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It is well known that many celebrities fall in love with someone on the sets while they are shooting for a particular film or TV serial. And it is quite expected to happen because when work in such close proximity with someone, the laws of attraction play their part. Aishwarya Sakhuja husband Rohit Nag biography is what we will discuss today. Rohit Nag director profile will be revealed here and we will also try unveiling some juicy celebrity gossips surrounding the couple. Rohit Nag photos show him with his wife looking very happy. Aishwarya Sakhuja husband name has recently become famous to the general audience after the duo got married. Rohit Nag personal life has been discussed in the following section.

Rohit Nag Age, Family,Wiki

The biography of Rohit Nag talks about Rohit Nag family background which is from a middle class family. Rohit Nag parents are quite happy that their son is working in the entertainment business. Aishwarya Sakhuja husband age is 35 approximately and Rohit Nag height is 5 feet 6 inches. Rohit Nag date of birth should be around 1980 as is implied by Rohit Nag director wiki.

Rohit Nag education happened in Mumbai itself. Rohit Nag images are always seen with his wife and long time girlfriend. The details about Rohit Nag love affairs are mentioned in the next section. His story is more or less like the story of Mohit Sehgal.

Rohit Nag Movies, Ads, TV Shows

Rohit Nag worked as a line producer in his very first movie, but later on Rohit Nag also tuned as producer. Aishwarya Sakhuja is luck to have a multi-talented husband whose profession is not restricted to being a line producer alone. The husband of Aishwarya Sakhuja is a line producer, director, executive producer, casting man, still photographer and now trying to be an actor.

Rohit Nag is hoping he would soon be cast into Bollywood films. Post the marriage with his girlfriend, he attained celebrity status and everyone started recognizing him and Rohit Nag twitter handle started getting many followers. Rohit Nag has been a part of the background work of many TV shows but doing “Nach Baliye 7” and stepping into the limelight has increased Rohit Nag net worth.

Currently Rohit Nag is working as a producer new movie whose name has not been decided yet. Rohit Nag movies and advertisements are many but all of them have them behind the screen but now he wants to step in front of it.

Rohit Nag Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Rohit Nag Aishwarya Sakhuja love story had made quite a few headlines when they were dancing as a couple in “Nach Baliye 7”. Aishwarya Sakhuja Rohit Nag age difference is not more than 5 years. The news about Rohit Nag dating Aishwarya Sakhuja was long known. Rohit Nag first saw Aishwarya in a newspaper ad. Aishwarya Sakhuja husband bio data is very diverse. A few Rohit Nag controversies happened while they were in the reality dance show.

Rohit Nag personal details have been mentioned in the above section. Rohit Nag got married to his long time girlfriend who was one of the Miss India finalists of 2006. Rohit Nag wedding date is 5 December 2014. Rohit Nag wife name is better known than his as she has acted in a string of TV serials. The wife of director Rohit Nag is very beautiful and their happiness reflects from Rohit Nag wedding photos.

Aishwarya Sakhuja Rohit Nag relationships have been the topic of a lot of discussions for instance she did not have any clue that he loved her until Karan Wahi played cupid and introduced the two. Rohit Nag’s wife is not pregnant as it has been only a year since they got married. Rohit Nag children would be very lucky to have such lovely and talented parents. Rohit Nag upcoming TV shows have not been announced yet. This was all about Rohit Nag love life.

Rohit Nag Latest Buzz

Rohit Nag latest news is that he has been getting his portfolio shot. Rohit Nag has been waiting to land an acting job in his next film. It is being assumed that Rohit Nag is not interested in TV commercials anymore. Rohit Nag is indeed very talented as he has directed many films and produced quite a few movies too.