Anand Kumar Super 30 Wife Photos, Classes, Patna Address, WikiAnand Kumar is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of the amazing Super 30 organisation. In the Super 30 founder Anand Kumar biography, Youth Developers will talk about his astounding success in the field of teaching and how the hardships of Anand Kumar personal life made him a stronger man. The founder of Super 30 is a common man like you and us but his works have been significantly noted, nationally and internationally. This Super 30 foundation became so popular that many big names in the industry of teaching wanted to know about Super 30 founder name. With the amazing results that Anand Kumar Super 30 classes have shown in the past and the present, we can only hope that India continues to produce such heroes.

Anand Kumar Age, Family, Personal Details

As Anand Kumar wiki would confirm, he was born in a small village of Patna, Bihar and so, Anand Kumar nationality is Indian. He was born in the year 1973 and Anand Kumar date of birth is January 01. This implies that Anand Kumar age as of now would be approximately 42 years.

His qualitative aspects have always included his brilliance in mathematics and the biography of Indian mathematician Anand Kumar will also narrate the same tale. Even though Anand Kumar family background is not very high profile or even middle class for that matter, it did not stop Anand Kumar education from continuing as the man had that spark in him.

Of Anand Kumar parents, his father died when Anand was a young boy and he had to sell “Papads” with his mother to support the family. Well, this can be concluded as Anand Kumar first job and his success has been marvellous since then. Although Anand Kumar Patna address is not available to the media, his works have always been prominent. And today, he has reached such phase of life where Anand Kumar height is much more than just a number of physical measurements.

Anand Kumar Super 30 Success Story

While narrating this Anand Kumar success story, we would want our readers to know that he is an ordinary man and is a good example of rags to riches. However, money has never been the goal of Anand Kumar academy and he has always believed in educating. Worldwide, Anand Kumar IIT classes have gained so much recognition that Anand Kumar Super 30 admission form is one of the most searched items on the web. A lot of people want to know about Super 30 Anand Kumar admission procedure and are also looking for Super 30 Anand Kumar contact details.

In his organisation Super 30, Anand takes a common test India wide and selects the 30 best performers on the test. Then, through dedicated training, he teaches them to appear on the IIT-JEE entrance paper. This Anand Kumar Super 30 wiki would also confirm that his methods of training have been impeccable as, for the first three years of Super 30, 30 out of 30 students cleared the IIT-JEE entrance exam.

Anand Kumar Academy, Book

Those 30 who get selected for training by Anand Kumar are given Anand Kumar books and lodging, free of cost for the next one year. However, Super 30 entrance exam is so tough to crack that very few people get to even attempt it.
With the help of technology, Anand Kumar website has made his admission process very simple. Although there is not much to Super 30 CEO Anand Kumar bio data but his works have been tremendously appreciated worldwide.

From his websites, you can download Super 30 model paper and can also know about Anand Kumar latest news. Surprisingly, even after so many years of hard work, Anand Kumar net worth does not account for money but for the knowledge he has imparted endlessly and continues to do so. His works have been appreciated by world renowned CEO’s like Rahul Yadav & Deepinder Goyal.

Personal Life Of Anand Kumar

One can easily find lots of Anand Kumar photos on the web and Anand Kumar controversy never tends to leave him, the most recent one being when he became a candidate of AAP. However, on Anand Kumar love life front, it is hard to say that whether Anand Kumar married or not as Anand Kumar wedding pics have never been revealed on the web; nor have we ever heard of Anand Kumar wife name.

Being wife of Super 30 founder Anand Kumar must be a difficult task as it would require tonnes of dedication and commitment. We infer that Anand Kumar relationships are very personal to him and Anand Kumar children are also never heard of.