Rachel Millns Miss Universe NZ, Bikini Wallpapers, Hot Pics, BoyfriendBeauty pageants are testaments that honour the amalgamation of beauty and wit before the globe. Rachel Millns is the newly crowned Miss New Zealand who has among the beauty pageant winners of this year. Sabreena Beneett, Zoe Metthez, Mor Maman, Liesl Laurie, etc.; are the other prestigious winners from different nations who has made served as an epitome of beauty and intellect in such competitions. Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 winner name Rachel Millns is now worldwide known and her glamour and persona is the talk of the season. Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 winner Rachel Millns biography has captured many important details about Rachel Millns model profile, Rachel Millns family background and most importantly about model Rachel Millns personal details and Rachel Millns personal life. The journey from hair-dresser to a super model and pageant winner is an amazing piece of biography.

Model Rachel Millns Age, Family and Personal Details

Rachel Millns is a well-known beauty therapist and she takes immense pleasure in educating people the right ways of implementing beauty products. The biography of model Rachel Millns is not just about Rachel Millns bikini wallpapers and Rachel Millns photo shoots but it also unwraps detail about Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 winner wiki. She was born in Wellington in New Zealand. Rachel Millns date of birth is August 21st in the year 1990 and model Rachel Millns age is 24 years currently.

Rachel Millns height is 5 feet and 11 inches and Rachel Millns weight is approximately 58 kgs. She aspired to become a model and hence tried for campaigns from a naive age. Rachel Millns nationality is British and Rachel Millns education was accomplished from the capital city of Wellington in New Zealand. She had a strong inclination for modelling and hence embarked on the journey to compete in this prestigious platform that won her the much esteemed title.

Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 Winner Rachel Millns Wiki

The fun-loving, vivacious and genuine Rachel Millns loves to garner knowledge on beauty products and also know the apt ways of enhancing natural beauty. Though much is known about Rachel Millns parents but the victory of Rachel Millns Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 has made her an icon of her nation making Rachel Millns parents proud. Rachel Millns wiki and Rachel Millns blog is followed by many famous New Zealand female models and new New Zealand female models. Her skin care tips and advices in nutrition is a must follow for many of her admirers. Her ravishing beauty with an impeccably beautiful and glowing skin has awed the spectators.

Rachel Millns comes with positive vibes and she can embellish the ambience with her optimistic outlooks. Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 winner pics and Rachel Millns hot pics are also posted on various sites. Many young New Zealand female models had also competed on the same platform but Rachel Millns emerged as the winner of New Zealand beauty pageant contest 2014. She is now being offered a career in films and flicks.

Model Rachel Millns Ads, Movies

The blonde beauty with gray eyes has stirred her nation with her victory at the beauty pageant competitions of Miss New Zealand Universe in the year 2014. It has been aired that Rachel Millns, the winner of Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 has been approached for movies and commercials. The news about Rachel Millns TV commercials and Rachel Millns ads has been inked in many papers and magazines on fad and modelling.

Rachel Millns, Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 beauty pageant winner is also excited for Rachel Millns first film and Rachel Millns movies. She has bagged popularity in modelling and represented Kapiti Coast at the Miss New Zealand event. Holly Cassidy was the former Miss New Zealand universe on the year 2013.

Model Rachel Millns Photo Shoots

Rachel Millns has appeared for various photo-shoots and Rachel Millns bikini photo shoot and Rachel Millns bikini photos prior the competition was much talked about. Rachel Millns swimsuit pics are indeed very ravishing and highly riveting. Her other pics in magazines are much celebrated. There has been striking news about Rachel Millns cover girl and Rachel Millns magazines pics as well.

She is both a threat and an inspiration for all trending New Zealand female models and other New Zealand female models. The mesmerizing smile with expressive gray eyes conglomerated with gorgeous persona and stunning figure has made Rachel Millns the iconic model of her nation.

Model Rachel Millns Love Life, Relationships

Rachel Millns has bagged Miss Universe 2014 along with two runner-ups Becky Hingson and Monique Cooley and her biography is majorly outlines with her work in modelling and fashion. New Zealand model Rachel Millns bio-data is all about victory of Rachel Millns Miss Universe Nz and Rachel Millns awards in modelling. Rachel Millns biography shall now update the readers on Rachel Millns love affairs and Rachel Millns love life.

The stunning and sizzling model Rachel Millns shall inevitably break many hearts with news on Rachel Millns boyfriend and Rachel Millns relationships. Much to everyone’s relief nothing has been aired about boyfriend of Rachel Millns or on husband of model Rachel Millns. Rachel Millns laughs away when asked about relationships and affairs. The cherry on the cake is that inspite of being Miss New Zealand 2014 and emerging as a promising super model the rumor mills have been silent on Rachel Millns modelling flaks and Rachel Millns controversy.

Model Rachel Millns Marriage Gossips

Rachel Millns has enrolled for many other pageant platforms and is striving to carve her name in modelling. She is the most worthy among all other Miss Universe New Zealand 2014 finalists as she successfully created an aura of panache at the event and hence there have been much anticipation on Rachel Millns next beauty contest.

Highlighting on personal life, there has no staunch news on Rachel Millns dating, Rachel Millns marriage and Rachel Millns breakups. Hence Rachel Millns wedding date and Rachel Millns husband name is only a mystery now. The positive role model of New Zealand has embarked on her journey and shall soon make it to the top of the world.