Ajinkya Rahane Wife Photo, Name, Age, PregnantPeople in India are crazy for cricket and hence for cricketers are no less than Bollywood stars. While many veteran Indian cricketers have made it to top, there are some fledgling cricketers whom we would like it to see on top. One such cricketer with quite huge fan following and whose passion is inevitably seen while he plays, is Ajinkya Rahane. This International cricket star Ajinkya Rahane married with Radhika Dhopavkar. Naturally, fans of Ajinkya Rahane would like to know more about his wife and hence we are here to deliver you Ajinkya Rahane wife Radhika Dhopavkar biography is what we are curiously waiting for to know about and also Ajinkya Rahane’s fans (Girls) are searching for Radhika Dhopavkar’s personal life and details. This will not make us aware more about their relation but also how their marriage was typically held. To those who are still unaware of Ajinkya Rahane’s wife name, please read the below article for full biography of Ajinkya Rahane’s wife.

Ajinkya Rahane Wife Age, Profile

Ajinkya Rahane Cricket career is on top these days. May be this is due to lady luck behind him because recently the duo Ajinkya and Radhika’s marriage was announced which was pretty splendid and impressively celebrated. Therefore, every fan of Ajinkya Rahane searches each and everything about him due to which people also searches Ajinkya Rahane wife’s images on the internet. Ajinkya Rahane wife’s age is 23 years while his age is 26 years hence Ajinkya Rahane Radhika Dhopavkar age difference is only 3 years.

Radhika Rahane’s date of birth is 15th June. Radhika Dhopavkar’s height is 5 feet and 4 inches. Some people also click Radhika Dhopavkar pics whenever she comes with Ajinkya Rahane to watch his performance in that match. Ajinkya Rahane wife Radhika is a gentle and benevolent person who is on cloud 9 after her marriage. Ajinkya, who is prevalently known as “Jinks” midst his co-players had an arranged marriage which quite surprised his fans precisely the girls of Mumbai who dreamed to marry this handsome hunk.

Radhika Dhopavkar Family Background

While people are familiar with Ajinkya’s family background that his father Madhukar baburao Rahane actually works for BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply transport) as his father holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering. On the other hand Ajinkya’s mother Sujata Rahane is a modest housewife. Rahane family is from Chandanpuri-a village near Shirdi and comes in Ahemadnagar District. This being an arranged marriage, Radhika’s family is also from Maharashtra.

Radhika Dhopavkar now Radhika Rahane’s father is named Nandkumar Dhopavkar. Her father was in Merchant Navy but presently is head of operations at Aatithya Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Radhika Rahane’s mother, Anuja Dhopavkar, is quite successful in her life and is a true inspiration for many women of India. She is Executive Director (Operations) of Aatithya Hospitality Pvt. Ltd (AHPL). This family business of Hospitality and Tourism is doing great under the Dhopavkar family members or especially Radhika Dhopavkar’s parents.

Radhika Dhopavkar Wiki

Ajinkya Rahane’s girlfriend Radhika Rahane’s biography should contain her educational details. So let us have a smart look at her qualifications and her passion. Radhika Rahane’s education is from Kelkar Education Trust’s Vinayak Ganesh Vaze College where she did her graduation. Being the only daughter, she was highly pampered by her parents and so her husband too is trying to keep the chain.

Radhika Dhopavkar birthplace is assumed to be Mumbai since Radhika Dhopavkar Marriage reception was at Mumbai Cricket Association. Radhika Rahane, wife of Ajinkya Rahane whose maiden name is Radhika Dhopavkar is a true Maharashtrian girl with typical maharashtrian values which can be seen as Radhika Dhopavkar wedding pics uploaded on the internet.

A shy, soft and gentle girl who is gorgeous and stylish in her own way, Radhika Rahane hence can be briefly described. Thus we can say that Radhika Rahane is beauty with brains. Ajinkya Rahane wife profession is still unknown but sooner or later we may see her joining her maiden business.

Ajinkya Rahane Radhika Dhopavkar Wedding

While most of the readers are reading this article to know more about Ajinkya Rahane Radhika Dhopavkar Love story before marriage but to their dismay there was no such case where these two were spotted together as a couple. Whereas there is news which can interest people and that is Ajinkya Rahane spouse and Ajinkya knew each other for a long time. Yes, this couple had the first step of being childhood friends and then the remaining steps were easily traversed and they became life partners.

Radhika Dhopavkar Personal Life is not very complicated. Radhika Dhopavkar wedding date is very recent and that is on 26th September 2014 and they are still enjoying their new marriage. Radhika Dhopavkar husband name being Ajinkya Rahane. She will soon be standing in cricket stadiums to cheer her newly wedded husband.

We may also see Ajinkya Rahane with his wife at many awards and ceremonies that are held for cricketers specially. While people are waiting for Radhika Dhopavkar pregnant and Ajinkya Rahane children they freshly came from their honeymoon which was planned in Bali, Indonesia.