Aarti Majumdar Bikini Wallpapers, Husband, Aarti Mann Hot Pics, CommercialsSome of the major American series dominate most of our recreational time and we are hypnotically inclined to its storylines and cast. Aarti Mann is a popular and celebrated American actress who is best known for her prominence in TV series like SUITS, The Big Bang Theory, Heroes and many more. Big Bang Theory actress name Aarti Mann is widely popular for her notable work as Priya Koothrappali in the series. American actress Aarti Mann biography gives complete detail about Priya Big Bang Theory wiki, career and Aarti Mann personal life. It is surprising to note that Aarti is of Indian origin and she has carved a niche very beautifully in American television world with her talent and persona. Also get to know about Aarti Mann hit movies, Aarti Mann controversy, achievements and personal details from the biography of actress Aarti Mann. Gorgeous, ravishing blended with exemplary acting skills defines the television actress Aarti Mann.

Actress Aarti Mann Age, Height and Personal Details

Aarti Mann is an Indian-American and of Bengali-Hindu ancestry. She was born in Connecticut and has spent majority of her life in Fox Chapel in Pennsylvania. Aarti Mann date of birth is March 3rd in the year 1978 and actress Aarti Mann age is 37 years currently. Aarti Mann real name is Aarti Majumdar but she is more prominently known as Aarti Mann. Aarti Mann was born in Connecticut to an Indian family and hence many of her fans often ponder is Aarti Mann Indian.

Aarti Mann parents were immigrants and they world traverse across different places in Pennsylvania. Aarti Mann has stayed in several places like Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Mt. Lebanon before moving to fox chapel. Aarti Mann nationality is Indian inspite of being born to an Indian family because she is an American citizen by birth. Her mother Vasanti Majumdar is a graduate from UPMC Pass Avant and is a gynaecologist while her father was also a doctor.

Aarti Mann family background is educated and qualified and she has been raised in an ambience where people held high regards for principles and traditions. She has an elder sister and a younger brother as well. Inspite of being born to two doctors Aarti and her siblings had not taken up medicine. She is also more popular as Aarti Mann but professionally she uses both Majumdar and Mann.

American Actress Aarti Mann Wiki, TV Shows

Aarti Majumdar is popularly known as Aarti Mann. Aarti Mann wiki is all about Aarti Mann education and career path. She has acquired a degree in film directing and writing from the revered Shady side academy from New York University. Aarti Mann brother and Aarti Mann sister are not renowned in the television world and each of the siblings enjoys their share of work.

Aarti Mann has appeared in many TV operas but Aarti Mann as Priya Koothrappali in Big Bang Theory is most prominent. She is also known for her role in the scientific-fiction drama “Heroes”. Aarti Mann carried a gorgeous persona with a riveting smile and an enchanting pair of eyes. Aarti Mann height is 5 feet and 6 inches as looking at her countenance she seems to carry a moderately tall personality. People also search Aarti Mann feet photos on the internet.

Apart from Aarti Mann TV commercials, hot Aarti Mann sexy wallpapers and Aarti Mann hot pics. Her sizzling glamorous persona amalgamated with profusely polished acting skills has helped her emerge as a prominent Hollywood celebrity is U.S. Gorgeous, ravishing blended with exemplary acting skills defines the television actress Aarti Mann. Aarti Mann, Fawad Afzal Khan, Lisa Haydon are the personalities who have extended their portfolio beyond the their national boundaries and earned pride for their people.

American Actress Aarti Mann Career, Movies

Aarti Mann commenced in the field of acting in mid-2000. She initially played minor role but later made a big switch and kicked off her actual career with television series that framed actress Aarti Mann bio data. Aarti’s brother’s name is Nishad and he is a journalist while her sister Kruti is a filmmaker.

Aarti Mann first movie “The Memsahib – Mirabai” hit the floors in the year 2006. The movie was written and directed by her sister Kruti and she played the role of character Mirabai in it. She has also featured in “The punching Dummy and Monsoon”. Aarti Mann TV shows include quite some of the major hit American series like Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, “Suits”, etc.

Aarti Mann, actress of Big Bang Theory had garnered humongous fame with Big Bang Theory such that people had almost forgotten Big Bang Theory actress Priya Koothrappali real name and recognised by her character. Aarti Mann “Heroes” and “Suits” are one of her major achievements that has invigorated actress Aarti Mann net worth. Aarti Mann has also booked a national commercial for “Volvo” that also includes a apart in TV series names “Quarter life” which was aired in the year 2008 in NBC. Besides, her appearance in “SUITS” was much talked about.

Actress Aarti Mann Commercials, New TV Shows

Aarti Mann has appeared in several TV series and a few movies since her working period between the year 2006 and 2013. Aarti Mann young and the restless TV series where she played the role of a doctor was well-received by most viewers and Mann was praised abundantly for her part. Aarti Mann NCIS where she played role of Nehir was also pretty well talked though she had only a minor share in it. She was last seen in SUITS in 2013.

There is news on Aarti Mann ads and Aarti Mann new movie which shall soon be aired. There are also rumoured releases of Aarti Mann “How I Met Your Brother” and Aarti Mann “Tera Mandir”. Aarti Mann latest news is all about Aarti Mann upcoming movies and Aarti Mann new TV shows. Mann has still not gone public about her upcoming releases but people are anticipating another good work.

Actress Aarti Mann Marriage, Husband, Daughter

Priya Koothrappali Real Name, Feet, Wiki, Big Bang Theory ActressAarti Mann is an India-American TV star who has graced her career with prominent hit series like Heroes, Suits and many more. Aarti Mann Twitter profile and Aarti Mann HD wallpapers witness commendable number of visitors especially after she had landed the role in “SUITS”. Big Bang Theory Priya Koothrappali biography has focussed on most of Aarti Mann hot career releases, TV breaks and movies but now it shall break the silence of actress Aarti Mann personal details, actress Aarti Mann love affairs and Aarti Mann love life. Being in American TV series Aarti Mann has shared her stage with many popular co-stars and has been linked too.

Aarti Mann has been entangled in many relationship rumours like Aarti Mann dating Johnny Galecki. Johnny played the lead character in Big Bang Theory and Aarti Mann relationships and romance with Johnny off-screen was a big gossip then. However the rumours on Aarti Mann boyfriend were not paid much heed by the actress and she seemed placid and calm in her married life. Aarti Mann married to Purvesh and her wedding date is 18 December, 2010.

Fans have always been curious about husband of American actress Aarti Mann. Aarti Mann husband name is Purvesh and actress Aarti Mann husband works in finance. She stays in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Not much is known about Aarti Mann children but she is blessed with a daughter, Nikita. The gorgeous and stupendously talented Indian-American actress Aarti Mann is best known for her artistic expressions blended with captivating looks. She is a pride to our nation.