Nandana Sen Age, Movies, Marriage, HusbandThe recent movie Rang Rasiya is the new talk of the town for its going to educate Indian populace about some unknown facts. Rang rasiya actress name is Nandana Sen and is a diva not only beautiful but also an intellectual person. I am stressing on the intellectual part because when you will read rang rasiya actress Nandana Sen biography, her true credentials is what will captivate your interest. Nandana Sen in Rang Rasiya movie is looking quite sexy and beautiful this is what we can make out from the trailers released. Surety is that her performance will soon enchant the audience. This Rang Rasiya actress profile is known for a lot of things. Let us have a glimpse over biography of Nandana Sen.

Nandana Sen Age, Personal Details

An international actor from Kolkata is not her only identity. Nandana Sen personal life as an author and a child rights activist of international repute is a lady of independent stature. Daughter of Amartya Sen and Nabanita Sen who have rational careers is this female with unique gifts. Her father, a Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna economist while her mother is a Padma Shri winner and an outstanding author in existing Bengali literature. Actress of rang rasiya movie’s mother aspiration soon she adapted and started writing in her dawn periods. Her first piece of writing was published in a magazine Sandesh which was selected by Satyajit Ray.

Actress Nandana Sen Wiki

Nandan Sen Birthplace is New Delhi and this was the time when her father was a professor in Delhi School of Economics. Nandana Sen Birth Date is 19th August 1967 and Nandana Sen height is 5.6. Though Nandana Sen age is 47 she looks much younger and brighter. Nandana Sen is not only a student of Harvard University but also a topper in the same. She studied literature in Harvard where she was awarded with the Detur Prize in her freshmen year itself for having a first position.

After that she was loaded with awards since every-year she used to collect John Harvard Scholarship and the Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Award for her incredible scholastic accomplishments. She also later studied Film producing at peter Stark Producing Program at the USC Film School. This adds to Nandana Sen’s net worth. She wrote a variety of short stories and directed some of them and her greatest example is her thesis film “Arranged Marriage”. She went to Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York and Royal Academy of Drama Art in London where she trained.

Actress Nandana Sen Social Works

Nandana Sen actress Profile is quite enormous and after a complete examination we can notice her true acting talents which flow naturally. Besides acting for theatre and films she is intense in promoting child protection. For this she is also the Smile Ambassador for a valuable children’s NGO named Operation Smile. She is also involved with UNICEF India’s National Celebrity for child Protection, RAHI-being the first ever Indian organization to take up child sexual abuse as an issue and against Gender Based Violence. She also works as a Child Rights expert and has teamed up with NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights).

Actress Nandana Sen Movies

Her real taste of cinema was when she played a role of protagonist in Goutam Ghose in his psychodrama The Doll. This was Nandana Sen first movie and this is where she discovered her actual love for acting. The topic was how women become objective of a middle-age man’s sexual mania. However she was first recognized by Sanjay Leela Bansali’s ‘Black’ where she essayed the role of Rani’s younger daughter along with Amitabh Bachchan, this was Nandana Sen Bollywood Debut. She was one of the leads and critically acclaimed for her great performance while the film was applauded by the audience also.

After that she teamed up with several directors and for a strong and social message like The War Within (2005), Tango Charlie and My Wife’s Murder. During all these movies Nandana Sen boyfriend name was unknown. She was also seen sharing screen space with Salman Khan in Hollywood-Bollywood film Marigold and in Prince and concurrently she also took eccentric films like Strangers and The Forest. People started asking about Nandana Sen wedding and Nandana Sen relationships.

Actress Nandana Sen Awards

However in 2007 she signed an unusual project portraying a juvenile and insubordinate woman and the film was lesbian themed. Escaping law authorities Nandana Sen controversial project with director Shamim Sharif and the drama was named The World Unseen. Also in between all these Nandana Sen books were also gaining popularity.

Though all this controversy she never lose hope and was all set for a Bengali offer and this hit ‘Autograph’ became quite a success in 2010. She was also awarded TeleCine Award for Best Bangla rising Star Award. Some of these are talked about in Nandana Sen Twitter profile.

Nandana Sen in Rang Rasiya Movie

As per the movie trailers we can make out those Randeep hooda Nandana Sen bold scenes in Rang rasiya are quite sensuous. This Rang Rasiya heroine isn’t the first time in news for a controversial project; she has been in this position before since she chooses to do avant-garde films like Black and thus Nandana Sen hot pics and Nandana Sen hot wallpapers are quite familiar internet searches.

Nandana Sen Love Affairs

During her early days and even today, she is not aloof of being linked to her co-actors and people making it Nandana Sen Love Life complications. Also there was news of Nandana Sen dating Madhu Mantena. Nandana Sen Madhu Mantena relationship was quite popular and people thought at last this alone lady has now settled herself completely but soon nandana sen break up with Madhu Mantena destroyed their relationship however Nandan Sen Madhu Mantena split reason was unknown completely.

Actress Nandana Sen Marriage, Husband

Nandana Sen husband name is John Makinson. Nandan Sen husband profile and pics and Nandana Sen with her husband were talk of the town in 2013. Nandana Sen spouse is quite comforting her and they have a healthy relationship. While Nandana Sen and John Makinson love story is still formless but there are rumors. Nandana Sen husband John Makinson owns a production company. Populace should hang around for Nandana Sen new books and Nandana Sen upcoming movies that will enthrall the audience.