Sanam Puri Family, Girlfriend Pics, Best Songs, Wedding, Wife Images, HD Wallpapers, ConcertsThe young and dynamic singer Sanam Puri has shaken the nation with his extremely euphonious and versatile voice. The ‘falsetto’ quality of his voice allows him to sing at higher notes giving various layers to his songs. This unique quality has incredibly become his strength and distinguishes him from many eminent singers at present in the film fraternity. The lead vocal in the popular band SQS Superstar Sanam Puri has captivated the attention of youth and teens of the society with its amazing meaningful lyrics and sensational voice. He has become the heartthrob among the teens of the nation and the phenomenal band SQS Superstar and Sanam Puri singer songs in movies have simply been marveling everyone. People have quoted his songs as the dawn of an ultimate music revolution with their energizing lyrics and mesmerizing voice. His numerous fans are keen to know about the singer Sanam Puri biography to get acquainted with his inspiration, musical inclination and personal tastes and sensibilities.

Sanam Puri Family Background

A young lad Sanam Puri, who has enthralled the listeners with his amazing voice and hunky personality has entwined his heart and soul with music. Sanam Puri family background reflects the roots of this fantabulous singer and the motivation behind his monumental success. He hails from the city of Mumbai and comes from a normal and non-filmy background. He has been greatly motivated by his loving mother and brother Samar Puri to pursue his dream and passion for music.

Sanam Puri brother name is Samar Puri and the two siblings not only share a warm bonding, but also have a mutual inclination for music. The brothers have stirred the nation with their phenomenal musical composition and melodious voice. Dedication and talent has taken him to the zenith of his career and gifted the nation with a young stupendous singer.

Singer Sanam Puri Age, Personal Life

One of the amazing singers in the Bollywood film industry Sanam Puri played different forms of music right since his early days of childhood in Muscat. Sanam Puri age is 23 years currently and his date of birth is 30th June, 1992. He, along with his brother Samar Puri had deified worship and had a penchant for it.

Sanam Puri and Samar Puri nurtured their talents and with their mother’s motivation made their way to Mumbai to shape their dream of becoming a Rockstar into reality. Sanam Puri singing career was thus greatly encouraged by his brother Samar Puri. They incredible and marvelously talented brothers have given breath-taking performances in the band and stolen the hearts of millions.

Sanam Puri Wiki

Sanam Puri has been ornamental with his musical works and has bedecked his profession with some outstanding songs that is hummed by people all over the nation. Sanam Puri wiki is unbelievably fascinating with his love and flair for music and the exceptional musical works he has blissfully gifted the film industry. Sanam Puri debut album was “Hawa Hawa” for his Band SQS Superstar that had dazzled the teens and youngsters with its breath-taking musical composition and impactful voice.

Sanam Puri first Bollywood song “Dhat Teri Ki” featured in the film Gori Tere Pyaar Mai had astounded the nation and graced his career with a remarkable start. It marked the inception of his splendid musical career in Bollywood and acquired him ostentatious glamor and success.

Sanam Puri Songs List

This Freaky and rebellious Rockstar inspired persona Sanam Puri have received an overwhelming response from his fans and listeners who have given a unanimous positive welcome to him. Sanam Puri singing Ishq Bulaava song from the hit movies “Hasee Toh Phasee” was a smashing hit and has enticed the listeners with his outstanding melodious voice that created and aura of harmony.

Sanam Puri and Shipra Goyal songs have thus successfully left a spellbinding impression on all the fans unveiling excellence and melody. Sanam Puri Aditi Singh Sharma songs in the movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mai hit the Indian market smashingly and gained humongous fame and name. Sanam Puri and Jonita Gandhi songs are also noteworthy. Sanam Puri songs list had just started being framed with the commencement of his career in Bollywood and it is inevitable for the talented singer to climb the apex of glory and fame in a short span of time.

Sanam Puri Love Affairs and Dating Rumors

The stunning singer Sanam Puri, who has a perfect blend of talent and hunky looks is vibrating the nation with his amazing songs. Sanam Puri singer personal life reveals his love for music and his deep inclination towards it. Sanam Puri latest songs unfold the charm in his voice and hence talks about his dedication for producing such outstanding piece of musical work. Sanam Puri love story with any attractive beauty haven’t been heard of since the singer is profoundly in love with music solely and completely.

Sanam Puri dating rumors gained no space in the Bollywood ambience as he stated that his food and love was music and he is dating it peacefully. Sanam Puri controversy hasn’t quite made any such spicy news. It is certain that millions of hearts of gorgeous damsels will shatter into pieces with the breaking of Sanam Puri girlfriend name. Sanam Puri Love affairs are bound to create crisp chatters and headlines in B-town. We hope that the handsome singer soon finds his lady love and paint his life red.

Sanam Puri Upcoming Songs and Latest Buzz

Sanam Puri has unlocked the gates of opportunities and success with debut album and song and is paving his way to grandeur and splendor. Sanam Puri new songs especially the one in “Amazing Spiderman 2” has been instrumental in pushing his collaboration with the famous Hollywood franchises. Sanam Puri upcoming songs are being anticipated in many Smashing Bollywood movies. Sanam Puri in coke studio is definitely going to create another sensational buzz.

The singer has astounded all his fans and admirers with his classic voice and captivating persona. People do question is Sanam Puri married? to dig the truth of the versatile singer’s personal life. However, any news about Sanam Puri marriage will be revealed and all the suspense shall be unveiled when the singer sets his heart on any gorgeous damsel. The wedding date of Sanam Puri is expected to fall in place with the approval of the singer regardless of the time he takes to fall for his lady love.