Jackie Kashian Husband Pics, Wedding, Family, Kids, Andy Ashcraft Images, Final FantasyStand-up comedy is turning out to become an industry on its own. More and more people with an active funny bone is turning to it for a career in humor. And it is an excellent choice for a job as well, making people laugh for a living. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? The stand-up comedian Jackie Kashian biography is going to give you a sneak peek into her life. Jackie Kashian has been doing comedy shows since a long time now. Jackie Kashian even has her own YouTube channel which has millions of hits on each of her videos. We are going to discuss Jackie Kashian comedian profile in the next section. She comes top on the list of successful American female stand-up comedians. On seeing Jackie Kashian hot pics you might not believe that she is going to be fifty soon. In this article we will be exploring various topics of Jackie Kashian’s personal life. Those topics include Jackie Kashian love affairs and other news that gave her success.

Comedian Jackie Kashian Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of comedian Jackie Kashian mentions that she is of Armenian descent. Jackie Kashian family background says that she was brought up by her father and step mother. Jackie Kashian is 48 years of age approximately. Jackie Kashian height is 1.68 meters. Jackie Kashian date of birth is in the late 1960s. The comedian Jackie Kashian wiki also points out that she is the youngest of 6 siblings.

Jackie Kashian completed her education from Milwaukee High School from where she graduated in the year 1983. Later on while studying in the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she discovered her true love for comedy. The hot Jackie Kashian images show a lady in about to enter her fifties. She has an electric personality and an amazing smile. Jackie Kashian nationality is American.

Jackie Kashian has 4 brothers and one sister. Jackie Kashian sister name is not as famous as the younger sister. Jackie Kashian is amiable with her older sister. She first started exploring comedy when she was given stage time at a club which was being operated by the two Kinison brothers. Her journey in humor started from working there 5 nights a week and there was no looking back after that.

Comedian Jackie Kashian Early Career

Jackie Kashian has been to many comedy tours where she has entranced crowds with her brand of comedy. It is a class apart. Indian comedians like Neeti Palta can easily take a leaf out of her book for guidance. Jackie Kashian podcast is called ‘The Dork Forest’. She used to host it while releasing new episodes once or twice every week.

Jackie Kashian first comedy show was this and it was quite a hit. Fans called themselves as ‘Rangers of the Dork Forest’. Jackie Kashian has her own YouTube channel where she posts her comedy videos regularly. She has also appeared on Comedy Central, NBC and local radio/TV show ‘Bob and Tom’.

Jackie Kashian Live Performances, Comedy Tours

Jackie Kashian has also given live performances in the channel Comedy Central. Jackie Kashian’s live comedy shows has been termed as a racy dose of ‘All Things Considered’. The comedian Jackie Kashian posts her one liners on Twitter. There are a number of Jackie Kashian dunny memes as well, which fans enjoy a lot. She is one of the most well-known and loved married female comedians of America.

Jackie Kashian constantly keeps posting her tour dates on her official website. So you all can check out her updated tour dates. Jackie Kashian has given a lot of creative angles to stand-up comedy; she also does alternative comedy which s a bit more modern. This was all about the comedian Jackie Kashian bio data. Now we will get to know more about Jackie Kashian love affairs in the next section.

Comedian Jackie Kashian TV Shows

Jackie Kashian has appeared for short periods on various TV shows hosted in different channels. Jackie Kashian has not appeared in movies as of yet. Jackie Kashian also has a new comedy DVD called ‘This will make an excellent Horcrux’, which is available of $10. Jackie Kashian next comedy performance is much awaited.

Her brand of comedy is called observational comedy and the subjects of her content are taken from her personal life. She also makes up content using video games, pop culture etc. she had been active in the comedy scene since 1986 and has had an immense experience on this spread over many years.

Jackie Kashian Love Life, Marriage, Husband

The comedian Jackie Kashian is married. Jackie Kashian wedding date was a very auspicious day in her life. She got married in 2006. Jackie Kashian husband name is Andy Ashcraft. He is a game designer for Sony Entertainment. Jackie Kashian is very happy with her husband and they live together at Van Nuys, Los Angeles.

Jackie Kashian Andy Ashcraft love story is a mystery. Jackie Kashian has also written a song of having children. The husband of comedian Jackie Kashian is very proud of her successful career. This was all about the comedian Jackie Kashian love life. Before marriage, Jackie Kashian was actively dating Andy Ashcraft. This eventually resulted in a successful Jackie Kashian relationship with Andy Ashcraft.

Comedian Jackie Kashian Latest Buzz

Jackie Kashian has a lot of followers on her personal Twitter handle. Jackie Kashian has been scripting content for her new comedy show which is still in the pipeline. Jackie Kashian has created a lot of comedy content in this lifetime. Jackie Kashian website is very quirky and is the color blue. It contains a bibliography of her works.

Jackie Kashian used to call guests into her living room and ask them dorky questions for her show called ‘The Dork Forest’. She had had many guests over for this and it was an instant hit. She is very good friends with Maria Banford, another fellow comedian and the two often collaborate and perform while on the road.