Girish Kumar Wife Pics, Wedding Pictures, Brother, Family, HD Wallpapers, Krsna Mangwani ImagesNew stars are born every day. And millions of new comers try out at auditions in the hope that it will be their lucky day. But sometimes a man with a silver spoon might beat you to the race. The Loveshhuda actor Girish Kumar biography will throw light upon the fact that privileged kids of rich families with connections have it easier even though they are talented or not. Girish Kumar has not had any super-hit movies yet but his next movie is about to release in a week’s time and he also has a third flick in the bag. Girish Kumar net worth is very low if you count out the fact that he is the son a business tycoon. He is still trying his acting skills to increase his net worth. Girish Kumar twitter handle has 138k followers since he is a relatively new celebrity. Girish Kumar is also there on Facebook promoting his films through live chats and answering fan mails. He dreams of becoming the ‘prince of romance’ one day and for that he would have to beat Shah Rukh Khan which no mean feat.

Girish Kumar Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of Indian actor Girish Kumar will throw light upon the journey the actor took to become an actor at such a young age. Girish Kumar family background is from a film family from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Girish Kumar parents are well known in film circles. Especially his father Kumar S. Taurani being a producer has many connections with the industry.

The actor Girish Kumar age is 26. Girish Kumar height is 5 feet 7 inches approximately. Girish Kumar date of birth is 30th January, 1989. The actor Girish Kumar wiki also mentions that his father is the director of Tips industries Limited. Girish Kumar education happened from Mumbai’s finest schools. Girish Kumar full name has the family name Taurani at the end.

Actor Girish Kumar Bollywood Films

Girish Kumar actor profile is still in the growing phase. He has just made his debut in Bollywood with Prabhu Deva’s film. Girish Kumar movie songs are not many as he has not had the chance to be in many films yet. He is one of those new Bollywood actors who have shown promise with his acting skills. Girish Kumar has also played the real hero when he saved a crew member from drowning during his latest shoot.

Girish Kumar also has his own choices of working and has mentioned that he is not very comfortable doing sex comedy films. Girish Kumar pics show a very young fair boy with a lean body. Girish Kumar will next be seen in Loveshhuda film which is yet to be released. Girish Kumar first movie was ‘Ramaiyya Vastavaiyya’. Girish Kumar movie list is not very long; he is just about to be seen in his second film.

Actor Girish Kumar Songs

Girish Kumar hit song is supposed to be the new song “Chitta Kukkad’ from his upcoming romantic flick. In this new flick Girish Kumar will be seen with Navneet Kaur Dhillon, former Miss India and Tisca Chopra. Girish Kumar music video shows him dancing with Navneet, his love interest in the movie, at a wedding setting. The first film had Girish Kumar and Shruti Hassan in a romantic movie, but it did not do too well at the box office.

Apart from this, Girish Kumar has successful entered Bollywood films and gradually working his way to the top. He would have to watch out for his adversaries. Kartik Aaryan is a very talented powerhouse. These two are doing the same genre of films and are in competition with each other. Henceforth the kind of projects they take up will decide the game. Girish Kumar won many nominations at awards for his performance in “Ramaiya Vastavaiyya”.

Actor Girish Kumar Marriage, Wife

The actor Girish Kumar love affairs were not many. The actor Girish Kumar girlfriend is named Krsna. Girish Kumar had been dating for 8 years. Needless to say Girish Kumar believes he is made for romance films. The actor Girish Kumar love life is the stuff of fairytales. No one survives this long a relationship these days. The actor Girish Kumar recently got married to childhood sweetheart.

Girish Kumar wife name is Krsna and she hails from a Sindhi family too. The actor Girish Kumar had been in a relationship with his wife since a long time. Girish Kumar wedding date was 11 February, 2015. Girish Kumar love story has not been amplified as the wedding was a low key even that was attended by friends and family only. The wife of actor Girish Kumar is Krsna Mangwani; however this has not been officially announced.

Girish Kumar New Movies, Upcoming Songs

The model Girish Kumar controversy was when he said that he was not comfortable doing sex comedy which was seen as belittling some other stars who were doing it. Girish Kumar hairstyle keeps changing as his look and role in the film requires. Girish Kumar latest news is that he got married and it has been only a year to that. Girish Kumar new movie is ‘Soldier 2’. Girish Kumar next film is still in the production phase.

Girish Kumar upcoming songs are from the movie ‘Loveshhuda’. Girish Kumar kissing scene with Navneet Kaur Dhillon is expected to gather some eyeballs for the movie. It is also expected that Girish Kumar will be in some hot bold scenes in the upcoming new release of his. In this movie he is seen as a drunken man who wakes with a girl and the rest is yet to be seen. The film is doing well trailer wise and will be released in theatres on 19 February, 2016.