Sana Amin Sheikh Hot Navel Pics, Husband Photos, Brother, HeightThe very talented and pleasing personality actress Sana Amin Sheikh is an Indian actress and RJ. She is known for her role in “Kya Mast Hai Life” as Ritu Shah aired on Disney Channel. Here one can read actress Sana Amin Sheikh biography in detail. Sana Amin Sheikh in “Kya Mast Hai Life” has done complete justification to her role. There are lot more surprises hidden in Sana Amin Sheikh personal life which are pleasant. The biography of actress Sana Amin Sheikh explains her personal life and career. The actress has made to movies and there has been no look back after that. Sana Amin Sheikh movies are as popular as her. She has started her career from TV serials and continued taking part in it. Sana Amin Sheikh TV shows has great impact on life of teenagers.

Sana Amin Sheikh Age, Family, Personal Details

Born in non-Hindu family, Sana Amin Sheikh date of birth is 10 August 1989. This depicts actress Sana Amin Sheikh age to be 25 years old. She looks gorgeous with mediocre height. Sana Amin Sheikh height is 5 foot and 3 inches. Sana Amin Sheikh parents brought her up in Mumbai suburbs. Sana is well educated from St. Joseph’s Convent Bandra, Mumbai. Sana Amin Sheikh education made her multi-talented girl and opened many options for her.

The actress Sana Amin Sheikh wiki explores her academic and personal life. There is no such information on Sana Amin Sheikh brother or siblings. There has been always a helping hand from Sana’s family. Sana Amin Sheikh family background has accepted her career has TV model. She looks beautiful with her sharp looks. One can look for Sana Amin Sheikh hot pics on the internet. The demand of Sana Amin Sheikh navel pics is rising these days as she is fit and active.

Actress Sana Amin Sheikh TV Serials, Ads

Since childhood Sana has been attracted to the world of entertainment. She was a part of daily soap called “Hasratein” aired on Zee TV Channel. Looking for hot Sana Amin Sheikh photos dig into her personal account. She has been the part of the teenage centric show actress of “Kya Mast Hai Life”. The actress of “Kya Mast Hai Life” has huge fan base and teenagers started following her style statements. This makes actress Sana Amin Sheikh bio data interesting. “Kya Mast Hai Life” TV serial actress role is that of a bubbly girl.

Besides serials she was seen endorsing the big brands such as Clinic Plus. Sana Amin Sheikh in clinic plus ad looks extremely beautiful with long black hair. The facts of Sana Amin Sheikh life history are surprising that she has worked with Radio Mirchi as well. Sana Amin Sheikh partner in the show has praised her talent.

Actress Sana Amin Sheikh New TV Serials, Movies

The dusky actress Sana Amin Sheikh hd wallpapers are famous among teens. Sana has never endorse an ad that does any harm to the society. Sana Amin Sheikh ads are very popular. Sana Amin Sheikh and Shaheer Sheikh have only surname commons and with their brilliant acting skills they have won hearts of many people. Soon Sana Amin Sheikh new TV serial will be released.

It is said that Sana Amin Sheikh next TV serial is that of a matured girl who takes care of her family needs and supports her family. Another popular serial she did was “Gustakh Dil” and Gustakh Dil actress Lajjo real name was the most searched on the internet. Only one role in a lifetime makes oneself proud and popular.

Now talking about Sana Amin Sheikh first movie she has been the part of the most successful director Rohit Shetty’s film Singham and played the role of Kajal. After that the rumours around Sana Amin Sheikh new movie has caught eye of media. Soon the trailers of Sana Amin Sheikh upcoming movies will be released. The excitement of seeing Sana Amin Sheikh next film can be seen among fans of all age groups.

Actress Sana Amin Sheikh Love Affairs, Marriage

Sana is very open minded and takes the life as it comes. Sana Amin Sheikh love affairs or bonding with co-stars is already in rumours. She is a bubbly girl. She enjoys every bit of life. Impressed by her warmth and gentleness many co-stars have admired her beauty and nature. Sana Amin Sheikh love life is on right track. The news of Sana Amin Sheikh and Vibhav Roy relationship has amazed fans. Sana Amin Sheikh romance with Vibhav Roy who is a newbie, has been reported that the love birds were seen romancing off-screens. The performance of Sana Amin Sheikh in “Gustakh Dil” has touched the hearts of many teenagers.

There is no confirmation about actress Sana Amin Sheikh boyfriend name. She is young and loves acting. Sana Amin Sheikh real life husband will be person who is caring and witty person. The fans wanted to know who will be the husband of actress Sana Amin Sheikh? Well he will be a lucky guy who is full of life. There is confusion around actress Sana Amin Sheikh married life? Some people think she is matured enough and married. But that’s not true. There are no such Sana Amin Sheikh relationships with Vibhav Roy. So Sana Amin Sheikh dating Vibhav Roy is just a rumour.

Sana obeys her parents and left decision of marriage to them. Sana Amin Sheikh wedding date will be decided by her parents. She wants to marry in traditional Muslim Family, Sana Amin Sheikh husband name will be revealed as and when decided. The followers of Sana Amin Sheikh latest news are delighted to know about her activities.