Karishma Kotak IPL Host, Hot Photos, Present Boyfriend, Bigg Boss 6Karishma Kotak is a TV presenter and former model best known for her anchoring in the IPL. In this IPL anchor Karishma Kotak biography, we shall peep behind her British-Indian background and also in Karishma Kotak modelling career. The biography of IPL host Karishma Kotak is basically inspired by her prominent works in the industry and these also include some of Karishma Kotak movies. However, she started climbing the ladder of fame when Karishma Kotak in IPL left her fans awestruck. Also, born in United Kingdom, Karishma Kotak personal life also hails from another part of the world. To find out more about her, read on this biography by Youth Developers and you can also look out for model Karishma Kotak wiki.

Karishma Kotak Age, Family, Education Details

Although a little something is known about Karishma Kotak family background that she comes from a British-Indian family and that Karishma Kotak parents belonged to different countries. Born on May 26th, IPL host Karishma Kotak age is unknown exactly as her birth year has not been disclosed. This is why we only know that Karishma Kotak date of birth is 26th of May.

However, being a model and an actress, Karishma Kotak height is one of her greatest assets as she stands 1.71 meters tall. This is why she has been named one amongst hot female IPL anchors of all times including Mandira Bedi. In fact, Karishma Kotak education is also completed from UK and she has a brother. Speaking of her family, Karishma Kotak brother name is Sunny Kotak and that is all we know about her family.

Model Karishma Kotak Movies, IPL

The beginning of her career was as Karishma Kotak as model in the UK and then she started widening her career choices. Soon there were talks about Karishma Kotak as actress and Karishma Kotak first movie brought her a great deal of attention. She started her modelling career at the age of 16 and this is why actress Karishma Kotak bio data is such an attraction.

Many people have looked up to IPL anchor Karishma Kotak profile and Karishma Kotak HD wallpapers are one of the most download pictures from the web. In the IPL season 6, Karishma Kotak as TV presenter came upfront and this also led to Karishma Kotak controversy at several occasions. This was when she became one of the most trending female IPL hosts of all the seasons. At this time, Karishma Kotak salary was also a very impressive number.

Karishma Kotak TV Shows, Ads

Following this, several Karishma Kotak TV commercials were offered to her and the most prominent ones include Karishma Kotak in dove ad. Apart from commercials, she also did some works on the television. These included Karishma Kotak in “Bigg Boss 6” and she was a strong contestant in the show. During the show, Karishma Kotak movie with Salman khan was promised to her by Salman Khan and this made her fans await for Karishma Kotak new movies. So, all in all, Karishma Kotak “Bigg Boss” journey was a great success for her.

During the shooting of IPL 6, there were several controversies that she attracted. Santosh Shukla flirting with Karishma Kotak was one of them. As per Karishma Kotak latest news, there are talks about Karishma Kotak and Jay Sean planning to work together. In an interview she has revealed that she is deeply inspired by the works of Australian model Ruby Rose.

Personal Life of Karishma Kotak

Although gossip about Karishma Kotak love affairs has been very common, Karishma Kotak love life in the real life has been kept very secret. There were talks about Karishma Kotak boyfriend being Vishal and the gossip about Karishma Kotak and Vishal relationship were once media’s delight.

The rumours reached such heights that people assumed that IPL anchor Karishma Kotak married to Vishal but nothing about Karishma Kotak wedding date was ever revealed. Some people still believe that husband of IPL host Karishma Kotak exists but she has been secretive about it and Karishma Kotak husband name hasn’t been ever talked about. As far as Karishma Kotak dating history is concerned, she has been linked with her co-stars.

She made it to the news again when talks about Karishma Kotak and Vishal split aired the news channels. She has also been known to be loved by her fans due to Karishma Kotak in Saree look and she says that she loves the Gujrati ethnicity as her father belongs to Gujarat.