Papon Singer Hd Wallpapers, Family, Marriage, Wife Pics, Children, Assamese Songs, ConcertsPapon is an Indian singer and composer and singer Papon real name is Angaraag Mahanta. Of the complete list of Papon best songs, there are several songs that just stand apart. Contrary to what might be believed, he has a huge fan following and this biography of singer Angaraag Mahanta will give his fans a chance to their star even better. Even though he has done plenty of playback singing in the Bollywood, singer Papon super hit album songs are much appreciated even today. The craziness of his fans can be evidently seen at singer Papon live concerts and this is why Papon singer live performances are much awaited for. To know more about him, continue reading:

Singer Papon Age, Family, Wiki

Born in Assam, India in the year 1975, Papon date of birth is 24th November and so, singer Papon age is 40 years. As singer Papon wiki would confirm, Papon height is approximately 5 feet 11 inches. Now, to speak of singer Papon family background, it is believed that Papon parents belonged to Guwahati, Assam to an ordinary family. Also, singer Papon education was initially conducted in Assam only. Papon singer photos from his childhood are available on the web and to know more about Papon Bollywood singer bio data, continue reading the next segment of thus bio.

Singer Papon Movie Songs, Albums

Even though Papon movie songs have created quite a buzz amongst his fans with creations like “Humnava” from “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”, singer Papon first album cannot be forgotten. He started his career professionally back in the year 2007 and since then, Papon Hindi songs have been deeply loved by all. In fact, singer Papon top 5 Bollywood songs are always on the chartbusters lists of top songs.

Singer Papon Assamese Songs, MTV Unplugged Songs

Despite giving all-time hit songs by Papon, his fans love him for his native language. This is why Papon Assamese song list is quite a long one and his North Indian fans are always waiting on Papon new Assamese song. He has actively been a part of MTV coke studio songs and the studio versions of his songs have been most loved. He is also the founder of The East India Company and the bank called Papon, mainly producing folk-fusion mixes.

Ever since singer Papon first song in the Bollywood came out, he has managed to gather lots of attention from music composers. Known for his unique voice, Papon in “Indian Idol Junior” 2015 has also made guest appearances. He has become so popular that Papon upcoming songs in Bollywood are eagerly looked out for.

Apart from his individual projects, Papon MTV unplugged songs have been recorded with singer Papon with Debanjana in a duet. Also, Papon in Safaigiri headlined the news channels for quite well a while. In fact, he has reached international levels and Papon and Rihanna songs are a proof of it.

Singer Papon Upcoming Songs

As of now, Papon next album release dates are not out and any news about Papon upcoming events has also not been disclosed. It looks like we might have to wait a while for Papon upcoming shows and be satisfied with his rare live performances. Without a doubt, all of his successes have made singer Papon net worth quite an impressive number. In the months to come, it is expected that we will see Papon and Amaal Malik sing together in a show.

Singer Papon Marriage, Wife, Children

Papon Wife Photos, Shweta Mishra Mahanta Images, Wedding, Son, Daughter NameThe gossips about singer Papon love affairs have been very few as Shweta Mishra Papon relationship has always been public. While he has been open about singer Papon love life, it is surprising that Papon wedding date never came out in the news. Similarly, singer Papon Shweta Mishra love story is lesser known of as he has never spoken about it in the media.

Well, what we know for sure is that singer Papon married life is pretty good and Papon wife name is Shweta Mishra. Now, to talk about singer Papon children, the couple has two kids, one daughter and a son. Singer Papon son name is Puhor and Papon daughter name is Parijaat.

At various award shows, Papon with his wife is seen and the wife of singer Papon is a lovely lady. Although a bit of a singer Papon controversy took place when the rumours about singer Papon Shweta Mishra age difference being a problem started in the news. However, the couple hushed the gossips as lame and baseless.