Nicola Peltz with her Boyfriend Brenton ThwaitesThe very talented and ravishing actress Nicola Peltz has emerged as a promising star in the recent times. Her linkup and intimacy with Brenton Thwaites seems to have spiraled up among the crispy talks of entertainment that grabbed humongous media chatters. With all the blazing rumors, Nicola Peltz boyfriend 2014 seems to be the cute and charming actor Brenton Thwaites. Brenton Thwaites himself has garnered colossal footage from his fans owing to his recent massive hits and needless to say the lovey-dovey affair fever. The gorgeous and stunning actress Nicola Peltz boyfriend Brenton Thwaites biography is the growing interest of all the fans of this riveting couple. The Australian actor has pretty much numbed the senses of all sensational beauties in town and has stolen millions of hearts. Discover the secrets of Benton’s success in Australian actor Brenton Thwaites biography and get yourself acquainted with this amazing actor’s work and jazzy personal life. He has enthralled the spectators with his charming persona and flabbergasted all gorgeous damsels with his outstanding work in the big screen.

Brenton Thwaites Age, Birthday & Family Details

Brenton Thwaites is a young Australian lad who has marked impressive popularity from several television hits. Brenton Thwaites was born in Queensland in Australia. Brenton Thwaites date of birth is August 9th, 1989. After the completion of his university degree he swayed his way to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time actor.

Brenton Thwaites age is 24 years currently and he has already established himself as a heart-grabber and stupendous naïve actor who has given phenomenal hits in television series and a few commendable movies. Nicola Peltz boyfriend name has become popular far before her association with him owing to his elite work in commercial flicks and series.

Brenton Thwaites family template reflects his Australian roots nurtures in the arms of parents Fiona and peter Thwaites. Brenton Thwaites sister Stacey has been a close friend right since his early formative years. He moved to Sydney with a view to fall in line with the soap opera Home and Away and accomplish his passion of becoming an actor.

Australian Actor Brenton Thwaites Wiki

Brenton Thwaites had a penchant for acting since his innocent days and he went on to pursue his dream in the year 2010. Transformers 4 actress Nicola Anne Peltz boyfriend wiki showers light on his career and personal life. It focuses on his chirpy love affairs and many more heated controversies. Brenton Thwaites height is 1.87 meters that graces his tall and lean countenance.

Brenton Thwaites actor profile marked the inception of his television career in the 2010. Brenton Thwaites shows witnessed notable popularity and he played several prominent characters before venturing in the bigger screen. His prominent roles have bagged him many movies from illustrious filmmakers that anointed his film career graph.

Brenton Thwaites Debut Movie & Controversy

The talented and dashing young actor Brenton Thwaites has given a couple of stupendous movies in a short span of time. Actor Brenton Thwaites wiki talks about his journey traversed from his debut flick to the upcoming much anticipated movies. Brenton Thwaites first job began as a television artist that gave his recognition to test his luck in movies with bigger banners. Brenton Thwaites first film was in a horror Flick Oculus which was his debut major role in movies.

He also flaunts his prominent role in the remake of 1980 flick Blue Lagoon as a television series in the year 2012. Brenton dived into international fame with this flick but also entwined himself in controversies. Brenton Thwaites blue lagoon controversy had flared up owing to certain obscene scenes as remarked by critics. But Brenton denied to any nudity in the remake. His movie lists includes nearly 15 movies and some are still being filmed with the anticipation of being released in the year 2016.

Aussie Actor Brenton Thwaites Filmography

Brenton Thwaites’s filmography gave him the Midas chance to gain exposure to many stalwart Hollywood personalities like Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep and many more. Brenton Thwaites Maleficent movie alongside the elite, stunning, divine beauty Angelina Jolie has adorned his film career and given him an immense exposure. Brenton Thwaites upcoming movies include God of Egypt that is scheduled to release in the year 2016. There are some more movies that anticipated to release in this very year.

Brenton Thwaites movies list 2014 includes 6 movies like Oculus, The Signal, The Giver, Maleficent, Ride, Son of a Gun. Brenton Thwaites new movie Maleficent shall create a sensational buzz in the fraternity and astound the spectators with his role and work. Brenton Thwaites net worth has reached millions and he is expected to break loose in numerous movies to be aired in near future. Brenton Thwaites is a rising promising star and he has paced up commendably to grace his film career in an outstanding and august way.

Brenton Thwaites Love Affairs

Brenton has been linked up with many superstars and ravishing beauties of the film town. Aussie actor Brenton Thwaites personal life is filled with spicy gossips and sizzling link ups with models ad singing sensations. Brenton Thwaites love life has garnered vibrant colors of juicy affairs with Jessica Campion, an Australian model in the year 2012. Brenton Thwaites girlfriend list also include his linkup and intimacy with the phenomenal singing stalwart Taylor Swift, his co-star in the movie The Giver.

Brenton Thwaites dating Taylor Swift captures media headlines and inflammable talks after their appearance in Toronto International Film Festival. Brenton Thwaites girlfriend name also entwines the name of Indiana Evans, his co-star from the remake of film Blue Lagoon. These link ups and affairs holds a jazzy background and shoots crispy talks.

Brenton Thwaites Linkups & Breakups with Actresses

Brenton Thwaites has shot some groovy and sensuous scenes with his co-star Indiana Evans in Blue Lagoons which has fuelled the rumors and gossips of them dating each other. Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaites love scene were tremendous lustful and it glued viewers to Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans kiss and the bikini body created burning flaming among spectators.

Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans dating in real life had stormed the entertainment news then but Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans breakup also spiraled up soon. The rumors of Brenton falling head over heels for Taylor Swift geared the gossips of Brenton Thwaites and Taylor Swift relationships. They have been spotted in a couple of places and their appearance at the film festival in Toronto paved way for blazing talks and Page 3 gossips.

No news about Brenton Thwaites and Taylor Swift breakup have come up as of now which outs everyone in the perplexed situation if the two are real dating. Brenton Thwaites girlfriend 2014 currently showers focus on the ravishing young damsel Nicola Peltz. The duo dating each other has been stated by many media banners though the stars haven’t unveiled any truth supporting it.

Nicola Peltz Brenton Thwaites Love Story

Nicola Peltz is a naïve stunning beauty who is categorized among the promising stars who shall dazzle the film fraternity with illustrious movies in future. Brenton Thwaites and Nicola Peltz love affair gave a new angle to this single teenager’s life and it bagged many rumors. Brenton Thwaites Nicola Peltz dating marked the inception of Brenton Thwaites and Nicola Peltz relationship rumors and it even spread the word around the world that the stars would be seen in Transformers sequel.

Brenton Thwaites girlfriend Nicola Peltz wiki reveals more fascinating facts about their juicy affair and appalling Brenton Thwaites Nicola Peltz marriage rumors. Brenton Thwaites seems to have entwined himself in love affairs with celebrities and is in constant news for his incredible and jazzy affairs. Brenton Thwaites break up with Nicola Peltz wouldn’t be of much surprise as the star is shuttling pretty well among established stars.

With all the Brenton Thwaites marriage gossips in air his fans keep wondering is Brenton Thwaites married? The young actor hasn’t yet planned to exchange vows but the wedding date of Brenton Thwaites shall be announced as soon as he makes his mind on it. Brenton is a success in films and he epitomizes the accomplishment of sheer determination to pursue dreams. His upcoming movies shall present more amazing and notable performances that shall grab him humongous limelight and praise.