Aamir Ali with his Wife Sanjeeda SheikhThe hot and ravishing television actress Sanjeeda Sheikh had embarked on the eternal bond of marriage with the sensational and handsome hunk Aamir Ali. The smashing model and a popular actor Aamir Ali is a remarkable television star who has done many renowned television soap operas and has unanimously been welcomed by the spectators. Sanjeeda Sheikh Husband name Aamir Ali has achieved stardom with his performances in several ad commercials and television shows. He has featured in some of the popular movies and has received noteworthy acclamation from critics. Aamir Ali with his wife Sanjeeda Sheikh in Nach Baliye had bagged the winner’s crown and was laurelled with huge appreciation and recognition. Sanjeeda Sheikh Husband Aamir Ali biography reflects about the different work of the actor and his personal tastes and preferences. The charm of the actor lies in his innocent eyes and killer smile. He has hypnotized many beauties across the nation.

Aamir Ali Age, Family Background

A prodigious actor, stupendous model and an amazing person define this sensational model turned actor Aamir Ali. He was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Aamir Ali date of birth is September 1st, 1977. He displays the versatile traits of the sun sign Virgo. Aamir Ali age is 36 years. The actor has worked painstakingly and walked his way to the apex of his career. He has worked hard and built a muscular physique. Aamir Ali height is 5 feet and 9 inches approximately.

He has secured his degree from the established and eminent American University. Aamir Ali family background depicts the culture and traditions of an elegant Muslim family. Aamir Ali religion is Muslim and he holds and he is a strict follower of it. Aamir Ali father and mother are gracefully blessed to have such a remarkably talented son who has embellished their house with pride and happiness. A dexterous personality who has raised the bars of television shows by exhibiting brilliance and panache.

Aamir Ali Wiki

The heartthrob of nation Aamir Ali Wiki depicts versatility with the many roles he has played in several television shows and movies. His first break was a commercial ad of Bajaj Scooters. With the passage of time he has gained prominence from various commercials. Aamir Ali first television serial is supposedly “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki”. He has played cameo roles in many hit movies and his work has been appreciated. He has played the lead role in many high TRP serials on television and soon wooed the viewers with his dashing personality. Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh gave fantabulous dance performances in the show and received accolades and fame that added feathers in their caps.

Aamir Ali TV Serials

Aamir Ali has traversed a long way in his career and established himself in this profession with respect and grace. His commercial break with the prestigious brand Bajaj Scooters had unlocked the gates of a large number of opportunities that filled his profession with splendor and prosperity. He has featured in multiple ads like ponds talc, Aptech Computers, Nescafe and many more. He has got fame from the lead roles he has played in many eminent serials like Who Rehne Waalii Mehlon Ki and Kya Dill Main Hai.

Aamir Ali in Zara Nachke Dikha had also done a pretty nice job. He has also worked in the popular show FIR. FIR actor Bajrang Pandey real name is Aamir Ali, who has had a lion’s share of contribution in making the serial a grand success. Aamir Ali new serial might hit the Screen very soon. His last television appearance was in the movie “Yeh kya Ho Raha Hai?’. He last played the lead role in the famous show ‘FIR’ that airs on SAB TV.

Actor Aamir Ali Back in FIR

Initially Aamir Ali was a part of this popular show and played the character of Bajrang Pandey. He achieved fame and name through his role and hence bagged the lead role in the same show. Bajrang Pandey and Chandramukhi Chautala romantic dance added spice and flavor to the serial. However, to everyone’s dismay the actor had quit the popular show. Aamir Ali in FIR had successfully taken the serial to glorious heights. Hence various rumors had surfaced in B-town that the makers of the serial longed to have the fabulous actor back.

The latest news confirms the comeback of Aamir Ali in FIR as he has been reported to shoot for the promos of the show. Bajrang Pandey (Aamir Ali) back in FIR is inevitably going to create a phenomenal buzz among the viewers and in B-Town as well. This is indeed eye-popping news for the viewers who crave to watch this amazing actor.

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh Love Story

The much talked about and sweet couple has relished an exhilarating love and has proudly chosen to cherish each other’s company. Aamir Ali girlfriend name is Sanjeeda Sheikh and the dashing actor and mesmerizing beauty has dated each other for a long time and then got married under the Muslim practices and auspice laws. The couple makes an incredible match and shares the best understanding. Aamir Ali wife name Sanjeeda Sheikh soon became the talk of the media.

Aamir Ali Sanjeeda Sheikh wedding pics are available in many internet websites and can be easily downloaded. The actor pampers his wife and offers an unfailing support when the skies get rough. It is hoped that the Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh breakup never takes shape and the duo cherishes their everlasting relationship forever. They meticulously adorned their lives with love and respect for each other.

Aamir Ali Marriage and Love Affairs

The charming and sweet actor is born to a Muslim family and is married to the gorgeous actress Sanjeeda Sheikh. Actor Aamir Ali personal life has been illuminated with the dawn of this wonderful lady in his life. Prior the entry of Sanjeeda in Aamir Ali’s life he has not been spotted with other ladies that created any crispy gossips. Hence Aamir Ali love affairs have not been heard of much. Aamir Ali dating rumors were actually aired with Sanjeeda Sheikh, who later turned to be his soul mate and a beloved wife.

Aamir Ali Sanjeeda Sheikh love story is a cute and romantic one that grew mature with time and they experienced the splendor of togetherness. Aamir Ali Sanjeeda Sheikh marriage date is March 2nd, 2012. Thus, the question is Aamir Ali married?, which probably arose in the minds of many has been sufficed. The couple has embraced the life and tastes of each other and doing miraculously well in this eternal journey of love.

Aamir Ali Divorce Rumors

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh Divorce rumors had surfaced, but the infuriated actor vividly stated that it is all rubbish and utter gibberish. Aamir Ali Sanjeeda Sheikh split would have been appalling for all their fans and close ones. However, there has been no news about Sanjeeda Sheikh pregnant until now. We hope that Aamir Ali wife pregnant news soon gets aired in the media and the couple gets blessed with charming kids. Aamir Ali kids and Sanjeeda Sheikh Kids are sure to be bountifully blessed with charming looks and amazing nature. Hence their little angels are being anticipated by all of us.