Neha Marda Husband Photos, Wedding Pics, Hot Images, Height, PregnantNeha Marda is an Indian TV show actress and in the TV actress Neha Marda biography, various different aspects of her life will be unfolded. Although, Neha Marda TV shows have been exceptionally well on the screen, her fans always wanted to know more about her and in this biography of TV actress Neha Marda, we will try to fulfil that wish. She is known for her roles in “Balika Vadhu” and “Doli Armaano Ki” but as per the latest survey, Neha Marda in “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded” was loved the most by her fans. During the show, various Neha Marda hot photos while dancing made their way to the web and so, earned her a lot more fans. We will continue this text with Neha Marda family background and her love life, just read on:

Actress Neha Marda Age, Family, Wiki

Everybody is well aware of Neha Marda actress profile, but this biography will focus on her personal details as well. With “Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa Reloaded” wild card entry, she has become all the more popular and so, more & more people are intrigued to know about her. In the year 1985, Neha Marda parents gave birth to a beautiful Bengali girl and Neha Marda date of birth is 23rd September. This means that as of now, actress Neha Marda age is 29 years.

She completed Neha Marda education from Kolkata itself and as Neha Marda images would reveal, she was not always the slimmest girl in her school. Well then, Neha Marda weight loss rumours were indeed true, and to top it all, Neha Marda height now complements her body.

Actress Neha Marda TV Shows

Before the storm about Neha Marda wedding took over the news channels, “Jhalak Dikhhala Jaa” contestant Neha Marda bio data was the one that kept media around her. Just like Neha Marda Twitter profile, her followers and fans in the real world as well were uncountable.

She started her television career in the year 2005, and the biggest ever Neha Marda first TV serial launched with the title of “Balika Vadhu”. Even though Neha Marda in “Balika Vadhu” played a negative role, her performance was deeply appreciated. After this, the role of Neha Marda in “Doli Armaanon Ki” also gathered some attention where her character was named Urmi. Both her serials did well but she was only the supporting actress.

Neha Marda in Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa

To surprise her fans, a little clip of Neha Marda in “Boogie Woogie” video was also seen on the web in her early days. While the run of her shows, the rumours about Neha Marda and Mohit Malik having a personal relationship aired the news but it was nothing but media hype that usually happens with co-stars. The same happened with Neha Marda and Vibhav Roy in her another show. This way, one or the other Neha Marda controversy continue to be in the news every now and then.

As of now, she is seen on the dance reality show and Neha Marda and Ankan Sen’s performance in the show is looked up on. Of course, she is lucky that Neha Marda choreographer in “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” is an excellent dancer and looks very good with her on screen. Some of her fans believe that she is a look alike of actress Sheena Bajaj, but others tend to disagree.

Neha Marda Bollywood Debut

After the show is over, it is expected that Neha Marda new show on zee TV will soon be launched, but nothing is confirmed yet. It is hard to speak about any definite Neha Marda upcoming TV serials as she is completely focussing on her current commitments right now. A little birdie also told the news that Neha Marda Bollywood debut will also happen soon. We will be excited to see Neha Marda movies, whenever that happens.

Neha Marda marriage, Husband

The talks about Neha Marda love affairs are always in the news as she is a popular actress but anything about Neha Marda boyfriend was never heard from her. It is believed that despite all the rumours about actress Neha Marda love life, she had a very simple wedding as Neha Marda and her fiancé came into limelight when their parents arranged their marriage.

Yeah, it’s true, she had an arranged marriage and Neha Marda husband name is Ayushman Agrawal. As actress Neha Marda married someone outside of the industry, Neha Marda marriage pics could not be a delight to her fans. Although Neha Marda with her husband is seen on social events and parties, we never got to know much about Neha Marda husband profession. But we know for sure that he is a Patna based businessman.

Neha Marda Ayushman Agrawal Love Story, Children

Well, Neha Marda Ayushman Agrawal love story was not as fun as those in her TV serials, but the husband of TV actress Neha Marda has surely maintained his mystery. Soon after the news about Ayushman Agrawal Neha Marda relationship came out, Neha Marda wedding date was announced to be 10th February of the year 2012.

Even though we could not have the days of Neha Marda dating Ayushman Agrawal as theirs was an arranged marriage, there were later some controversies about Neha Marda Ayushman Agrawal age difference but that was put on rest a little while later. Currently, before she joined the dance reality show, rumours about Neha Marda pregnant were spread. But now that she is back on screen and dancing, it looks like Neha Marda children are not on her mind anytime soon.