Priyanka Gill Hot Photos, Family, PopXo Founder Pictures, Partner, SonThe entrepreneurial world is teeming with women. The times of India have changed and the results are visible. We have female entrepreneurs like Limeroad founder Suchi Mukherjee, YourStory founder Shradha Sharma, etc. Today we will be discussing the POPxo founder Priyanka Gill biography. The details about Priyanka Gill personal life will be revealed and if you see Priyanka Gill hot images, you will notice that she has a lovely golden skin tone and the dusky beauty does sizzle up the screen. She does look like a model, doesn’t she? But no she is not one. POPxo Founder name is Priyanka Gill and the venture is up and coming in India. She has a lot to contribute to the entrepreneurial women of India. Her story will inspire more women who have an idea to take it forward. Although you may not see her wits in the hot Priyanka Gill photos but she is one beauty with brains. Let’s find out more of Priyanka Gill latest news.

Priyanka Gill Age, Family, Personal Details

The biography of Priyanka Gill starts with Priyanka Gill family background. She has spent most of her time in Mussoorie and Delhi. Priyanka Gill’s parents seem to be very happy with her achievements. Priyanka Gill age is 35 as Priyanka Gill date of birth is 2nd June 1980. Priyanka Gill height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches.

Priyanka Gill nationality is British and is settled in London as is mentioned by Priyanka Gill wiki. Priyanka Gill education primarily happened in Musoorie at CJM Waverly and she also has a Bachelor of Arts from Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

POPxo Founder Priyanka Gill Career

Priyanka Gill first job was as a lifestyle journalist. She has worked for many media houses like The Guardian, Travel+Leisure, Vogue India, and Hello! Pakistan. Priyanka Gill has also blogged about her beauty secrets in her personal venture. Priyanka Gill came up with her very own content driven commerce platform called the stylist. Estylista which was started in 2006 has transformed to become POPxo most recently when it turned 1 this year.

Priyanka Gill has blogged about weddings, fitness, makeup and hairstyle in her website. Priyanka Gill personal details are mentioned in the above section. The blogger Priyanka Gill has brought her contacts and amalgamated them with the right set of brands to create a very vivacious and intelligent voice for Estylista.

Priyanka Gill net worth is still rising as she has just entered the e-commerce scene. POPxo founder Priyanka Gill is also a voracious investor. This smart lady, Priyanka Gill has more than one profession. You might find this interesting that Priyanka Gill also takes interest in art collection.

She supports the Indian contemporary art. Although this is not mentioned in Priyanka Gill website, but Priyanka Gill was at Christie’s in 209 to bid for Tyeb Mehta’s Mahisasura. She did buy it and then later sold it off in India 2013 at Christie’s Inaugural sale in Mumbai. Priyanka Gill has also invested a lot in lifestyle brands; she supports Bea’s of Bloomsbury, a chain of cake shops in London, Yeildify, Campanja, SoundOut, and Raptor Supplies.

Priyanka Gill Marriage, Husband, Children

Priyanka Gill Husband Images, Raj Gill Pics, Wedding, KidsNow we will divulge the details about Priyanka Gill love affairs. The husband of POPxo founder Priyanka Gill is an independent trader based in London Priyanka Gill had been dating him for quite some time before finally marrying him. Raj Gill Priyanka Gill relationship is something to learn from as Priyanka Gill along with her husband is considered to be one of the power couple in London. Priyanka Gill love life has turned out to be quite successful for her.

Priyanka Gill marriage happened among much high profile guests. Priyanka Gill wedding date is a very auspicious day for her and Priyanka Gill has no reason to divorce her long time boyfriend, beau and husband. Priyanka Gill is very happy and content with her husband. Soon after marriage Priyanka Gill became pregnant and presently Priyanka Gill has two lovely children.

Priyanka Gill hangs out a lot with her girlfriends from work. Inspite the fact that Priyanka Gill has 2 kids, she handles her work life like a pro. Priyanka Gill is often scene at charities and investor’s socials with her husband and the two make a very lovely couple.

Priyanka Gill Latest Buzz

The wife of Raj Gill is the co-founder of POPxo website. Priyanka Gill profile is so diverse that she is quite minding boggling. The blogger Priyanka Gill generally writes about fashion and lifestyle. Priyanka Gill website is designed to give style council to the lay people.

Priyanka Gill Twitter handle has a lot of followers and one interesting fact about Priyanka Gill is that she shares a lot of beautiful photographs in Priyanka Gill official Instagram handle. Priyanka Gill could be the next big thing that happens to lifestyle in India.