Denise Bidot Hot Images, Bikini Photoshoots, Husband Pics, Wedding, Daughter Images, HD WallpapersSize has been a matter of great argument and discussion in the modeling industry. Anorexic models have been subjected to many health problems because of the need of their industry to have them starve and survive on meager portions of food and restrictions on many others to maintain a particular body size. The plus size model Denise Bidot biography will throw light on the efforts of a woman against the insanity of sticking to an inhuman body size. Denise Bidot started a movement while she was modeling. The movement was about integrating all kinds of body sizes in the fashion industry. Denise Bidot bikini photo-shoots have her show her resplendently flaunting her big body. She is one of the internationally acclaimed plus size American models. Denise Bidot model profile is very diverse and interesting. The photos of Denise Bidot in swimsuits will change your views about plus size models. Let’s find out more about one of the hottest plus size models of America.

Denise Bidot Family, Age, Wiki

Denise Bidot family background is from a mixture of Puerto Rican and Arabic heritage that renders to her voluptuous body shape. Her parents are very much supportive and play an important role in her career. She lives with her mother, Daphne Bidot. Currently, the beautiful model Denise Bidot age is 30. Denise Bidot height is 1.8 meters and her weight is 200 pounds.

Denise Bidot date of birth is 13 June, 1986 and her wiki also mentions that she did a lot of theatre and aspired to be an actor. Denise Bidot education ended after she graduated high school. After that she decided to move to Los Angeles to fulfill her childhood dream of acting. The hot and sizzling plus-size model Denise Bidot nationality is American.

Denise Bidot Modeling Career, Ad Campaigns

She is on the No. 1 position in the list of size 14 models. She is a very popular face in the fashion industry. Denise Bidot first modeling contract happened by chance when she was spotted by a photographer in a movie shoot where she had gone to do some make up assistance for an actress. Up until then she did not know that plus size girls could model. That was when Denise Bidot went for her first ever photo-shoot. Slowly she got into the groove and was appreciated for her ramp walk.

The model Denise Bidot has appeared in many covers of magazines and has always been seen promoting plus size curvaceous figures. Denise Bidot has also done a number of TV commercials for the plus size segment of big brands like Levi’s, Forever 21 and the likes. She looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning in her ad campaigns when she wears fashionable clothes which also gives the message that size can’t stop you from being fashionable.

She has been appreciated for her work and stance towards the modeling industry and hence has become one of the most famous American plus size models. She is unlike rail thin models like Candice Pinto. The model Denise Bidot was seen in a bikini in the un-retouched campaign for a brand that sold bikinis for all sizes. After seeing the model Denise Bidot in swimsuit devoid of any touchup, many fashion honchos admitted a newfound respect for her.

Apart from these campaigns Denise Bidot is still trying to get into movies as was her childhood dream. Currently Denise Bidot is represented by the modeling agency called ‘Muse Models’ in New York City. Denise Bidot is also regularly seen at the “Zizzi Fashion Show” that is held at Copenhagen. Denise Bidot is very active on her Twitter account and keeps everyone updated on her work.

Denise Bidot Marriage, Husband, Daughter

The model Denise Bidot love affairs have not made it to the public eye yet. Denise Bidot was seen dating someone but his identity has not been revealed yet. Denise Bidot had a relationship with Gregory Vrecenak. The model Denise Bidot boyfriend keeps very low profile. The model Denise Bidot went on record to say that she loves her life more on the aftermath of the modeling break. She has accepted her body and size and feels very much at ease.

The model Denise Bidot got married in 2005. Denise Bidot wedding happened in 2005 and lasted till 2007. Denise Bidot husband name does not appear anymore in association to hers. Denise Bidot was seen for a short while with her husband. Denise Bidot love story is not very popular because her women empowerment movement steals the show hands down. She is one of the most pretty and sought after plus size models in America.

The model Denise Bidot got pregnant and had a baby girl. Denise Bidot child has curly hair and a very pretty smile. Denise Bidot daughter name is Jocelyn Bidot. The model Denise Bidot arrives at work with her daughter. The husband of model Denise Bidot separated with her a long time back. Denise Bidot and Jocelyn Bidot loves to spend time together watching movies at home.

Denise Bidot Beauty Secrets, Latest Photoshoots

The model Denise Bidot revealed that her beauty secrets are constant moisturizing and drinking lots of water. Denise Bidot hairstyle changes with respect to her shoots and the looks she is supposed to represent. Denise Bidot hair color is brown but for one shoot she dyed her hair white and she looked other-worldly in it. The model Denise Bidot went for a new haircut which has her hair looking sharp and untamed.

Denise Bidot latest photo-shoot was for a book called “The Curvy”. She is one of the many married plus size female models who have a successful career and also take care of their kids. Denise Bidot net worth is a lot. She is regarded as a revolutionary in the fashion world. She was the only plus size model for the Serena Williams clothing line reveal.

Denise Bidot new modeling contract is with Muse Models. The model Denise Bidot next photo-shoot will be mostly for fashion clothing lines. Denise Bidot upcoming ads have not been declared yet. Denise Bidot still aspires to be seen as an actress. Denise Bidet legs have been seen with all the cellulite and without makeup or touch ups. The model Denise Bidot admires the clothing lines of Gap and Target because she finds everything for her body type there. Denise Bidot website features most of her portfolio.