Arpita Khan Husband Pics, Family, Wiki, BusinessArpita Khan, the youngest member in Khan family, is a fashion designer. She is the beloved sister of bollywood bachelor actor Salman Khan. Arpita Khan is all set to marry with her long time boyfriend. Arpita Khan Husband name will be Aayush Sharma. The couple is dating each other from 2013 and madly in love with each other. It was not a public affair but when there was a news regarding marriage, this news hikes the media portal. Arpita Khan soon will be wife of Aayush Sharma. People know everything about Arpita Khan but they do not about Aayush like who he is exactly and what Arpita Khan husband profession. So, he is an aspirant actor too. Biography of Arpita Khan Husband reveals many things regarding his personal and professional life.

Aayush Sharma Age, Personal Details

Arpita Khan Husband Aayush Sharma is a Delhi based business man. Aayush Sharma birthplace is Delhi as well. Aayush Sharma date of birth is 1986. Aayush Sharma age is 28 years currently. Aayush Sharma height is around 5 feet 9 inches. Aayush Sharma is a rich Delhi based business man. His nationality is Indian. Aayush Sharma education was from Delhi. He belongs to Delhi and he completed his schooling and graduation both from Delhi.

Aayush Sharma family background is very supportive and rich. His father is a business man in Delhi. Aayush Sharma is trying in bollywood films too. As he has a fond of acting as well. Arpita Khan husband Aayush Sharma Biography tells many things regarding his professional life as well as Aayush Sharma personal life as people want to know more about Aayush because he is the future son in law of Khan’s family.

Aayush Sharma Wiki

As we all know Arpita Khan is a well settled fashion designer and would be husband of Arpita Khan is a business man cum struggling actor. Aayush Sharma wiki is enlightened with his success in business. Aayush Sharma is struggling in Mumbai for a big break in films. On other hand, Aayush Sharma business is handled by his father this time.

Many people ask is Aayush Sharma actor? As arpita belongs to a filmy background. But soon they will get the answer of this question. Arpita Khan husband pics are widely available on internet websites. Most of pics are with Arpita especially. Even you can check Aayush Sharma wedding pics on website after his wedding.

Aayush Sharma Career

Aayush Sharma started his career as a business man in Delhi. As his father is also a business man. After graduation, he started this. But later on, he had a wish to become an actor. So he shifted to Mumbai some time back just to fulfill his dream of acting and he is still struggling. So that he can get a break in big film. Aayush Sharma career was going good as a business man.

Arpita Khan husband profile is worth reading. Aayush Sharma net worth can be guessed easily by seeing her career graph. Aayush Sharma Bollywood debut is still not done. As he did not signed any movie till date but trying hard to be a part of this glamour industry.

Aayush Sharma Arpita Khan Love Story

Nothing much is disclosed about his personal life in any interview. Aayush Sharma belongs to a family where rarely he faced any problem. He lived a happy life till yet. Aayush Sharma love life is going good. He is dating the youngest sister of Salman Khan. Aayush Sharma wife name will be Arpita Khan as he is getting married to her on November 16th. Aayush Sharma met her by one of their common friend. Before Aayush, Arpita was dating Arjun Kapoor. They were friends for long time.

Aayush Sharma was dating Arpita Khan since 2013. This couple is madly in love with each other. Even they both had tattoos of their partner’s name on their hands. Aayush Sharma marriage will take place on 16th. We saw Aayush Sharma many times at Arpita’s home on occasions like Eid or Ganpati Pooja. Aayush Sharma Arpita Khan love story was in news when Khan’s family reveals that they both are getting married.

Aayush Sharma Arpita Khan Wedding

Aayush Sharma Arpita Khan wedding will take place in Hyderabad in a five star hotel and according to news our respected PM Mr. Narendra Modi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will be there from bride and groom’s side respectively. Aayush Sharma wife pics can be seen on websites. You can see Aayush Sharma with his wife in events too. Khan’s proudly accepted his as their future son-in-law.

After this news of their wedding, controversies of Aayush Sharma started regarding Aayush Sharma is married and Aayush Sharma wife pregnant. Aayush Sharma will settle down in Mumbai after marriage. He is trying and soon Aayush Sharma first movie will be on floors. We just can hope that his movies and his life will be good as it is now.