Tanmay Bhatt Childhood Pics, Movies, Family, Girlfriend, Wedding, Wife ImagesTanmay Bhatt is an Indian comedian, writer and presenter and is mostly famous for Tanmay Bhatt in “All India Bakchod”, an Indian comic show that mainly works in satirical genre. Even though Indian stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt biography will constitute various aspects of his life, Tanmay Bhatt comedy shows are going to be the highlights of it. In this biography of comedian Tanmay Bhatt, we will be talking about his personal and professional lives. In fact, it might astonish some people that Tanmay Bhatt movies have also been out there and Tanmay Bhatt comedian profile is amazingly versatile. To know more about him and his works as Tanmay Bhatt as child artist, keep reading this biography by Youth Developers. Although comedian Tanmay Bhatt wiki doesn’t have much to say about him, we do.

Tanmay Bhatt Age, Family, Wiki

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Tanmay Bhatt date of birth is 23rd June, 1978 which makes comedian Tanmay Bhatt age to be 28 years as of now. Since Tanmay Bhatt parents also belong in the Mumbai city, Tanmay Bhatt education was also completed here in Mumbai. As regards Tanmay Bhatt family background, not much is known but some people believe that there is some sort of Tanmay Bhatt Mahesh Bhatt relation. However, it is hard to confirm.

Coming on to appearance, Tanmay Bhatt weight is a bit much which makes Tanmay Bhatt height look even smaller. Now, in this “AIB” founder Tanmay Bhatt biography we will move on to the next segment where we discuss about his professional works.

Comedian Tanmay Bhatt Movies

While many people recognise him as Tanmay Bhatt in “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” as the little fat brother of Shah Rukh Khan, it would be righteous to say that it was Tanmay Bhatt first movie that got him noticed. However, Tanmay Bhatt as a kid looked way different than he does now, even personality wise. During this transformation, lots of comedian Tanmay Bhatt images were published on the internet, comparing him of now & then. But as it turns out, not many people are interested in watching Tanmay Bhatt photos but only his humorous acts.

Now, if you think that this was all about screenwriter Tanmay Bhatt bio data, well then you are mistaken. Tanmay Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi worked together in a movie and Tanmay Bhatt in Mr. X movie was widely noted. If paparazzi are to be believed with Tanmay Bhatt latest news, then some people say that several Tanmay Bhatt reality shows are soon going to be on air. Also, his fans are eagerly waiting for Tanmay Bhatt next comedy show and Tanmay Bhatt upcoming movies.

Tanmay Bhatt Comedy Shows

In the year 2009, he became the co-founder of “All India Bakchod” when Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khambha began this hilarious yet controversial group, and soon started various sorts of gossips. It was Tanmay Bhatt first comedy show that had him amongst the owners and founders; however, Tanmay Bhatt scripts continued to feature in Tanmay Bhatt TV shows.

Tanmay Bhatt comedy store was the first ever comic show he was featured in on-stage and since then, there has been several Tanmay Bhatt new comedy shows. As of now, a Tanmay Bhatt tv series telecasts on the television titled as the same “AIB”. Along with Tanmay Bhatt and Rohan Joshi on the show, there are two other common members.

Tanmay Bhatt Controversy, Fame

In February 2015, comedian Tanmay Bhatt controversy hit the media and a huge Tanmay Bhatt scandal took place. The “All India Bakchod” co-founder was filed an FIR against whereby a social worker accused him and several others of obscenity and vulgarity in one of their shows. Due to this, Tanmay Bhatt Twitter handle was also slammed by thousands of people.

He continued to remain in the limelight due to the infamous Tanmay Bhatt jokes on Alia Bhatt that went viral. Believed to be related to Alia Bhatt somehow in the family, media wanted to scratch the itches of how this would affect Alia Bhatt Tanmay Bhatt relationship. In no time, comedian Tanmay Bhatt net worth reached an impressive number and that continue to inspire many aspiring comedians. His works with comedian Vir Das have also been notable.

Tanmay Bhatt Personal Life, Marriage

To speak about comedian Tanmay Bhatt love life, well, there isn’t much to talk about. The talks about Tanmay Bhatt love affairs have never been in the news much as not many people are interested in knowing about Tanmay Bhatt dating life. Well, given the fact that he has some controversies to his name due to the kind of stuff he displays out on the stage, it would be hard to say that there is a comedian Tanmay Bhatt girlfriend.

Nevertheless, soon there will be talks about Tanmay Bhatt marriage and soon enough there will be a Tanmay Bhatt wedding date. Nothing is known about Tanmay Bhatt wife name or else, but let’s hope that the wife of comedian Tanmay Bhatt can bear with his ways.