably not tying the knot anytime soon and so, there is no question regarding Kyra Dutt husband name. But whenever she decides to get married, her fans would like to know about husband of actress Kyra Dutt, and as per Kyra Dutt latest news, she reveals that she will be willing to talk about it once everything is finalized.