Radhika Apte Husband Benedict Taylor, Selfie, Husband Photos, Movies, WeddingYoung and talented actresses have raised the bar in film industry and have taken it to glorious heights redefining style and entertainment. Radhika Apte is an august and glamorous actress who has acted in a couple of regional flicks and has also shared the screen in Bollywood movies. Film actress Radhika Apte biography is a complete detailed extract about her career and personal life. She is the modern face of regional flicks like Rakul Preet Singh, Swastika Mukherjee, etc. Radhika Apte movies have also received praises for her work and acting skills. Radhika Apte actress profile is filled with many successful regional movies in which she has played the most prominent role. She has acted in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi films.

Radhika Apte Age, Education, Family Details

The gorgeous and ravishing actress Radhika Apte is a prominent stage actress who has also been well received in the Indian film industry. Radhika Apte date of birth is September 7th, 1985 and actress Radhika Apte age is 29 years. She was born in a Maharashtrian family in Pune. Her father is a leading neurosurgeon and also the venerated chairman of Sahyadri hospital in Pune.

Radhika Apte family background is highly educated and modern. Hence Radhika Apte parents have been extremely supportive about Radhika Apte education and her interest towards theatre and drama. Radhika has acquired a graduation degree in maths and economics from the prestigious Fergusson College. Apparently she seems to be only child to her parents and hence not much has been heard about Radhika Apte siblings.

Radhika had a deep penchant for theatre and drama and wanted to pursue her career in arts and films. Her gorgeous countenance and exemplary acting skills were well demonstrated in the plays and theatre dramas. Radhika Apte height is nearly 5 feet 5 inches and feminine body has invited high number of likes and hits for Radhika Apte hot images and Radhika Apte HD wallpapers. After the completed 4 consecutive films Radhika went to London to study contemporary dance at the elite Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance in London.

Film Actress Radhika Apte Wiki

Radhika Apte had started her career with theatre drama and plays. She unfurled the magnificent curtains in Bollywood with her appearance in the film “Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi” in the year 2005. The biography of actress Radhika Apte is inspirational with her work and dedication. Bollywood actor Rahul Bose had seen the young and bright actress performing in a play “Bombay Black” and was impressed with her work. He suggested her name to a Bengali director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary and she was seen in a Bengali film “Antaheen”. Her acting was appreciated and there was comparison on Radhika Apte and Aishwarya Rai.

Radhika had even refused to the movie “Chokherbali” in which star actress had featured which was supposedly her royal ignorance. Radhika Apte wiki witnessed major appreciation after the success of the movie and she was recognized as a talented and dedicated actress of the modern generation. The movie got her into limelight and she cherished the chance to work with venerated personalities like Rahul Bose, Aparna Sen etc.

Film Actress Radhika Apte Career, New Movies

The immensely talented actress Radhika Apte had marked the inception of her career in the film industry with the Bollywood flick “Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi”. Radhika Apte first Bollywood movie gave her a small role but her talent was recognized through stage plays. In the year 2009 she got her first big break in Marathi with “Gho Mala Asla Hava”.

Radhika Apte first film in Marathi witnessed pretty good acceptance from viewers and she was later casted for numerous other movies. “Ek Marathi Manoos”, Amol Palekar’s movie “Samantar” were also among her notable works. Radhika Apte in shor in the city and couple of other films like “The Waiting Room”, “Mor Dekhne Jungle Mein”, etc.; have helped her explore the versatility within her.

Radhika Apte has worked in many regional films. She had appeared in another Bengali film “Rupkotha Noy”. Her 1st 4 released were Vetri Selvan, Postcard, Legend and Pendulum which her in 4 different languages namely Tamil, Marathi, Telugu and Bengali. Radhika Apte latest news is all about Radhika Apte upcoming movies. Legend and Lai Bhari are the major blockbusters of her film career that has garnered colossal success and fame for her. The movies have emerged a huge commercial success and have left no stone unturned in shaping her career.

Radhika Apte new movie Manjhi is all decked up to hit the theatres real soon and hence people have grown curious about Manjhi film actress details and Manjhi movie actress wiki. The trailers of the movie have been released and Manjhi movie actress Radhika Apte is excited about the release of the movie. The trailers are also pretty engrossing and quirky.

Actress Radhika Apte Short Films

Apart from the major success in film career Radhika Apte has tried her luck in short films and dramas. Radhika Apte biography is adorned with 3 Bengali films, 4 Telugu films and some more in other regional languages. The heroine of Manjhi movie Radhika Apte has also appeared in a short film “That day after Everyday”. This Radhika Apte short film was released in Hindi in the year 2013 where she played the lead role of kitchen lady. Radhika Apte Telugu movies include her admirable work in Legend and Dhoni.

Dhoni was released in Tamil as well and both the movies have collected grossing income and broken box office records. She had also been nominated for her role “Nalini” in the movie at the SIIMA awards. These movies have added to the glamor and success in actress Radhika Apte bio data and have also raised fan following for Radhika Apte twitter profile and other social networking sites. Her movies have invariably marked immense success and fame and have carved her name among the finely skilled and exemplary talented actresses.

Film Actress Radhika Apte Controversy, Scandals

Actress Radhika Apte has given the biggest hit of all time in Marathi with Lai Bhari and has a dozen of new films soon to be released in different languages. Manjhi is one of the latest expected releases of the fine actress. However lately she has been victimized in an extremely dirty scandal. Radhika Apte leaked naked photos and Radhika Apte nude pics have gone all viral in Tweeter. The pictures have featured the actress nude taking selfies in her bathroom. Radhika Apte selfie of her nudity just before the release of her 2 big movies “Badlapur” and Manjhi has certainly disturbed the ambience around.

The pictures have been posted on various sites and have added extreme nuisance to Radhika Apte controversy. The actress is totally shocked to encounter such an appalling scandal and controversy. Radhika Apte nude selfies has also fuelled Radhika Apte hot WhatsApp scandal and other Radhika Apte scandals but the actresses have expressed a firm No-No to the entire matter and have considered it completely worthless. She has explained the incident as being victimized and has announced it wasn’t her in the pictures.

Actress Radhika Apte Love life

The Maharashtrian beauty and finely talented actress Radhika Apte has set a career with many successful films. She shall soon be seen in some Hindi movies like “Manjhi: The Mountain Man”, “Hunterrr”, “Badlapur”, etc. Besides she is also busy in filming for Tamil and Malayalam films. Radhika Apte “Badlapur” is expected to be a big chance for her in Bollywood. The biography has provided ample information about her career and but now it shall talk about actress Radhika Apte personal details and Radhika Apte personal life.

She had been linked with the actor Tusshar Kapoor and there were pretty heavy rumors about Radhika Apte Tusshar Kapoor relationship. They were co-stars in the movie “Shor in the City” and Tusshar confided in one of the chat shows that he finds the girl talented and pretty. He also told on karan’s chat show that they were more than friends and this invited Radhika Apte dating Tusshar Kapoor gossips and to some extent meaningless chats about husband of actress Radhika Apte. This led to high publicity of the actress and certainly rolled the rumor mills about Radhika Apte love affairs and Radhika Apte love life.

However it was pretty appalling to note that Radhika Apte has denied any such closeness with the actor and remained completed numb about the link-up. This led to the fire of headlines like Radhika Apte dumps Tusshar Kapoor to which Radhika turned a deaf ear. The entire Shor of Tusshar Kapoor was a good packing of crispy talks about boyfriend of actress Radhika Apte. The actress has however shunned all the controversies then but the recent scandal has really got it embarrassing for her.

Actress Radhika Apte Marriage, Husband, Kids

In the year 2011 Radhika found herself entangled in some gossips engulfing her love life. British musician Benedict Taylor and Radhika met that year and he was rumored to be Radhika Apte boyfriend. It was reported that the couple had been living together and had even registered for marriage which was supposed to be held in 2013. The news about Radhika Apte Benedict Taylor love story and Radhika Apte Benedict Taylor relationship when they finally tied the nuptial knot in the year 2013. There have been controversies and uncertainty about Radhika Apte wedding date as there exists a difference between the official date and the one informed to media.

According to some resources Radhika Apte married Benedict Taylor somewhere around October 2012. Radhika Apte Benedict Taylor wedding photos had not come into social media. Radhika Apte is a famous actress and Radhika Apte husband name is also pretty famous in the music world. The duo share a common interest in arts and music and hence gel along well. People raised eyebrows on Radhika Apte Benedict Taylor age difference but Radhika Apte husband Benedict Taylor is a lively and jovial man and music has taken them above all age and nationality bars.

Radhika Apte with her husband has enjoyed a placid marriage life until now and lately there were news about Radhika Apte baby. It was just passing news and actress Radhika Apte husband Benedict Taylor hasn’t said a word about it. Hence Radhika Apte pregnant news is still a rumored headline. Currently the actress is really upset about the scandals related to Radhika Apte bathing suit and her nude pix. Hopefully the air will change soon and time shall get better.

Radhika Apte latest Bollywood movie Manjhi is being anticipated to hit the floors soon. Manjhi movie actress name Radhika Apte is also being flashed in news for a couple of reasons. The charming and enticingly beautiful Maharashtrian actress has already made it big in the industry and is continually striving to be among the top few.