Arpita Khan Wiki, Husband, Height, Wedding PicsBollywood is all about Khan’s and they are all about their family. Salman Khan is a celebrity and his family automatically becomes one, even if they aren’t in the same industry. Fans always dig not only into the stars personal life but also into the people that matter them the most. One such relationship is of Salman Khan and his little sister Arpita; Yes, Salman khan sister name is Arpita whom he shares a healthy brother-sister relationship. Biography of Salman Khan Sister will enable us to know more about their family. Hence let us have a look on Salman Khan’s Sister Arpita Khan’s biography. Being sister of a well famed actor means media interfering in each and every move of yours however Arpita has never let this affect her decisions and her thinking and this is the reason why public wants Salman Khan’s sister profile and pics.

Arpita Khan Age, Family Background

Arpita Khan belongs to filmy background. Arpita khan date of birth is 1st August 1989. While people know that this sister of Salman resides in Mumbai and her in the vein of this city is also not concealed. This adopted kid has however had many aspirations but none of them led her towards being an actress. Arpita khan age is 25 currently. She took a degree from London College of Fashion in fashion marketing and management.

She is currently in high spirits for working with a principal interior design firm and this is Arpita Khan Profession. She is typically in news for her flamboyant fashion brains. In near future she plans to have a fashion brand which she articulates as fashion label and hopes to take it on an international level. She also fantasizes about film production if the above plan doesn’t work for her. Arpita khan height is approximately 5’2” and Arpita Khan weight is approximately 61 kgs.

Salman Khan Sister Wiki

Arpita Khan brothers Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan has been the center of her years since the day she was brought in by her parents. All girls are closer to their moms and Arpita is no more different, since childhood she has been sharing minutest details with her mom and has been her best friend too.

From all the three brothers whom are you close with when asked she said it is Sohail; but she likes to splurge moments with all her brothers in the same way. Salman Khan sister wiki unveils the relationship with her dad. She is like buddies with her dad and he bails her whenever she gets trapped in a tricky condition. Her father also helps her with many of her life’s important decision. As far as her relationship with Salman; it’s rather adorable and cool and they like to keep it that way.

Being a party lover she has kept her friends intact and also have friendship with Salman’s leads like Sonam Kapoor, Kangna Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra. She also gets along well with Katrina Kaif who apperars in Arpita khan birthday bash party.

Arpita Khan Personal Life

Adopted daughter of Salim khan and Salma khan but never treated like one. Arpita Khan Mother’s Name will always be Salima and she likes to keep it that simple. She is eminent for being Salman Khan’s sister but she wants her niche of eminence. She harbors differently and this is what she wants her identity to be. She doesn’t want to be known by Salman Khan sister rather she wants people to know Arpita Khan brother Salman. Arpita Khan Sister name is Alvira Khan and is the elder sister of Salman Khan.

Arpita Khan and Sister Alvira Khan Relationship are of sisters and they behave like that. When it comes to family she is a shield and wouldn’t let anyone distress her family. Defending her brother Salman Khan who is blamed for being violent and arrogant she says that her brother is straightforward and hence people can’t handle him.

Arpita Khan Love Affairs and Rumors

It is heard that Arpita Khan love life was once with Arjun Kapoor. And now that Arpita Khan ex-Boyfriend Arjun Kapoor is no longer an aspirant, people are quite digging into their past. Arpita Khan dating Arjun Kapoor is a stale news but nation wants to know more about them as a couple. Arpita Khan Boyfriend name is Aayush Sharma; who is her husband which shuts all the rumors about Arpita Khan love affairs with other celebrities. They both became friends in a get together organized by common friends and since then Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma love story began.

Aayush is currently in Mumbai and he is an actor aspirant in the industry. He came to Mumbai with a dream of becoming an actor and in the midst fell in love with Arpita Khan. Arpita Khan hot pics and Arpita Khan wedding pics would be demanding further since her marriage is close and this is answer to many questions budding like is Arpita Khan Married? Rumors spread that Arpita Khan dating Pulkit Samrat.

Arpita Khan dating Nihar Pandya news was also in the middle. Arpita Khan broke up with Nihar Pandya and Arpita Khan broke up with Arjun Kapoor was quite a sensation when it all happened. People say Arpita Khan and Nihar Pandya relationship was cold which the reason for their breakup.

Salman Khan Sister Wedding News

It is heard that the current boyfriend of Arpita khan is Aayush Sharma, a Delhi resident will tie marriage knot with her. Rumors are flowing that the love couple recently had a vacationing in Shimla; but they were followed by their respective families which we could impede as a family day out and this isn’t Arpita Khan Controversy.

Hope that this marriage turns out well for both the families and specially Arpita Khan brothers. May be we all hear bells clinging on 16th November 2014 which is expected to be Arpita khan wedding date. After this Date internet is going to get loaded with Arpita khan husband, Arpita khan husband wiki and husband of Salman Khan sister.