Bipin Preet Singh Mobikwik CEO Photos, Wiki, Email ID, MarriageTech-innovativeness has advanced over the years and eased our life by mitigating manual efforts. ATMs were one of the kind that let people carry only the required amount and traverse across the globe by withdrawing cash only when needed. It’s now the era of online cash flow and Mobikwik, the online prepaid account is an epitome of tech-versatility and human panache of creativity that allows the user to store their money in an online app and make payments for recharge, electricity bills and many more. Mobikwik Founder Bipin Preet Singh Biography is inspirational with his business model for Mobikwik having created a success saga. The Biography of Mobikwik Founder Bipin Preet Singh is an exclusive extract about Bipin Preet Singh success story and Bipin Preet Singh Mobikwik Profile. The ease of payment for online users have marked irrevocable reverence for this application and has thus successfully extended its portfolio to nationwide online users.

Bipin Preet Singh Age, Family and Personal Details

Bipin Preet Singh has worked on several chip design industries including the much tech-tempting Intel and after 7 years of research and learning he had embarked on the idea of Mobikwik. Bipin Preet Singh nationality is Indian. Bipin Preet Singh date of birth is 16 June, 1980. Mobikwik CEO Bipin Preet Singh age is 35 years currently. Media has focused very little on Bipin Preet Singh family background and hence vague information is garnered about Bipin Preet Singh parents and Bipin Preet Singh personal life.

He is born to a Punjabi family and Bipin Preet Singh education has been accomplished from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Bipin Preet Singh height is 5 feet and 6 inches and he carries a stern and dynamic personality that reflects the virginity and magnificence of his skills and notions. Readers can capture more on him through his blogs and LinkedIn profile.

Mobikwik Founder Bipin Preet Singh Wiki

The IIT, Delhi graduate Bipin Preet Singh founded Mobikwik in the year 2009 along with Upasana Taku. Mobikwik founder wiki is a delightful read on his idea and efforts that added victory to his entrepreneurship. Bipin Preet Singh first job was with Freescale Semiconductor and later he has worked with NVIDIA and Janagraha. Mobikwik founder story started with these organizations wherein he garnered experience and explored his knowledge. Mobikwik CEO salary was a modest figure then but today his net revenue from Mobikwik is nearly 40 crores.

Mobikwik has extended its ties with many online shopping monsters like eBay India, Snapdeal, BookMyShow, Dominoes India and many more. It has already raised a sumptuous 5 Million dollars and is anticipating 30 million dollars in the coming year. Bipin Preet Singh first project Mobikwik had partnered with PVR to enable the online payment through Mobikwik wallet.

Bipin Preet Singh investments in Mobikwik has powered up Bipin Preet Singh wiki as it turned immensely fruitful. There have been Bipin Preet Singh interviews to know more about his career growth and inception of entrepreneurship but Mobikwik founder email id and Mobikwik CEO contact details has never been disclosed. However he can still be followed through his blogs and social sharing spaces. Bipin Preet Singh is yet another example of a salaried employee turning into a celebrated entrepreneur like Deepinder Goyal, Kunal Bahl and many more.

Bipin Preet Singh Success Story

Users can store money in Mobikwik app via debit or credit cards to even through net banking and use them for online recharges, bill payment and online shopping. It has been authorized by the esteemed Reserve bank of India. The CEO of Mobikwik Bipin Preet Singh has inaugurated the app in the year 2009 and it has dilated gigantically over the last few years.

Bipin Preet Singh net worth is commendable today after his years of effort with his team in materializing the notion of Mobikwik. Bipin Preet Singh Blog has captured many significant details about Mobikwik CEO Bipin Preet Singh bio data and the success of Mobikwik but Mobikwik CEO Bipin Preet Singh email id and Bipin Preet Singh Mobikwik contact details have not been disclosed.

Mobikwik CEO Bipin Preet Singh Achievements

Mobikwik has revolutionized the notion of wallet service in India and has eased payments to a dynamic extent. Last year 2014 Mobikwik has honored with many revered acclamations and accolades. It has also bagged the Billionth award South Asia. Mobikwik founder name Bipin Preet Singh is iconic in the business world today and people are also looking forward to Bipin Preet Singh next project and Bipin Preet Singh new assignments.

The founder of Mobikwik Bipin Preet Singh has made Mobikwik as the 1st mobile consumer wallet which makes it unique from other apps and has kept the competition at bay. Bipin Preet Singh latest news is all about the further dilation of the app and its future scope and growth. Bipin Preet Singh is totally engrossed in more research and development to Mobikwik more successful and acclaimed.

Mobikwik Founder Bipin Preet Singh Personal Life

Bipin Preet Singh is a promising entrepreneur with ideas that can revolutionize the concept of online wallets and ease of payment. The biography of Mobikwik founder Bipin Preet Singh has staunchly focused on his career and profile but nothing is shared about Bipin Preet Singh love life and Bipin Preet Singh love affairs but it is sure that Bipin Preet Singh girlfriend is a lucky girl to have a boyfriend like him.

Bipin Preet Singh Mobikwik images are posted on various sites but there is no news on Bipin Preet Singh wedding date and Bipin Preet Singh wife name. The business icon is so much engrossed in his foundation that there is nominal focus on Mobikwik founder Bipin Preet Singh wife and Bipin Preet Singh relationships.

It is not sure whether Bipin Preet Singh married and who is the wife of Mobikwik CEO Bipin Preet Singh. There has been no Bipin Preet Singh controversy on Mobikwik CEO marriage. Currently the complete focus is on the growth and success of Mobikwik and its further scope.