Sunidhi Chauhan Hot Pics, Sister Suneha, First Wedding PhotosSunidhi Chauhan is an Indian playback singer and the list of Sunidhi Chauhan hit songs is endless. In the singer Sunidhi Chauhan biography by Youth Developers, we will discuss about Sunidhi Chauhan singer profile and other aspects of her life including Sunidhi Chauhan personal life. Surprisingly, we have noted that playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan wiki talks a lot about her career and very less information is provided for her personal life. However, this very biography of singer Sunidhi Chauhan will do that for her fans. She is practically believed to be one of the most amazing singers in India today and the Indian singer Sunidhi Chauhan bio data has also accolades from the Hollywood. This is because of the super hit Sunidhi Chauhan and Enrique Iglesias song that went viral even on the web.

Sunidhi Chauhan Age, Family, Personal Details

Speaking of Sunidhi Chauhan family background, she comes from a family of well-educated and Sunidhi Chauhan education has also been completed in the same way. She was born in the year 1983 and Sunidhi Chauhan date of birth is 14th August, which means that singer Sunidhi Chauhan age is 31 years. Even though Sunidhi Chauhan height is not one of her greatest assets, she has always dreamt of being an actress.

To speak about Sunidhi Chauhan and Suneha Chauhan, Suneha Chauhan is her younger sister and often people wonder about Sunidhi Chauhan sister name. Ever since Sunidhi Chauhan hairstyle got famous, she has been talked of having a lot of resemblance to her younger sister with that Sunidhi Chauhan new short haircut. To know more about her, read on:

Professional Career of Sunidhi Chauhan

The beginning of her journey was with Sunidhi Chauhan first audition that she gave at the age of 4. Of all Sunidhi Chauhan TV shows, that was the first one in which she appeared on DD National. Since then, there has been no looking back and the list of singer Sunidhi Chauhan best songs has been going on & on. On this list, Sunidhi Chauhan first song that was a megahit was from the film Mast to which she still owes her entire career.

Ever since that song launched, her fans have been looking for Sunidhi Chauhan new song every time and Sunidhi Chauhan first album was a major hit, as a result. She gave her tremendous voice to her fans, and later became a performer. At different occasions, Sunidhi has quoted that she owes her career majorly to Sonu Nigam.

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan Live Concerts

The reason that Sunidhi Chauhan live concerts are such a huge hit is that she has that performer quality to her. This is why Sunidhi Chauhan concert tickets are always a sold out and Sunidhi Chauhan live performances are intensely loved by her fans. The view of Sunidhi Chauhan live show is magnificent with such large audiences, all cheering for her. The craze went so viral that Sunidhi Chauhan live songs were recorded and sold in the market.

Another major breakthrough in her career was Sunidhi Chauhan “Aaja Nachle” song which managed to get a lot of attention. It was only after that Sunidhi Chauhan MTV coke studio songs became so huge hits that her fans fell in love with her all over again. Apart from this, she has sung songs in all languages including Tamil, English, Telugu and Sunidhi Chauhan Punjabi songs are the most loved ones.

Sunidhi Chauhan Performances, New Songs

The most famous Sunidhi Chauhan controversy was the one where the title of Sunidhi Chauhan vs Shreya Ghoshal was used, comparing the two talented divas. It was then that Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal duet song was released which conveyed that the two girls have no cold war going on.

After this, Mohit Chauhan and Sunidhi Chauhan songs were deeply loved by their fans. The back to back releases of Sunidhi Chauhan hit item songs were another feather to her hat. Now Sunidhi Chauhan upcoming songs are eagerly awaited by her fans and the diva is one of the best singers in the Indian history. To know more about Sunidhi Chauhan latest news, do not forget to read Sunidhi Chauhan blog where you can find all the updates and facts about her life.

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan Marriage, Husband

Sunidhi Chauhan Husband Photos, First Husband, Hitesh Sonik Images, DivorceAs surprising it would be for her fans, Sunidhi Chauhan second marriage took place in the year 2012. Sunidhi Chauhan wedding date is 17 March and she gave a huge reception to her relatives. Starting off with Sunidhi Chauhan husband name, his name is Hitesh Sonik and Sunidhi Chauhan Hitesh Sonik love story is just like a Bollywood tale.

At various events, Sunidhi Chauhan with her husband is often spotted and Sunidhi Chauhan husband Hitesh Sonik photos are media’s favourites. The best part is that Sunidhi Chauhan Hitesh Sonik age difference is barely any as the two have always been childhood friends.

Before she got married in 2012, Sunidhi Chauhan love affairs were common a news in the media. However, singer Sunidhi Chauhan love life has always been very personal to her and so was the fact about Sunidhi Chauhan first marriage.

Sunidhi Chauhan First Marriage, Husband, Divorce

A lot of people do not know this but Sunidhi Chauhan first husband was Bobby Khan, a model and actor. Surprisingly, Sunidhi Chauhan married Bobby Khan in the year 2002 only at the age of 18 years. At that time, Sunidhi Chauhan husband Bobby Khan was also very young and this could have been a young mistake for both of them.

This is why Sunidhi Chauhan Bobby Khan relationship was short lived and Sunidhi Chauhan Bobby Khan divorce took place only a year later their marriage. As of today, it would be hard to find Sunidhi Chauhan first husband photos but her past is still very new to her fans. Some people tend to believe that there were Sunidhi Chauhan children from her first marriage as there were rumours about Sunidhi Chauhan pregnant at that time. However, these were just media rumours and nothing more than that.