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Bharat Takhtani is a Mumbai-based businessman and Bharat Takhtani business life has been well-known in the industry. He married actress Esha Deol in the year 2012 and after becoming actress Esha Deol husband, he has gained much recognition in the industry. While Bharat Takhtani wiki is yet to be made, this Esha Deol husband Bharat Takhtani biography will explore all the aspects of his life and much more. However, very limited information has ever been revealed about Bharat Takhtani personal life, but Youth Developers – Biopic Medley will try to dig in some more. When Esha Deol married Bharat Takhtani, there was a great buzz going on in the industry and Bharat Takhtani wedding photos with his bride went viral on the web. We’ll find out more about the couple in the later segment of this biography.

Bharat Takhtani Family, Age, Personal Details

Although Esha Deol husband name was quite well known in the business world, he got famous in the B-wood after their marriage. To speak of Bharat Takhtani family background, he comes from a family that has always been indulged in business. The family clan and Bharat Takhtani business history goes way back and Bharat Takhtani parents are one of the top industrialists of Mumbai. Since he and his family have always been living in Mumbai, Bharat Takhtani education has been completed from Bandra, Mumbai.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Bharat Takhtani date of birth is unknown but Esha Deol husband age is estimated at around 33 years. Of all the lovable things about him, Bharat Takhtani height is one of them which is 6’2’’ and that can be pretty impressive in Esha Deol husband pics. To know more about his business and following, check out Bharat Takhtani LinkedIn profile that will also speak about his other skills.

Bharat Takhtani Profession, Business, Company

Although Bharat Takhtani twitter profile can talk about his fandom in the business world, Esha Deol husband profile is much more than that. Since he was born in a business family, Bharat Takhtani first job has always been at his father’s office. Those who are unfamiliar with the business world wonder that what Esha Deol husband profession is? Well, he is a well settled businessman and Bharat Takhtani company name is R.G Bangle Private Limited.

However, Bharat Takhtani businessman wiki is not yet existent, but he is a well known personality to other corporate and Bharat Takhtani new assignments are always in the news. As one can wonder that Bharat Takhtani first project would have been quite special for him, it is expected that Bharat Takhtani next project will be equally impressive and successful. However, there are some rumours about Bharat Takhtani new company but as of now, looks like he is going to stick to his father’s business.

To speak of Bharat Takhtani movies, well, it is hard to say that whether or not he will be entering into the Bollywood. However, if Bharat Takhtani films happen, we’d be the first ones to know. Since one can find great deal of similarity between Esha Deol and Drashti Dhami in their looks as well in their profession, their husbands also share the fact that they are both businessmen. So, Neeraj Khemka and Bharat Takhtani have much in common other than similar looking wives. Many are curious to know about Bharat Takhtani life history but all that we have from Bharat Takhtani house is the fact that Bharat Takhtani net worth is worth millions. Find out about his marriage in the next segment.

Bharat Takhtani Marriage, Wife, Children

Esha Deol Husband Name, Husband Photos, Wedding, ChildrenBefore he was the husband of Esha Deol, Bharat was a childhood friend of her. This is why Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani love story is no less than a fairytale as they are friends turned into lovers. Also, Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani age difference is not really noticeable as they have studied together in school. The couple married in 2012 and Bharat Takhtani wedding date is 29th June. Since Esha comes from a family of stars, Bharat Takhtani Sunny Deol relation is of brothers-in-law.

As far as Bharat Takhtani love life is concerned, we have never heard of any Bharat Takhtani love affairs other than with Esha and Bharat Takhtani controversy is hard to find since he does not belong to the B-wood much. At several occasions, Esha Deol with her husband could be spotted and Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani relationship could be seen blossoming by the cameras. Since Esha Deol is a public figure, Bharat Takhtani wife wiki is easy to find and mostly talks about Esha’s filming career. However, there is no end to Bharat Takhtani wife photos as she has had several photo-shoots being in the industry. The news of Bharat Takhtani married to a film star was pretty huge in the corporate world and these businessmen were curious to know about Bharat Takhtani wife name.

The career of Bharat Takhtani wife Esha Deol in the Bollywood wasn’t as great as her mother’s but looks like as the wife of Bharat Takhtani, she has accomplished a lot. It is hard to say a lot about Bharat Takhtani personal details but Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani pics can say a lot about their relationship. As of now, there is no news about Bharat Takhtani wife pregnant, but we can wait till the couple decides to go forth with Bharat Takhtani children. For more Bharat Takhtani latest news, stay updated.