Leryn Franco Hot Pics, Wedding, Husband Images, HD Bikini Wallpapers, Height, Photo-shootsLow key sport stars are all over the world. They become sensations overnight and then gradually die out. The Paraguayan model Leryn Franco biography is somewhat a story like that. Leryn Franco has records in Javelin throw in her name, yet she left all that to enter into the world of glamor. Leryn Franco has been modeling ever since she ended her Javelin career. Leryn Franco has also entered into movies, apart from having her own calendar in 2007. If you see Leryn Franco hot pics, you will not deny that she indeed has an athletic body. Leryn Franco personal life will be discussed in the upcoming sections. We will also try to find out what the hot Leryn Franco images do not reveal. Leryn Franco looks absolutely gorgeous in a skirt, as she has a much chiseled body. But unfortunately Leryn Franco has never been spotted in a Saree, and that may be because she has never been to India before.

Leryn Franco Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of athlete Leryn Franco starts with her family background, she hails from Asuncion, Paraguay. Leryn Franco parents are very proud of their daughter for having a career in multiple fields. The model Leryn Franco age is 33 as Leryn Franco date of birth is 1 March, 1982. Leryn Franco height is 1.72 meters. Leryn Franco weight is 57 Kg.

The model Leryn Franco wiki also mentions that Leryn Franco took to Javelin throwing soon after completing her education. The model Leryn Franco nationality in Paraguayan, she is Spanish. Her full name is Leryn Dahiana Franco Steneri.

Leryn Franco Modeling, Photo-shoots

The model was a sport star back in her days and was a star Javelin thrower. The modeling profile of Leryn Franco vs Allison Stokke created quite a buzz. Both are in competition with each other. This has also augmented Leryn Franco javelin thrower profile. Leryn Franco Twitter handle has a lot of followers which shows that even though she has stopped sporting, fans still love her.

Leryn Franco first movie was ‘Eliza Lynch – Queen of Paraguay’. Leryn Franco remains constantly busy with her numerous modeling contracts; she specifically is a bikini model. Leryn Franco sexy bikini photo-shoots were done when she was participating in beauty contests. She had been the Runner-up of Miss Universo Paraguay in 2006.

Leryn Franco in Olymics 2012

Leryn Franco rose to fame for her javelin throw videos in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Leryn Franco was also seen in the Olympics of 2012 held in UK. Leryn Franco Olympics 2012 result was not as heartening as her earlier performances. Her face and hair look more or less like Sania Mirza. However unlike her she didn’t continue her sporting career.

Leryn Franco Love Affairs, Relationships

Leryn Franco love affairs are the topic of discussion in this section. It has been said that Leryn Franco has been dating Ivan Almeida. It was good to know that Leryn Franco had a soccer boyfriend; both of them were sport stars. Leryn Franco was dating Lucas Barrios; however it did not work out. Leryn Franco and Novak Djokovic were also briefly linked together but nothing came out of it. Leryn Franco has long since split with Lucas Barrios, and the javelin thrower Leryn Franco’s love life has been graced with Ivan.

Leryn Franco Love Life, Marriage, Husband

The model Leryn Franco married her longtime boyfriend. Leryn Franco wedding date was a very special day for her. Leryn Franco husband name is Ivan Almeida. Leryn Franco Ivan Almeida love story after the former split with the Soccer player Lucas Barrios. Leryn Franco and Ivan Almeida age difference is not much and is not a matter of concern, as they are very happy together. She now spending a good time with her husband.

The model Leryn Franco controversy was that she turned from sports to modeling. These are two very different fields. But she has done well in both. Leryn Franco relationship with Ivan Almeida is going strong as of now. The model Leryn Franco boyfriend could not have been luckier in terms of marriage, however, the husband of the Leryn Franco is very lucky in that case. There are also some gossips on Leryn Franco pregnant news which will surely be true after sometime.

Leryn Franco Latest Buzz

The athlete Leryn Franco bio data has already been described in the above sections. Leryn Franco hairstyle is kind of very ordinary as she has long straight hair and there not much scope for experimentation. Leryn Franco new movie is still in the pipeline and its details have not been revealed yet.

Leryn Franco has given up sporting and may not be seen again in the next javelin tournament. Leryn Franco net worth is 5 million dollars. Leryn Franco is expected to sign a few upcoming movies. Leryn Franco next photo-shoot will be happening soon. Leryn Franco personal details are quite interesting and her Olympic videos will be sure fun to watch.

Leryn Franco diet plan is very stringent as she is a bikini model and has to remain skinny all the time. Leryn Franco also hits the gym to exercise regularly. Leryn Franco workout routine is intense and is not easy to follow. Although the model has carved her career beyond the track and field, she had the potential to be a renowned star in javelin throw. She did become an internet sensation after her 60 seconds of fame but she failed to bank on it.