Paloma Jiménez Pauline Sinclair, Kids, Hot Images, Husband Pics, Wiki, MoviesBeing the better half of an actor or any public personality is not an easy task. Fame and the media glare do get to you in some way or the other but Vin Diesel wife Paloma Jiménez biography will prove that she has remained unfazed throughout her association with her famous husband. Paloma Jiménez model profile is all about details from her life full of ups and downs as any other normal person’s. When one sees the Paloma Jiménez sexy photo shoots one will be sure to think what a worth match for the hot actor. Vin Diesel wife name is Paloma and she is not only sweet looking but talented too. This article is a sneak peek into Paloma Jiménez personal life. Read on to know more about the hot topics of her life like Vin Diesel Paloma Jiménez age difference and Paloma Jiménez net worth which everyone is raring to know about.

Model Paloma Jiménez Age, Personal Details

Most spouses of big screen personalities like to keep the life of their wives hush so that a lot of media attention does not catch them. In the same league falls Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan also. When you read the biography of model Paloma Jiménez you will come to know of such details as model Paloma Jiménez date of birth which is August 22, 1983 that makes her Vin Diesel wife age to be 33 presently.

Paloma Jiménez family background is from Mexico and Paloma Jiménez parents lived there only. Paloma Jiménez height is 1.78 meters which is quite evident from Paloma Jiménez hot pics. She is a model by profession and hence one may find a lot of Paloma Jiménez HD wallpapers online. She is a beauty to watch out. Nothing much is known about Paloma Jiménez education but what is known is that Paloma Jiménez nationality Mexican and has had only one model Paloma Jiménez love affairs that too with the actor Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel Wife model Paloma Jiménez Wiki

The girlfriend of Vin Diesel of fast and furious fame is lucky to have a lovely lady by his side. She has been her partner since 2007 and has not yet tied the knot. Paloma Jiménez daughter name is Hania and Paulina. The latter was name in honour of the late friend Paul Walker. There are three Paloma Jiménez children one boy and two daughter and hats off to this lady for still keeping up with model Paloma Jiménez husband busy schedule and her own modeling career.

The daughter of Paloma Jiménez Pauline Sinclair is a heartfelt tribute of remembrance to their very close friend Paul Walker of fast and furious who died in a car accident last year. She has modeled in ads of Coca cola, Pantene and Honda and her fans are waiting for a hot Paloma Jiménez next modeling contract or at least a sizzling Paloma Jiménez next photo shoot. The modeling world is lucky to have her.

Vin Diesel Paloma Jiménez Love Story

Vin Diesel Wife Pics, Age, Bikini Wallpapers, Wedding, DaughterIf you look out then you would realize that Vin Diesel wife wiki page does not exist. That’s because the actor tends to keep mum about the personal details of his family. There are no plans of Paloma Jiménez movies and her fans will have to remain satisfied with hot Paloma Jiménez photo shoots. Paloma Jiménez love life is like a fairytale. They met and they fell in love and have been together ever since.

Paloma who is Vin Diesel girlfriend has had 3 children with her man and a very healthy model Paloma Jiménez love life. There is no talk of any kind of a Paloma Jiménez wedding photos as the wedding has happened yet. What is the need of any model Paloma Jiménez marriage when she is perfectly happy, atleast she seems so with Paloma Jiménez husband name Vin Diesel. There are several photos of Paloma Jiménez with her husband where both of them seem blissfully happy.

Earlier last year Paloma Jiménez husband Vin Diesel suffered a huge shock when his close friend Paul walker died in a car crash and during that time actor Vin Diesel wife was there to support him and pull him out of that trauma. The availability of model Paloma Jiménez personal details is scarce as Vin Diesel husband of model Paloma Jiménez likes to maintain a low profile about his personal affairs.

Model Paloma Jiménez Movies, Latest Buzz

There are no mentions of Paloma Jiménez new movie as she is strictly into modeling and being a mother and nothing else. Paloma Jiménez latest news has been about her new baby born this march who was named Pauline and this has made quite a few headlines. Paloma Jiménez Vin Diesel divorce rumors are spread by their haters or just by the media to gain some attention.

The insightful model Paloma Jiménez bio data tells that women can be strong and have a full life balancing career and family both with ease. Paloma Jiménez Vin Diesel love story is too sweet to believe and she is one lucky gal bagging so many modeling contracts. There were also lots of gossips made by people about Paloma Jiménez boyfriend and to taint her Paloma Jiménez dating history.

The so called and almost wife of actor Vin Diesel is one talented woman and does not feel the need for Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez married tag to accompany them as long as they are happy. Hopefully fans will see a marriage soon and more kids in the future to this happy family. She has stayed outside the rules of nuptials and has had children with her boyfriend much like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who had had children first and got married later. These couples from Hollywood signify that love is all that matters in the end not a piece of paper that claims to validate the love.