Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan Wiki, Sister Pics, Age, Bigg Boss 8, BoyfriendDimpy Mahajan or known by her maiden name, Dimpy Ganguly, is an Indian actress and model that received fame when she got married to TV star and BJP leader’s son, Rahul Mahajan. As a surprise to many, Dimpy Ganguly biography talks about her career and mainly her currently running show, Bigg Boss. As a Bigg Boss 8 contestant Dimpy Mahajan biography will include incidences from the show and her portrayal in front of the viewers. Often people confuse Dimpy Mahajan real name with her maiden name, Dimpy Ganguly. Although, being the wife of Rahul Mahajan, she took his last name. However, Dimpy Mahajan marital status is complicated as of now that the two have filed for a divorce.

Dimpy Mahajan Age, Family Details

To start with Dimpy Mahajan family background, she was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, and so Dimpy Mahajan date of birth is 25th July, 1985 making Dimpy Mahajan age to be 29 years old. Speaking of her birthday, one can never simply forget Dimpy Mahajan birthday party which was a great bash and was much talked about in the news.

As young and vibrant she is, model Dimpy Mahajan profile includes most prominent shows of her career such as “Rahul Ka Swayamvar” where she was a contestant. People are often intrigued by Bigg Boss 8 contestant Dimpy Mahajan personal details, not knowing that there is nothing much to dig into.

Dimply Mahajan Wiki

As of now, biography of Dimpy Mahajan also includes information about Dimpy Mahajan education. She is a graduate in English Literature from the Scottish Church College in the batch of 2009. However, Dimpy Mahajan career is much varied from what she took forma education for. Contrary to the usual beliefs, Dimpy Mahajan height is not as good as it is thought of for being a model.

However, Dimpy Mahajan images will give a better estimate about this. Even though not a lot has been known about Dimpy Mahajan personal life, her often appearances on television has earned her much fame. Similarly, even Dimpy Mahajan wiki is confined till her marriage with Rahul Mahajan, and no update about either Dimpy Mahajan parents or about Dimpy Mahajan sister name have ever been revealed.

Dimpy Mahajan Professional Career

Before she was seen as a contestant Dimpy Mahajan in bigg boss 8, she did several modelling jobs and is known to have her own Dimpy Mahajan modelling agency. Given the fact that she has now become a TV star, often Dimpy Mahajan profession is confused as a TV actress, and however, she is a model and does reality shows on TV. Her modelling career can be seen through the eyes of Dimpy Mahajan photo shoots which flaunts her body and displays her skill.

Although, one can easily find Dimpy Mahajan news every now and then, but Dimpy Mahajan swayamvar dance was the first to ever got her ample media attention. She was spotted in shows like Gladrags MegaModel manhunt 2009 and other fashion shows. Given the fact that she now currently works more in reality shows, it would be hard to estimate Dimpy Mahajan net worth.

However, several Dimpy Mahajan TV shows are rumoured to be airing soon. Till then, we can wait and watch for Dimpy Mahajan new TV serials and expect to see her great acting skills. No news about Dimpy Mahajan Bollywood debut has been revealed as of now, and so Dimpy Mahajan movies are still a mystery. Until that happens, we will have to look forward to more Dimpy Mahajan upcoming TV shows most of which will be reality shows.

Dimpy Mahajan in Bigg Boss 8

As controversial as is TV reality show, Bigg Boss, the eighth season features Dimpy Mahajan in a new avatar. It was not until the few weeks of the show that Dimpy Mahajan Bigg Boss 8 contestant appeared on the show. Since then, fans of the show get to see numerous Dimpy Mahajan controversies where she is displayed as a strong contestant. However, Gautam Gulati Dimpy Mahajan argument was the first of the many arguments that she got into on the show.

Recently, the talks about Dimpy Mahajan hugs Upen Patel was in the buzz when she also stabbed him in the back later on. At various occasions, Dimpy Mahajan and Rohit Roy are compared due to their similar behaviour on the show. However, Rohit Roy is also the first season winner of the show. Also, there was news about Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani becoming really good friends in the beginning as both of them joined the show in the mid-run. Later, arguments between the two shunned away the so called friendship.

In her journey during the show, Dimpy Mahajan and Karishma Tanna have been two fellow contestants that have always been upfront about their denial of liking each other. Similar relationship was seen amongst Dimpy Mahajan and Sonali Raut where Dimpy called Sonali dumb and the two never walked on the same path.

Personal Life of Dimpy Mahajan

Dimpy Mahajan was born in West Bengal. She got married and Dimpy Mahajan husband name is Rahul Mahajan. As unknown as Dimpy was until she made appearances on television, Dimpy Mahajan husband Rahul Mahajan is a well-known personality due to the political career of his father. It was then that husband of Dimpy Mahajan brought her fame too, and the couple appeared as Dimpy Mahajan and Rahul Mahajan “Nach Baliye”, a dancing couple’s reality show.

Even though several fake rumours about Dimpy Mahajan love affairs were aired, Dimpy Mahajan and Rahul Mahajan relationship was strong as a rock. As one could ever imagine, Dimpy Mahajan love life is no less than a fairytale. Very prominent and public, Dimpy Mahajan and Rahul Mahajan marriage took place over the television after the show “Rahul Ka Swayamvar”. Rahul Mahajan wife Dimpy Mahajan biography also features how this love tale ended so ruthlessly in a divorce.

Dimpy Mahajan Rahul Mahajan Love Story

Dimpy Mahajan Rahul Mahajan Wedding Pics, Story, DivorceIt was after the show that search about the big question that is Dimpy Mahajan married had begun. And yes, she did marry Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Mahajan and Rahul Mahajan wedding date is 6th March, 2010. In fact, the couple revealed Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan wedding photos on the web soon after the ceremony. As it may seem that Dimpy Mahajan Rahul Mahajan love story ends happily, Dimpy Mahajan divorce news completely ruined any such beliefs. The separated Dimpy Mahajan husband pics would give an impression that the two have already been separated.

The star couple always made it in the news and rumours included that Dimpy Mahajan pregnant and talks about Dimpy Mahajan children were all over the industry. However, the two never had any kids. Their marriage was also in the controversies due to the fact that Dimpy Mahajan Rahul Mahajan age difference is 10 years. Surprisingly, Dimpy Mahajan husband wiki would confirm that the two share same date of birth.

Dimpy Mahajan Divorce

Before their marriage, Dimpy Mahajan boyfriend names were leaked, however, these were unofficial news. The fact that the two are now getting divorced, Dimpy Mahajan and Rahul Mahajan divorce reason is not revealed as the two filed for divorce with mutual consent. Some people also call this as Dimpy Mahajan breakup with Rahul Mahajan ignoring the fact that this is not a fling but a marriage.

Soon to be Dimpy Mahajan ex-husband, Rahul is also entering the Bigg Boss 8 house. More about this can be seen on Dimpy Mahajan Instagram and the great Dimpy Mahajan controversial tweet about their divorce was a hint for a major divorce case. To answer the question that is Dimpy Mahajan still married to Rahul Mahajan, well, it’s complicated till the divorce finalizes.