Shruthi Hassan Hot HD WallpapersShruti Haasan had a penchant for music and cinema and was much influenced by the notion of singing and acting. Shruti Haasan personal life reflects her interest in music and culture and hence she had traversed to the United States of America to continue learning music. She studied at the Musicians Institute in California and had commenced her career as a singer and later turned into an actress. Shruti Haasan first Tamil movie witnessed her immense dedication and commitment to work and she proved to be a reliable and assiduous artist. Some curious fans are keen about film actress Shruti Haasan biography and read more about this glamorous artist. Shruti RajaLakshmi Haasan has captivated the attention of many because of her charismatic persona and some appreciable movies she has gifted her fans. This stunning actress was born in the city more famous as “Detroit of India”, Chennai.

Shruti Haasan Age, Family, Wiki

Shruti Haasan belongs to a filmy family background. She has been blessed with film and culture in her blood and nerves and has inherited the traits of a mesmerizing actor from her beautiful parents. Shruti Haasan father Kamal Haasan is the role model for her. Shruti Haasan sister name is Akshara Haasan and she too is a versatile person who excels as an assistant director, actor and screenwriter as well in many Tamil and Bollywood films. She is bountifully blessed with an exquisite and pleasant countenance.

Shruti Haasan age is 28 years and she is blessed with affectionate parents and an amicable sister. She was brought up in the arms of the famous and legendary south Indian actor Kamal Haasan and his wife Sarika Thakur. Shruti Haasan sister Akshara Haasan pics are available on different film engulfed websites on the internet. Shruti Haasan date of birth is 28th January, 1986. Being born in the month of January she shares the Aquarius zodiac sign and hence is a candid, gregarious and fun-loving person. Let us take a brief glance on Shruti Haasan wiki in the next paragraphs.

Actress Shruti Haasan Bollywood Debut

She has been showered with the golden chance to work with big banners of Indian movies and Shruti Haasan first Bollywood movie “Luck”, was an action drama. This action thrilled Bollywood movie was written and directed by Soham Shah and it was her first adult debut in Bollywood movies. Shruti Haasan is a versatile and dynamic artist and is excelling in the spheres of acting, music and modeling too

Shruti Haasan Love Life, Dating, Relationships

Shruti Haasan has quite a spectacular career and which is growing steadily with time. Apart from this Shruti Haasan love affairs have also played a significant role in cooking up delicious gossips and rumors in the film fraternity. Shruti Haasan shared a beautiful relationship and a home with the artist Siddharth. Shruti Haasan love life was adorned with joy and glee until the two fell apart in October 2011 when she moved out of Siddharth’s life and home.

Shruti Haasan love story with him was the interest of many of her fans as the duo made a pretty handsome and riveting pair. Owing to this, Shruti Haasan lover name was then the talk of B-town. Shruti Haasan dating Siddharth Narayan did not last long and it ended in a miserable and sad note in the year 2011.

The stunning actress and her handsome beau Siddharth shared a beautiful relationship for a year and a half and were so much involved that they had even moved to a live-in relationship. Shruti Haasan and Siddharth marriage were also expected to fall in place after her father’s approval of Siddharth. However, Shruti Haasan and Siddharth break up was a piece of appalling news for everyone.

Actress Shruti Haasan and Dhanush Affair

Crispy and blazing rumors and gossips rounded in Kollywood with Dhanush in the movie ‘3. Shruti Haasan and Dhanush affair was not being appreciated by the superstar family and they had been warned against at it. The two had developed an intimate friendship and were getting quite close to each other which proved to be quite irksome for both the families.

The news of Shruti Haasan and Dhanush dating has not yet been confirmed, but the rumor about it is creating some serious strains in their lives infuriating the superstar Rajnikant. The pesky rumor of Shruti Haasan and Dhanush break up also seemed to frustrate the dazzling actress. The dazzling and truly talented artist Shruti Haasan has been involved in a few vexatious rumors about her love life, but fortunately she has not let her career get affected by them.

Shruti Haasan Suresh Raina Relationship

Shruti Haasan is relishing an ambitious and ignited film career and the cherry on the cake is her steady relationship with the eminent cricketer Suresh Raina. Many of her fans are still bewildered by the question ‘is Suresh Raina dating Shruti Haasan’. However, Shruti Haasan doesn’t want to share her private life before the media, but it has been unveiled that the duo is sharing a steady relationship for quite some time.

Their friendship has progressed and Shruti Haasan boyfriend Suresh Raina addresses her as the ‘lucky mascot’ in his life. Shruti Haasan and Suresh Raina love affair have flourished by leaps and bounds, yet the two are trying to keep it private and not make a big deal of it.

Shruti Haasan Marriage Gossips

The dazzling and amazing actress has marveled her fans with her beauty and Shruti Haasan hot pics have left a jaw-dropping impression on most of the viewers and they are easily available on many websites. Shruti Haasan and her beau Suresh Raina have stepped in a mature relationship and are meticulously walking it together. Suresh Raina and Shruti Haasan break up can petrify her fans and hence it is hoped that the handsome couple sustains it forever.

The question ‘is Shruti Haasan married’ no longer stirs her fans after she has clarified that she wishes to get married but still not certain about her ideal soul mate. Though media has successfully unveiled the name of Shruti Haasan boyfriend, but it hasn’t yet confirmed whether the two shall tie knots any sooner.

With a gleeful and hopeful heart we wish that the sensational actress will choose the best for her and Shruti Haasan marriage will embellish her life and career with joy and happiness beyond all limits but the wedding date of Shruti Haasan is not anticipated soon as she is fully focused on her career these days.

Shruti Haasan Upcoming Movies

Shruti Haasan has acted in a number of movies and has been appreciated for her contribution in them and even much critically acclaimed for a few. This has taken her career to glorious heights and has raised her platform in the film trade. Shruti Haasan is acting with John Abraham in the sequel of the movie “Welcome” which has already created a buzz in the Bollywood talks. Shruti Haasan and John Abraham movie name “Welcome Back” is full-fledged prepared to tickle its viewers with its touch of fun and amusing dialogues.