Manu Agarwal Naaptol Images, Wedding, Wife Pics, Contact Details, DaughterThere are many entrepreneurs in India who have made a mark for themselves. The former years of 2000 saw a lot of start-ups emerging in the market in India. Taking a cue from the proponents in this platform, many newcomers started their e-businesses in real estate, consumer goods, luxury products, transportation, fashion, etc. The Naaptol founder Manu Agarwal biography will throw some light on what hurdles he faced being one of those proponents. Manu Agarwal e-commerce site’s net worth is more than 15 Crores. Manu Agarwal success story will be discussed here in full detail. The CEO of Naaptol website is some you can take lessons from if you are planning to open your own business online. Manu Agarwal personal life has been kept a secret so far but we are hoping to dig into it here. Manu Agarwal Twitter handle is called @ManuAgarwal1970. Manu Agarwal controversy will be revealed after we have laid the foundation for his story.

Manu Agarwal Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of Manu Agarwal will tell you about how his early days shaped his future. Manu Agarwal family background is kept a secret as he never talks about his past as an aftermath of a harsh incident. Manu Agarwal age is 40. Manu Agarwal has disconnected himself from his parents, and has stayed away from them ever since due to some past trauma. Manu Agarwal date of birth is in the 1970s.

Manu Agarwal is the Naaptol founder and is also better known as a serial entrepreneur. Manu Agarwal education has happened from IIT- Kanpur in terms of graduation and he has completed his post-graduation in Computer and Electronics from the University of Minnesota. The favorite books of Manu Agarwal are ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and ‘Freedom’ by Osho.

Manu Agarwal Success Story, Career

He is one of those men entrepreneurs in India who took to the online business very early. Manu Agarwal first startup was called Design Expo Network in 1998 which happened after Manu Agarwal quit his first job at Wafer Scale Integration (WSI) at Silicon Valley where he was entitled with the task of designing chips. The founder name became famous after he has launched three startups in India. Manu Agarwal contact details can be found in Glassdoor. Manu Agarwal email id is mentioned in his LinkedIn profile.

He is one of the successful Indian entrepreneurs who were nominated for the ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 by the 6th Annual India Leadership Conclave. In 2011 Manu Agarwal had a funding of 10 Crore for his many ventures. The Naaptol website CEO bio data is very interesting as he had also started and with just 50 Lakh funding. It was comparatively easier for Manu Agarwal to raise money for his ventures as convincing investors was easy since most of his ideas had value and were simple and self-explanatory.

Manu Agarwal second venture was ANMsoft Technologies that was an e-solution of various types of e-services like media, travel, car rentals, hotels etc. Much like Phanindra Sama, he had also sold away his first venture and subsidiaries of the second venture just before the dot com bust. This is a classic story of Indian man working in the West but leaving that job to work for the economy of his own country. With ‘Make in India’ initiative, more such stories will emerge. Manu Agarwal website is

Manu Agarwal Marriage, Wife, Children

Manu Agarwal has not mentioned a lot about his love life. Even Manu Agarwal love story has not been talked about him till now. He is a very shy person who likes to keep things to himself. It is known that Manu Agarwal shies away from relationships due to some past events of his life that were quite negative. He even started doing yoga and meditation because of that. Manu Agarwal is married and also happens to has a child whom he adores a lot.

Manu Agarwal wife name is remembered when someone asks him the reason behind meditation. It was she that had advised him to go for it in order to forget his past. The couple, Manu Agarwal with his wife has an 8 year old daughter named Anusha, with whom Manu loves to spend time with recounting his experiences every morning on their car ride to school about his entrepreneurial journey. The wife of Naaptol founder Manu Agarwal is very cautiously mentioned in interviews. The man likes to keep his personal life to himself and only answers what is necessary.

Manu Agarwal Future Plans, Latest Buzz

Manu Agarwal latest news is that his past trauma has recently been uncovered. At age 10 one of his very close friends changed cities and all ties were severed. At such a tender age, this separation left a negative impact on the child and scarred him for the remainder of his life. He decided not to invest on people emotionally. He is regarded as one of the most promising male entrepreneurs of India as he believes in constant innovation.

Currently Manu Agarwal is concentrating on his present company and working towards increasing sales of 9000 products per day to 50000 per day. Manu Agarwal has many future plans but as of now all of them revolve around his present venture. Manu Agarwal has not mentioned anything about his next start-up as his present venture I doing pretty well.

Manu Agarwal has said that he will think about a new start-up only when this one is not doing well. So this was all about Manu Agarwal entrepreneur profile. His life is a great lesson to learn from. India needs more such entrepreneurs who can take risks, experiment with the markets and put ideas to practice.