Armaan Kohli Girlfriend Tanisha Mukherjee BiographyTanisha Mukherjee is well known as a sister of popular Bollywood actress Kajol Mukherjee. But these days, she is in the limelight due to her affair with Armaan Kohli in Bigg Boss house. She came very close to Armaan Kohli in this reality show. Even, she also showed her love to Armaan Kohli so many times in front of the camera. Some sources also said that, these are the tactics to increase the TRPs of this reality show. But due to this, Tanisha Mukherjee got so much fame and people desperately want to know about Armaan Kohli girlfriend Tanisha Mukherjee biography in detail. Armaan Kohli is also an actor and acted in Bollywood movies in the past.

Tanisha Mukherjee belongs to a prominent industry family background. Her family has been working in Bollywood since the 1940s. Tanisha Mukherjee father’s name is Shomu Mukherjee and he was a businessman. Tanisha Mukherjee age is 35 years and she was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Her mother Tanuja Mukherjee is also an actress in Bollywood. She had done her schooling from Peter Convent School in Mumbai. After schooling, she completed her graduation in Arts and Music field. Tanisha Mukherjee date of birth is 1st January, 1978 and it is expected that she will celebrate her coming birthday with Armaan Kohli. To know more about Tanisha Mukherjee personal life, continue reading this article. Tanisha Mukherjee height is 5 feet and 1 inch. Her sun sign is Capricorn and her eyes & hair color is black. Tanisha Mukherjee relationship status is committed.

Tanisha Mukherjee is an actress of Marathi-Bengali descent. She is the younger daughter of her family. Tanisha Mukherjee sister’s name is Kajol Mukherjee, who is a very popular and award winning actress in Bollywood. Kajol Mukherjee gives so many super-hit films to Bollywood with Shahrukh Khan. She is so much popular that people search about Tanisha by entering Kajol Mukherjee sister name on the internet. Her brother in law is Ajay Devgan, who is also one of the finest actors in Bollywood. These days, the media asked questions about Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli relationship to Kajol and Ajay Devgan but both the stars ignored all these questions. She is also close to VJ Andy in Bigg Boss house and share feelings with him. Read more about Kajol Mukherjee sister Tanisha Mukherjee in the next paragraphs.

Tanisha Mukherjee is also a video jockey (VJ) as she started her career as a VJ. After VJ, she tried her luck in Bollywood and got a chance to act in a Bollywood movie “Sssshhh…” in 2003. In the year 2004, she acted in two movies “Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao” and “Tango Charlie”. But unfortunately both the movies were flops. Then she got a break in a movie “Sarkar” in 2005 and her performance was good in this movie. Press reporters asked questions about Tanisha Mukherjee boyfriend name in the music launch of this movie. In the same year, she appeared in a movie “Neal N Nikki” with Uday Chopra. At that time, both the Co stars came close to each other. People made gossips about Tanisha Mukherjee and Uday Chopra love affair. Both the couples spend a lot of time together on the sets of “Neal N Nikki”. Tanisha Mukherjee and Uday Chopra marriage rumors were to peek at that time. But both of them did not disclose anything in the media. Tanisha Mukherjee and Uday Chopra relationship was continued for more than two years. After two years, both Tanisha Mukherjee and Uday Chopra got broke up with each other due to some personal issues.

Tanisha Mukherjee also did Tamil, Telugu and Bengali movies in the past. She acted in a Tamil movie “Unnale Unnale” in 2007. She earns a lot of fame and success through this movie. Her performance in this movie was appreciated by everyone. She also appeared in a Bollywood movie “One Two Three” in the same year. In the year 2008 , she acted in a Telugu movie “Kantri” and a Hindi movie “Sarkar Raj” with Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. She acted in a Bengali movie “Mukti” in 2010. At that time, some foolish people upload Tanisha Mukherjee hot pics on the internet. In the year 2011, she acted in a movie “Be Careful” which was a flop movie. She also signed a Marathi movie and the shooting of this movie will be started after Bigg Boss 7. The title of Tanisha Mukherjee upcoming movie is “Adhantari”. Akshay Kumar and Sumeet Raghavan are in the lead role of this movie.

Tanisha Mukherjee fan following is increasing day by day. Nowadays, one of the hottest and burning topics of Mukherjee’s family is Tanisha’s wedding with Armaan Kohli. People are very much curious to know the wedding date of Tanisha Mukherjee. Still there is no confirmation is received about Tanisha Mukherjee marriage from her mother Tanuja and sister Kajol. Everyone is waiting for the ending of Bigg Boss 7. Media made gossips about Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli marriage in their news. There are also some rumors that Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli ring ceremony will be held on the birthday of Tanisha which will be on 1st of January and both of them will tie into a knot of marriage very soon. But in reality, Tanisha Mukherjee wedding date is not finalized yet.