Gizele Thakral Hot Pics, Boyfriend, Dating Yuvraj Singh, Wedding, Husband, Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 Actress ImagesGizele Thakral is an Indian model and actress and is currently set to feature as “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum” film heroine. She has been previously associated with Gizele Thakral modelling contracts only but in the recent past, she has expanded her horizons and in this “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum” 3 actress Gizele Thakral biography by Youth Developers, we will discuss various aspects of her life. Since Gizele Thakral in “Bigg Boss 9” was seen just recently, she has made much in the news and also celebrity gossips. However, she is more famous due to her works in the industry and a part of this biography of actress Gizele Thakral will also discuss about Gizele Thakral actress profile. To know more details about her, you can follow her on Gizele Thakral twitter account and be updated with Gizele Thakral latest news.

Gizele Thakral Age, Family, Wiki

Born and brought up in India, actress Gizele Thakral date of birth is 11 June, 1987, therefore, as of now model Gizele Thakral age is 28 years. She is one of the most famous young female Indian models and it is very amazing how she has accomplished so much at such young age. To speak about Gizele Thakral family background, she comes from a mixed culture as Gizele Thakral parents are from different countries. Her father is a Punjabi and her mother is a Briton. However, not much about Gizele Thakral education is known.

Being a model turned actress, there are various aspects about her that make her assets including Gizele Thakral height. Including Gizele Thakral hairstyle, lots of things about Gizele Thakral new look have been admired by her fans. This makes her fans wonder what actually Gizele Thakral beauty secrets are.

Gizele Thakral Modeling, Photo-shoots, Movies

She started her career at a young age of 14 and since then, Gizele Thakral modelling contracts have been quite famous. She won the title of Miss Rajasthan and also participated in various other modelling shows. During all this while, Gizele Thakral bikini photo-shoots have kept her in the news and ever since Gizele Thakral sexy hot photo-shoots started releasing her pictures on the web, her fan base has risen drastically.

Now that Gizele Thakral first movie is on the verge of releasing, this young and beautiful actress of “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum” movie is also signing various other films as well. It is also expected that the chemistry between Gizele Thakral and Tusshar Kapoor in this film would be worth complimenting. Also, we might see some images of Gizele Thakral in Saree in the upcoming film. This movie and the upcoming films will surely add up to Gizele Thakral net worth.

It is just the beginning of Gizele Thakral movies but she has already managed to gather lots of attention through Gizele Thakral hot pics. While “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum” actress name has become quite a buzz these days, Gizele Thakral Bollywood debut is much looked out for. She is highly inspired by Salman Khan and is a co-star with Sunny Leone in the film Mastizaade.

Gizele Thakral Upcoming Movies, TV Shows

Speaking of Gizele Thakral upcoming movies, her film “Mastizaade” is also set to release in January, 2016. Some of the interesting facts about Gizele Thakral have been constantly published on the internet and her equation with her co-stars is seen on Gizele Thakral TV shows.

Other than this, the pairing of Gizele Thakral and Aftab Shivdasani came as a surprise to the audiences. Well, so did various other things. While she was in the Bigg Boss 9 house, Gizele Thakral and Mandana Karimi fight made quite a buzz and Gizele Thakral and Kishwar Merchant gossips gathered too many eyes than the event deserved. During Gizele Thakral birthday party, she was seen maintaining distance from both the socialites.

Gisele Thakral Love Life, Marriage

Of all Gizele Thakral love affairs, the one with Yuvraj Singh has been most hyped. But it was back in the year 2013 that the news about Gizele Thakral dating Yuvraj Singh came out and created a buzz in the media. Yuvraj Singh and Gizele Thakral relationship was never made official but the two were seen together.

Even though actress Gizele Thakral love life is much talked about, no affirmation about actress Gizele Thakral marriage has ever been made. In fact, no absolute details about model Gizele Thakral boyfriend have been talked about by the actress.

As far as Gizele Thakral wedding date is concerned, it does not seem like that the husband of model Gizele Thakral is going to be seen anytime soon. Well, whenever that happens, we would wish to know more about him than just Gizele Thakral husband name.