Cricketer Rohit Sharma Wife Photos, Ritika Sajdeh Images, Wedding, ProfileIndian Cricket team has garnered pride to our nation with its prodigious victories in several matches and two revered victories at world cups. The victory is all about the gameplay and enthusiasm of players that form the team. It is interesting to learn about the biographies of Indian players but it is even more captivating to know about their better-halves and love affairs. We all are pretty much acquainted with Mumbai Indians captain (IPL team) Rohit Sharma but the curiosity is all about Rohit Sharma wife name, Ritika Sajdeh profile and her biography. Rohit Sharma married with Ritika Sajdeh on 13th December, 2015 in Mumbai, India. Rohit Sharma wife Ritika Sajdeh biography is all about her life, career and most significantly the love story that cuddled between them. The proposal was quite a surprise so read more to unveil some fascinating facts about this beautiful couple.

Rohit Sharma Wife Age and Personal Details

Ritika Sajdeh is a cute and pretty young girl. Ritika Sajdeh images are posted on various internet sites where you can get to see the different fabulous poses of this gorgeous young lady. Her smile is phenomenal amalgamated with naughty eyes and mesmerizing persona. Ritika Sajdeh was born in Mumbai and she currently stays in Cuff Parade. Ritika Sajdeh date of birth is 14 June 1987 and she used to celebrate her birthday with her friends. As of now, Rohit Sharma wife age is 28 years.

Ritika Sajdeh family background is simple and Ritika has been brought up in the affluent ambience of Cuff Parade. She has two brothers Kunal Sajdeh and Bunty Sajdeh. There are some pics of Ritika Sajdeh parents as well as some of Ritika Sajdeh hot pics posted on internet sites. Ritika Sajdeh height is not exactly known but she carries a lean and fit countenance with moderately good height.

Ritika Sajdeh education has also been acquired from Mumbai and Rohit Sharma wife profession is currently is sports event manager. Apparently Ritika and Rohit are in a relationship since 6 long years. The couple has awed the media with the hush-hush wedding affair in Mumbai on December 14th of this year, 2015. Although media was not much aware of this grand celebration but many debonair and revered personalities showed up on Rohit Sharma Ritika Sajdev marriage event. The couple dazzled on this big day and everyone wished them loads of prosperity and happiness for their future.

Ritika Sajdeh Wiki, Career

Ritika Sajdeh is the next door girl alike carrying a chirpy, easy and fun-loving personality blended with a ravishing smile and riveting countenance. Sports manager Ritika Sajdeh biography is all about Ritika Sajdeh wiki, Career and Ritika Sajdeh personal life. She is sports manager by profession and is hence accustomed with the sports events and matches. Ritika has never missed out on any of Rohit’s matches.

Rohit Sharma wife wiki is simple and lucid and all the latest buzzes about her are related to her engagement and marriage with the IPL team Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma. Their childhood friendship has finally taken a turn for a more mature decision. Most of the crickets in the national team have either been married to commit like Suresh Raina – Priyanka Choudhary, Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma, etc. The rumors and gossips are mostly chilling about the Virat-Anushka but Rohit Sharma has also left everyone awed with his engagement.

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh Love Story

Ritika Sajdeh is all into news as childhood friend of Rohit Sharma who has recently exchanged rings in an amazing romantic way. Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma love story came across as a surprise for all cricket fans as nothing ever brewed up in air before. The duo seems to be childhood friends making it obvious from their many pics.

The friendship looked staunch and cozy and pretty young Ritika looks the perfect match for the cricketer. Ritika Sajdeh personal details reveals that there is not much Rohit Sharma Ritika Sajdeh age difference and hence they share a brilliant level of comfort and understanding that strengthened their friendship over the years and blossomed it to love and affection.

The duo has been together right since childhood and hence Rohit Sharma Ritika Sajdeh relationship is more of love cum arranged. However the most fascinating about Ritika Sajdeh Rohit Sharma engagement is the way Star cricketer captain made his proposal. It was on April 28th, 2015 when Rohit drove Ritika to Borivli sports club and popped out a magnificent and dazzling solitaire ring with the most beautiful question.

The announcement of engagement went public and numerous fans of Rohit Sharma went curious about Rohit Sharma wife photos and Ritika Sajdeh wedding date. Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdev tied the nuptial know on December 14th and headed together for their journey of togetherness. The star-studded big celebration was hosted in Mumbai that witnessed the gracious presence of Sachin Tendulkar, Ambani and many prominent personalities.

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh Marriage

The whole nation remained astounded with the announcement of Rohit Sharma’s engagement and many gorgeous hearts shattered but the amazingly cute love story between the couple conquered it all. No sooner than the engagement and proposal everyone is looking for Ritika Sajdeh bio data and personal details to know more about the wife of cricketer Rohit Sharma.

The marriage of this gorgeous couple marked grandeur and colors to their new life. Rohit Sharma Ritika Sajdeh wedding photos are a treat to watch and hence is being anticipated eagerly by all their fans to grab online. Ritika Sajdeh marriage photos with Rohit Sharma are lovely. She becomes the Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma wife on 13th December, 2015. Rohit Sharma, husband of Ritika Sajdeh is her childhood friend.

For now Ritika Sajdeh with her husband Rohit Sharma is being spotted in a number of places and is also being followed by tweets and triggers of media to learn more about their love story and future plans. Ritika Sajdeh husband name is colossally popular in the sports world and we wish similar success to the sports manager too so that Rohit Sharma with his wife can have best of both professional and personal lives.

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh wedding was a mark of panache and the couple is an epitome of beautiful and long friendship that has matured over the years witnessing several zeniths and nadirs and has finally taken a taken a shape of panache with the decision of nuptial knot.