Sonu Kakkar Husband Pics, Neeraj Shama Photos, Hot WallpapersSonu Kakkar is an Indian playback singer is also the elder sister of singing sensation, Neha Kakkar. Often people wonder that what is Neha Kakkar sister name but not many people know that Sonu started her singing career much before Neha and the list of Sonu Kakkar hit songs include all those dance number to which all of us grooved back in 2000’s. However, in this Neha Kakkar sister Sonu Kakkar biography, we will throw some more light on the life and career of Sonu Kakkar. Right from Sonu Kakkar personal life to her career profile, this biography of Indian singer Sonu Kakkar will include it all. With her debut Sonu Kakkar “Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo” song, she gained lots of attention from the Bollywood and is a favourite since then. To know more about Sonu Kakkar singer profile, continue reading:

Singer Sonu Kakkar Family, Age, Wiki

Starting with Sonu Kakkar family background, she was born in an ordinary family in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, as singer Sonu Kakkar wiki would confirm. Later, Sonu Kakkar parents moved to Delhi and Sonu grew up in the capital city where Sonu Kakkar education was completed.

Born in the year 1979, Sonu Kakkar date of birth is 11th August and so, singer Sonu Kakkar age as of now is 36 years. However, Sonu Kakkar hot pics on the web make her look like she is still in her 20’s as Sonu Kakkar height and figure are very impressive. Everybody already knows about Sonu Kakkar sister name and there have been certain events where Sonu Kakkar with her sister has performed, just taking the crowd by storm. Due to the relationship they share, Sonu Kakkar and Neha Kakkar songs have always been a hit. Since both the sisters are singers, it can be said that there is more to Sonu Kakkar and Neha Kakkar relation than just blood relativity.

Professional Singing Career of Sonu Kakkar

Even though Sonu Kakkar new songs continue to release week after week, Sonu Kakkar first album was the big break she had always wanted. A music producer discovered her in a singing show and since then, there has been no looking back for her. In fact, Sonu Kakkar first song was a major blockbuster and after that, she got various offers for movie songs. But as it turns out, Sonu Kakkar first movie song was her debut song from the film “Dum” in the year 2002 for which she also received an award as best debutant.

However, she also did Sonu Kakkar album songs which were from her personal production, but there was nothing like Sonu Kakkar movie songs for which she received immense acclaim as she practically introduced the concept of item songs with her bold voice.

Moving on with singer Sonu Kakkar bio data, it would be right to say that Sonu Kakkar best songs happened from 2004-2010 as she was one of the most loved Bollywood singers at that time. Soon Sonu Kakkar live concerts were announced and the crowd at Sonu Kakkar live performances was always worth a sight. Hundreds of people going crazy with her singing and shouting for Sonu Kakkar new songs are a few specifications to describe. In fact, this even led to Sonu Kakkar controversy sometimes, but that is what happens to everybody in the B-town.

Singer Sonu Kakkar Latest Hit Songs

Recently, Sonu Kakkar live “Yeh Kasoor” performance was considered one of the bests of her career and along with that to make it even better, her fans got to see Sonu Kakkar hairstyle that gave away a completely Sonu Kakkar new look.

Among her latest songs, singer Sonu Kakkar top 5 songs include amazing dance numbers like “Aali Re”, “Foreign Balamwa”, and Sonu Kakkar “London Thumkada” song which stayed on the music charts for months. For some people, Sonu Kakkar “Hip Hip Hurah” song was also one of her bests. In some of her songs, her audacious voice sounds similar to that of Sona Mohapatra.

As of now, her fans are waiting for Sonu Kakkar upcoming songs and hoping for Sonu Kakkar next album in the near future. Also, she made a brief appearance as Sonu Kakkar in “Indian Idol” and her fans loved it very much. As per Sonu Kakkar latest news, the dates of Sonu Kakkar upcoming musical concerts will be announced shortly. It is expected that a tour of Sonu Kakkar and Bohemia is planned secretly to surprise their fans, but then again, it is just hearsay.

Now, having been in the industry for over 12 years now, singer Sonu Kakkar net worth is an impressive number but she has earned lots more fans than money.

Singer Sonu Kakkar Marriage, Husband

There were several rumours about Sonu Kakkar love affairs when she first entered the industry as she was young and beautiful. However, facts about singer Sonu Kakkar love life opened much later when singer Sonu Kakkar married Neeraj Sharma in the year 2006. Sonu Kakkar wedding date is 12th December, 2006.

Now, the talks about singer Sonu Kakkar boyfriend stopped as she had publicly accepted about Sonu Kakkar relationship with Neeraj Sharma who Sonu Kakkar dating for a long time before they tied the knot.

Well, we know what Sonu Kakkar husband name is and also that husband of singer Sonu Kakkar is a lucky man. But as per media, singer Sonu Kakkar husband has to keep things sizzling between the two so as to keep the romance alive. Although, there is no news about Sonu Kakkar pregnant and all but it is clear that Sonu Kakkar children would also be graced with an awesome and perfect life due to her fame and popularity in the B-town.