Kunal Bahl Net Worth, Car, Family, Sanpdeal CEO Age, Wiki, ImagesThe ecommerce business is booming around the world, especially in India. In such a scenario many websites have mushroomed over the past few years. So it was a shot in the dark for Snapdeal founder Kunal Bahl biography is all about Kunal Bahl success story and Kunal Bahl Snapdeal profile which he has nurtured with his vision. Today, Kunal Bahl net worth is quite a lot considering the $134 million sales of products on the website. Kunal Bahl Snapdeal contact details like Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl email id is very easy to find but if you are looking forward to ask him a question then Quora is the site for you. The ensuing article is all about the details of Kunal Bahl personal life which will throw some insight on how he managed to start the company that is generating revenues by the millions now and also a sneak peek into Kunal Bahl love affairs. Read on to learn more about this dynamic personality.

Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl Age, Personal Details

The mind does what the heart cannot. Logical minds do the ordinary while only some illogical ones take the risky path. Such is the biography of Snapdeal founder Kunal Bahl who started Snapdeal but the story had started long back. He had that knack of entrepreneurship even in junior school when he used to sell his magnet games at school carnivals.

Not much is known about Kunal Bahl family background but out of both of Kunal Bahl parents he claims that his mother gave him a very important piece of advice. She said that if he didn’t do it then it wouldn’t get done at all so now Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl age of 31is a prolific figure in business today though he hates to describe Snapdeal as a e-commerce website. Going by his age Kunal Bahl date of birth will be in the year 1983 but there is no exact data available of Kunal Bahl height.

Kunal Bahl Snapdeal Wiki, Career

The information available on Kunal Bahl wiki is just a stub and Kunal Bahl education was done from Wharton school and the Kellogg school of Management though Kunal Bahl nationality is Indian. Much has not been talked about Kunal Bahl love life and romantic details of the Snapdeal founder wiki has been kept under wraps so that no Kunal Bahl controversy occurs or gets the attention of the media regarding Kunal Bahl girlfriend.

Kunal Bahl first job was started by him when he started a company selling detergent in Walmart store which he after sold out and turned his identity into Snapdeal founder name and this information about Kunal Bahl first project at starting business is not known to many.

Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl Success Story

Kunal Bahl next project is to bring down the trend of cash on delivery which in India is 60% while in china it is as low as 28% , so that probably will be Kunal Bahl new assignments and hence the founder of Snapdeal will be on his toes till this target is achieved. Kunal Bahl website started with selling coupons – an idea he got when he couldn’t get good food for pocket friendly rates. Kunal Bahl wedding date is 16 December, 2010 and he gave a huge party to his relatives, friends and colleagues. Kunal Bahl married to Yashna Bahl who is a great cook, he claims.

Kunal Bahl latest news is the deal with Freecharge and has made many news headlines. Kunal Bahl wife photos are quite some head turners and the CEO of Snapdeal is quite a lucky guy. Kunal Bahl Snapdeal images are with his co-founder and also some are with his wife. The Snapdeal founder story is now revealed and the Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl bio data is now open in front of you.

You can check Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal friendship and also Kunal Bahl LinkedIn profile. People have tried to make fake news about topics like Snapdeal CEO resigns and Kunal Bahl investments fiasco in the past but those are all media people trying to create a buzz about him. He is really successful and has won many awards and accolades over the years for his contribution to the business sector of the nation.

Snapdeal Founder Kunal Bahl Marriage, Wife

Kunal Bahl Marriage, Wife Pics, Yashna Bahl Photos, Wedding, ChildrenWho would be fretting over the figure or the number of zeroes in the Snapdeal CEO salary when there is juicier news to watch out for? In one of Kunal Bahl interviews he talked about Kunal Bahl wife name Yashna Bahl and their shared passion for food. They tend to travel around the world just to eat.

Kunal Bahl wife Yashna Bahl used to run a confectionary business when she met Kunal and probably that’s where Kunal Bahl Yashna Bahl love story given the fact that both love food and travel worldwide to satisfy their cravings.

The Snapdeal CEO marriage was bound to happen one day so ladies no need to get disheartened. The wife of Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl is a gorgeous confectioner and Kunal Bahl Yashna Bahl age difference is not much. No one knows yet whether Kunal Bahl wife pregnant is true news or not but of course his fans would love to see a glimpse of Kunal Bahl children.

The Snapdeal founder Kunal Bahl wife is beautiful as ever she had been and Kunal Bahl relationships with Yashna must be a happy one given that Kunal Bahl with his wife goes on so many overseas tours to indulge her. A happy personal life also reflects on the success of the professional life.